Pickapug Dana

I'm not sure what we were thinking when we allowed our daughter to buy herself a Pug but I'm so glad we did!

Josie has fitted in with our eclectic pack of dogs and is an absolute delight to have around. She loves to cuddle on the lounge, ride the quad bike, go for a car ride or help drive the bobcat! She is particularly good at posing for selfies and is also a great help in the kitchen (especially if food scraps are on offer!).

Josie is best friends with our Toy Poodle Grace but is besotted and very loyal to her owner Meegan.

She could have been a star in the show ring but is far too busy helping around the house and the farm.

A huge thanks to Billie at Pickapug for sharing this funny little character with our family.

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Jessica & Paul Taylor (Member Details)
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0488 950 058
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Pedigree for Pickapug Dana
Sire : Pickapug Ticket To The Moon S: Caravelle's Tickets Healdliner (IMP USA) S: AM CH Chelsea's Ticket To Fame (USA)
D: Am CH Caravelles' Talking Point (USA)
D: Kabova Still A Rock Star S: AM GR CH SUP CH Rose-Treasure Win One for the Gipper (IMP USA)
D: CH Kabova Into Temptation
Dam : CH Pickapug Poetic Justice S: CH Pickapug Cadence S: CH Lanacora Knight Rider
D: CH Pickapug Golden Glitter
D: Scolouvalley First Edition S: Sup CH Kaysand Will Power
D: Ch Troycole Looks a Gem

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