Atoo Brama IGP1 HD/ED 0/0 DM clear

Health testing -
CZ Hip Score: 0/0
CZ Elbow Score: 0/0

DNA Testing:

Titles: BH, IPO1
Show title: SG

Atoo has been a long awaited plan in partnership with kennel BRAMA in the Czech Republic. Developed and trained by Paval Brada and Katka Majova, prior to arrival in Australia. Atoo holds her IPG1 for tracking/obedience/protection and shows great courage and determination when worked.

Atoo has a lovely social nature, mixing well in public with both people and other animals. She has plenty of prey and hunt drive, loves to track, showing great enthusiasm and will become a real asset to our breeding program and working dog requirements. Within months of arriving in Australia Atoo has already started work in the film/media industry and it will not be long before she starts attaining Australian working titles.

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Michelle Stendara (Member Details)
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0411 791 808
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Pedigree for Atoo Brama IGP1 HD/ED 0/0 DM clear
Sire : Eros Vom Tapfren Krieger IPO2 (DEU) S: Zorro Von Der Mordschau IPO3 (DEU) S: Mika Vom Wallerhorst SchH3 (DEU)
D: Freya Vom Wegborn SchH3 (DEU)
D: Polly Del Lupo Nero SchH3 (DEU) S: Irko Vom Schmiedegarten GER.FH-1. IPO3. SchH3 (DEU)
D: Alexia Del Lupo Nero SchH3 (DEU)
Dam : Deebee Jankari IPO3 FH2 ZPS1 (CZE) S: Chris Spod Lazov GER.BH. IPO3. (SVK) S: Faro Demin Dvor IPO3 SchH3 (SVK)
D: Vanda Di Dranel IPO1 (ITA)
D: Utta Eqidius ZVV1 (SWD) S: UM WUSV Phalko Vom Weinberhblick SchH3 FH2 (DEU)
D: Veronika Equdius IPO2. SchH3 (DEU)

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