Ozziedust Rockin Delta Blu

We are happy to have Delta here at Chocabloc. We look forward to seeing her try her hand at herding as well as being a best mate to our youngest child. They do everything together. Delta has wriggled her way into our hearts with her cheeky personality and we are enjoying every minute with her.

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Pedigree for Ozziedust Rockin Delta Blu
Sire : Ozziedust Chevy Silverado Blu S: Kirbyholme Augblunottabu S: Kirbyholme Deja Vu UD RN PT
D: Kirbyholme Ice Surprise
D: Ozziedust Lady Topaz S: Runderkraal Benson Jay
D: Glenloy Ms Chelsey
Dam : Ozziedust Rock In Rockette S: Wottapud Wotta Roxter S: Faithet Woody Willow HSAs JD GD SD SPD
D: Wottapud Wotta Pyk Nyk
D: Ozziedust Lil Miss Sapphire S: Kiradowns Smokin Blu
D: Ozziedust Lady Topaz

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