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Aust Champion Wahuna Peppermint Twist
(Louise Arber)

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VIC Aimhi Devils Son (RBIS SUP CH) (Mrs L Trotter & Mrs P Albress)
NZ Akudans Jaina Solo (BIS & BISS/RUBISS NZ CH) (Lisa Allan)
NZ Akudans King Of The Mountain (Lisa & Kristina Allan)
SA Alotinalitle Put A Spell On U (Aust Ch) (Amber Beavis)
NSW Amarena Air Force One (RUBIS Aus Ch) (Amanda Stapleton)
NSW Amarena Banzi Warrior (CH) (Lynda White)
NSW Amarena Doin The Friday Dance (Lynda White)
NSW Amarena Hello Sailor (CH) (Lynda White)
NSW Amarena Kotassan (Aust Ch) (Lynda White)
NSW Amarena Shzar Illusions (Aus Ch) (Amanda Stapleton)
QLD Ambaron Advocates Masterpiece (Ch) (Julie Kelly)
QLD Ambaron Comin Thru Now (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
QLD Ambaron Here I Am (Julie Kelly)
VIC Andisa African Queen (Lisa McGlashan)
VIC Andisa African Safari (Lisa McGlashan)
VIC Andisa Dare Devil (Lisa McGlashan)
VIC Andisa Little Devil (Lisa McGlashan. Sherrie Costin)
VIC Andisa Ziggy Stardust (Lisa McGlashan. Sherrie Costin)
QLD Anyang Fa Mulan (Australian Champion) (Bj & Nj Houldsworth)
QLD Anyang Gimme That Girl(ai) (AUST CH) (Mrs EP Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Guiseppe (Aust Champion) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Marcella AI (Aust Champion) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Maximus Prime (AUST CH) (Mrs EP Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Octavia (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Korine Lewis)
NZ Asay Clever Trever (NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Asay IN It To Win It (NZ Champion) (Ann van GIjs)
NZ Asay Magical Moment (NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Asay Pop The Cork At Hugapug (NZ Ch) (Ann van Gijs and Donna Tolladay)
NZ Asay Tumbling Dyce (Mrs Ann van Gijs)
QLD Ashinad Beetle Bear (M D & W M Burgess)
NSW Awaba Auora (M Weeks)
QLD Awaba Black Douglas (M D & W M Burgess)
VIC Birsay Amber Jane (Multi All Breeds BIS & Multi SBIS SUPREME Ch) (Jock & Elaine McRae)
VIC Birsay Call Me Nipper (Multi All Breeds BIS & SBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Leonie McRae)
NZ Birsay Chip Of TheBloc (Aust CH , BIS NZ CH) (Pam & Karen Bell & Blair Russell)
NZ Birsay Imhandsome. (NZ BIS RBIS BISS RBISS CH, AUST RBIS CH) (Lea Clarke.)
VIC Birsay Summer Wine (BISS Aust.Ch.) (GM & EM McRae)
TAS Birsay Swift And Sure (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Anne Costen)
VIC Bunyong Mr Wilson (CH) (Lyn Charleson)
VIC Bunyong Mr Wilson (Ch) (Mrs Lyn Charleson)
QLD Burjoise Heir To The Throne (Ac&lj Elliott)
QLD Burjoise Yogi Bear (Aust Ch) (M D & W M Burgess)
QLD Calbar Black Diamond (Korine Lewis)
NZ Cantravieso Mr Grand (Imp Poland) (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
WA Cantu's Timeliss Fantasy Mayor's Big Pride (Imp USA) (BISS Ch) (L.Taskaeva)
VIC Caper's Snap To It (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Sup Ch) (Esther Joseph)
QLD Caravelle's Tickets Headliner(imp USA) (Mrs EP Tzipori)
NSW Carillion Bootylicious (P West)
QLD Ch Anyang Willoughby (ai) (AUST CH) (Mrs Ep Tzipori)
NZ Chelseacourt Guang Zhou (Lea Clarke.)
NZ Chelseacourt Yu Peiking (Lea Clarke.)
NSW Cherrybkiss Master Yoda (Australian Champion) (Nikki A Miller)
QLD Chipbon Midas Touch (Sup. Ch) (Mr W. & Mrs M Winter)
NZ Chopsticks Get Out Of My Way. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Glori Midori (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Gotta Ruff Daddy. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks Pugs)
NZ Chopsticks Maka Move On Me (L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks UCan Bite My Cake. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Christabell Fizzin It Upp (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Frankly Speakin (NZ CH) (Lisa Allan)
NZ Christabell Gin On The Rocks (RUBISS) (Karen & Pam Bell - Christabell Kennels)
NZ Christabell Hanna's Jem (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Heeza Rocket (MULTI BIS ,MULTI RUBIS, MULTI BISS, GOLD MERIT CH) (Pam & Karen Bell)
NZ Christabell Jem's Nu Addition (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Out Of This World (AI import ) (Karen & Pam Bell - Christabell Kennels)
NZ Christabell Rocky Mountin Hi (Christabell Kennels - Pam & Karen Bell)
NZ Christabell Sting like A Bee (Karen and Pam Bell - Christabell)
NZ Christabell Super Bee (Karen & Pam Bell)
NSW Clarevale Baggy Green (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
ACT Clarevale Basil Brush (Australian Champion) (Hugapug Kennels (Felicity Prideaux))
NSW Clarevale Innocent Tears (B Beves & N Estatheo)
ACT Clarevale Lawman (MBIS Australian Grand Champion) (Hugapug Kennels (Felicity Prideaux))
NSW Clarevale Ol Man River (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
WA Claripugs Mathematician[Imp UK] (Ms V Hamilton)
WA Claripugs the Magician {IMP UK} (Ms V Hamilton)
QLD Coosa Son Of Midas (CH) (Mrs T L Ohl)
NZ Cosmique Teddy Bear (Judith Henderson)
NZ Cpt Fantastic At Chopsticks (Lea Clarke)
VIC Datyouneek Its All About Me (Michelle Baghdassarian)
NSW Dearnlea Delta Dawn (Aust Ch) (Jenny Williams)
NSW Dearnlea Simply Mine (Aust Grand Ch) (Lynda White)
NSW Dezignerz Rolie Polie Olie (Duval and Zammit)
NSW Divadogs Abbey Rose (Belinda J Swain)
NSW Divadogs Gentlemans Girl (Mrs B J Swain)
NSW Divadogs Honey Bear (Belinda J Swain)
NSW Divadogs Little Miss Dolce (Bonnie Lee Harrison)
NSW Eastonite Rogerson (IMP UK) (Aust Supreme Champion) (Kerry Cannon)
NZ Ehfi Ole Gunnar of Norway at Asay ( Imp Nor ) (Gold Merit, BIS, Multi BISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Ehfi's Design A Dream For Glomar (Imp Norway) (NZ BIS BISS GRAND Ch) (Penny Ward & Roy Ward)
VIC Everlaine A Kind Of Magic (Aust Champion) (Trever & Elaine Powell)
VIC Everlaine A Kind Of Magic (Aust CH) (Trever & Elaine Powell)
VIC Everlaine Bohemian Rhapsody (Australian Champion) (Trever & Elaine Powell)
VIC Everlaine Da Balls In Ur Court (C. Azzopardi/Everlaine Knls)
VIC Everlaine Dreams N Glory (Trever & Elaine Powell)
VIC Everlaine Exodia (Australian Champion) (Trever & Elaine Powell)
VIC Everlaine Glory In My Dreams (Trever & Elaine Powell)
VIC Everlaine Imperial Forces (Aust Gr Ch) (Tracey Powell)
VIC Everlaine Kiss And Tell (Caroline Azzopardi)
VIC Everlaine Legal Dream (Ch) (Everlaine Kennels)
NSW Everlaine xtremepleasure (Ch) (Everlaine Kennels)
WA Flash Of Joy Yalissa In Wonderland (Imp Russia) (Ch) (Luba Taskaeva)
QLD Gailyn Berkely (CH) (Mrs T L Ohl)
NSW Gailyn Call me Madam (Aust Ch) (Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock / Verna Wright)
NSW Gailyn Court Jester (Aust Ch) (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
QLD Gailyn Dance The Nite Away (M D & W M Burgess)
NSW Gailyn Nite In Vegas (Verna Wright / Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock)
NSW Gailyn Pretty Ribbons (Aust Ch) (Verna Wright / Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock)
NSW Gailyn Reach for th Starz (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock)
NSW Gailyn Taking Chances (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
ACT Gaitway Qikdrw McGraw (Aust Champion) (Hugapug Kennels (Felicity Prideaux))
VIC Georelu Pumba ur a Pug (Steve Krmpotic)
NSW Gilgai Dare Devil (Australian Champion) (Hugapug Kennels)
NSW Gilgai Dudley (Gr Ch) (Colleen Khoury)
NSW Gilgai Makaha (Australian Champion) (Hugapug Kennels)
SA Gilgai Tobie (Anita Wright)
NZ Glomar Coco Chanel (NZ RBIS BISS Ch) (Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Dixieland Devil (NZ Ch.) (Penny Ward)
NZ Glomar I'm A Hot Shot (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Ican Call The Shots (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mrs P Calman)
NZ Glomar Ican Sing Upa Storm (NZ BISS Ch) (Mrs Penny Calman & Mrs Pauline Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Jay L Munz (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mr G Cooper)
NZ Glomar Louis Vuitton (AUST & NZ BIS BISS Ch.) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Pagan Playboy (NZ BIS Multi RBIS BISS Champion) (Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Rain On Your Parade (NZ Ch.) (Penny Calman & Pauline Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Ready To Rock (NZ Ch) (Pauline Baylis & Penny Ward)
NZ Glomar Rhythm N Time (NZ RBISS Ch) (Mrs P Calman & Mrs P Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Rock 'N' Roll (Aust & NZ BISS Ch) (Mrs P Calman)
NZ Glomar Rock On (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Roll of The Dice (Gold , Emerald and Sapphire ( 70 cc's ) Merit, Multi RBIS, Multi RBISS NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Glomar The One And Only (NZ BIS BISS Ch.) (Penny Ward)
NSW Goneroamin Remember Me (Felicity Prideaux)
NSW Goneroamin Repeat Offender (Felicity Prideaux and Jane & Alf Dowdy)
VIC Gramish Snap Dragon (Triseter Kennels)
QLD Guardville Diamond Diva (Ch) (M D & W M Burgess)
NSW Gupalsziv CC Cherry Cherub (Aust Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Coi Coi San (Aust Ch. & Indian Ch.) (Subhrajit Sarkar)
NSW Gupalsziv Cois Light Back Home (AI) (Aust Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Jiminy Cricket (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Keeper of Words (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Passion for Cricket (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Sweet Calendar Girl (CH) (Jennifer Weber)
WA Haoxian Cha Ching (J Flahive & R Green)
WA Haoxian Sun Tzu (J Flahive & R Green)
NZ Highlandowns Angus O'Rielly (Russ and Gail Kirton)
NZ Highlandowns Isle of Skye (NZ BISS CH) (Russ and Gail Kirton)
NZ Highlandowns Samuel- (Champion) (Russ and Gail Kirton)
NSW Hoomee American Advocate (Aust. Gr. Ch.) (H J & J A Jarvisto)
QLD Hostwill Audax N Fidelis (Aust.Ch.) (W, S & M, H Winter & T, Waters)
QLD Hostwill Audie (Debbie Musgrove)
QLD Hostwill Carpe Diem CCD RN (Multi BIS, Multi BISS Aust. Supreme. Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T.Waters)

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