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Name: Lauren Mills & Katrina Long

Town: Sydney, NSW

Phone: Email in the first instance please

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Clubs : Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW, Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria, Lapphund Club of Finland, Tracking Club of Victoria

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Prefix : ORICAL (Finnish Lapphund)

Awarded Best Finnish Lapphund Breeder of the Year in Australia 2023 (DOLP)
Best in Show Breeders Team- Sydney Royal Show 2024

We hold Open Days so you can meet our Lappies and ourselves. Our next open day dates:
- Sat 25th May
- Sat 8th June
- Sat 22nd June

We put so much love and effort into breeding and raising the very best puppies, and giving our owners incredibly thorough support. This includes:

* Each of our puppies go through our 'Super Puppy Program'. This is a specialised training and socialisation program we developed to give each puppy the very best start to life.

* Owners are provided with a comprehensive puppy preparation checklist, with an abundance of resources.

* We provide 10 weeks of one on one support with a dog trainer, through phone calls/Zoom.

* We hold monthly webinars for our puppy owners, where you receive ongoing guidance and advice.

* A Facebook group for the owners in each litter, where you can ask questions and share photos and updates.

* 1 month complimentary pet insurance

* We have a vibrant Lappie community in NSW & ACT, with regular Lappie playdates. When you adopt an Orical Lappie, you don't just get a puppy, you get a community.

We provide finance options: 12 month payment plans, Afterpay and credit card facilities.

Book in a phone call:
Book in to an open day:
Instagram: @orical.finnishlapphunds

We currently have puppies available, see our website for more info

Next Litter Planned: June, 2024

Prefix : ORICAL (Yakutian Laika)

We are delighted to introduce this lovely breed to Australia.

The Yakutian Laika is one of the most ancient breeds of dog. This is confirmed by archaeological finds on the banks of the Salah River, Yakutia, where the mummified remains of three puppies were found, and dated to be 12,500 years old. The breed was developed by the indigenous people of Yakut, where they were considered to be a valuable asset and an indispensable assistant to the people.

Throughout history and even to present day, the Yakutian Laika was and is used by the Yakutian people to pull sleds. The transportation of goods over long distances was imperative for these Siberian dwelling people, and there was no other suitable animal for this purpose in this region. Additionally the dogs were easy to feed on long journeys, by catching fish in the main rivers they travelled next to.

The breed plays an amazing part in human-canine history. In the 1990’s, at an excavation site at Zhokhov Island, Yakutia, Russian archaeologist Vladimir Pitulko found the remnants of sledges, dog harnesses and well-preserved dog bones. Dating by radiocarbon determined that they were 7,800-8,000 years old. The world scientific journal Science recognised this find as the very first evidence of the use of a dog for the transport of goods and, in general, the first evidence of man's use of a dog for any purpose.

We imported 3 adult Yakutian Laika from Russia in 2019, and welcomed the first litter in Nov 2019 and second in Aug 2020.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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