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Grand Champion Tysambee Blonde Bombshel
(Jenny Whitney)

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SA Alotinalitle Put A Spell On U (AUST CH. & NEUT CH) (T & A Beavis)
NSW Amarena Air Force One (RUBIS Aus Ch) (Amanda Stapleton)
QLD Ambaron Advocates Masterpiece (Ch) (Julie Kelly)
QLD Ambaron Comin Thru Now (Sup. Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
VIC Andisa Dare Devil (Australian Champion) (Lisa McGlashan)
VIC Andisa Little Devil (BISS. BIS. Australian Champion) (Lisa McGlashan.)
QLD Anyang Fleetwood (CH) (Mrs E P Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Aunt Rhody (CH) (Ep Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Fa Mulan (Australian Champion) (Bj & Nj Houldsworth)
QLD Anyang Gimme That Girl(ai) (AUST CH) (Mrs EP Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Guiseppe (Aust Champion) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Marcella AI (Aust Champion) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Octavia (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Paddington Bear (BIS AUST. GRAND CHAMPION) (N. J. & D. L. King)
QLD Anyang Up Town Girl (australian champion) (E P Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Willoughby (ai) (AUST CH) (Mrs Ep Tzipori)
NZ Asay Pop The Cork At Hugapug (NZ Ch) (Ann van Gijs and Donna Tolladay)
NZ Birsay Chip Of TheBloc (Aust CH , BIS NZ CH) (Pam & Karen Bell & Blair Russell)
TAS Birsay Swift And Sure (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Anne Costen)
NZ Cantravieso Mr Grand (Imp Poland) (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
WA Cantu's Timeliss Fantasy Mayor's Big Pride (Imp USA) (BIS, BISS, SUP Ch) (L.Taskaeva)
VIC Caper's Snap To It (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Sup Ch) (Esther Joseph)
WA Cavhill king of hearts (Ch) (Ash Godsell)
WA Cavhill Queen Bea (Aust Ch) (A Godsell & G Smith)
QLD Chipbon Midas Touch (Sup. Ch) (Mr W. & Mrs M Winter)
NZ Chopsticks Glori Midori (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Kungfu Suey (NZ Champion) (L Clarke)
NZ Christabell Hanna's Jem (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Rocky's Delight (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Super Bee (MULTI BISS, MULTI BIS, RUBIS NZ CH) (Karen Bell)
NSW Clarevale Baggy Green (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
ACT Clarevale Basil Brush (Australian Champion) (Hugapug Kennels (Felicity Prideaux))
ACT Clarevale Lawman (MBIS Australian Grand Champion) (Hugapug Kennels (Felicity Prideaux))
NSW Clarevale Ol Man River (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Dearnlea Delta Dawn (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Eastonite Rogerson (IMP UK) (Aust Supreme Champion) (Kerry Cannon)
NZ Ehfi Ole Gunnar of Norway at Asay ( Imp Nor ) (Gold Merit, BIS, Multi BISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Ehfi's Design A Dream For Glomar (Imp Norway) (NZ BIS BISS GRAND Ch) (Penny Ward & Roy Ward)
WA Flash Of Joy Yalissa In Wonderland (Imp Russia) (Ch) (Luba Taskaeva)
NSW Gailyn Call me Madam (Aust Ch) (Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock / Verna Wright)
NSW Gailyn Court Jester (Aust Ch) (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
NSW Gailyn Pretty Ribbons (Aust Ch) (Verna Wright / Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock)
NSW Gailyn Reach for th Starz (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock)
NSW Gailyn Taking Chances (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
ACT Gaitway Qikdrw McGraw (Aust Champion) (Hugapug Kennels (Felicity Prideaux))
NSW Gilgai Dare Devil (Australian Champion) (Hugapug Kennels)
NSW Gilgai Dudley (Gr Ch) (Colleen Khoury)
NSW Gilgai Makaha (Australian Champion) (Hugapug Kennels)
NZ Glomar Coco Chanel (NZ RBIS BISS Ch) (Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Dixieland Devil (NZ Ch.) (Penny Ward)
NZ Glomar Ican Call The Shots (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mrs P Calman)
NZ Glomar Ican Sing Upa Storm (NZ BISS Ch) (Mrs Penny Calman & Mrs Pauline Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Jay L Munz (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mr G Cooper)
NZ Glomar Louis Vuitton (AUST & NZ BIS BISS Ch.) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Pagan Playboy (NZ BIS Multi RBIS BISS Champion) (Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Ready To Rock (NZ Ch) (Pauline Baylis & Penny Ward)
NZ Glomar Rhythm N Time (NZ RBISS Ch) (Mrs P Calman & Mrs P Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Rhythm Of The Rain (NZ Champion) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Rock 'N' Roll (Aust & NZ BISS Ch) (Mrs P Calman)
NZ Glomar Rock On (NZ BISS Champion) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Roll of The Dice (Gold , Emerald and Sapphire ( 70 cc's ) Merit, Multi RBIS, Multi RBISS NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Glomar The One And Only (NZ BIS BISS Ch.) (Penny Ward)
NSW Gupalsziv Coi Coi San (Aust Ch. & Indian Ch.) (Subhrajit Sarkar)
NSW Gupalsziv Cois Light Back Home (AI) (Aust Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Keeper of Words (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Passion for Cricket (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NZ Hollyhaven Helo Vera At Bourganville (NZ Champion) (Pat Ackers)
QLD Hostwill Audax N Fidelis (Aust.Ch.) (W, S & M, H Winter & T, Waters)
QLD Hostwill Carpe Diem CCD RN (Multi BIS, Multi BISS Aust. Supreme. Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T.Waters)
QLD Hostwill Madee (Aust Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
QLD Hostwill Mei Ling (Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
QLD Hostwill OutOfMyWay (Aust. Grand. Ch.) (Mr W & Mrs M Winter)
QLD Hostwill Queen Ov Diamonds (Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
WA Hostwill Rocket To The Moon (Aust Ch) (Ms J King)
NSW Hostwill Supa Nova (AUS CH) (Amanda Stapleton)
ACT Hugapug Dixie Chic (Aust Ch) (Hugapug Kennels)
ACT Hugapug Forever In Blue Jeans (Aust Ch) (Hugapug Kennels and R. Prideaux)
NSW IL Carlino di Royalpug Folletto (Imp Ity) (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NZ Ironsands Wanna Be A Cowboy ( Multi RBIS RBISS NZ Ch   ) (M Muir & L Clarke)
SA Jaditi Ladys Man (Aust. Ch.) (Donna McClarty)
SA Jaditi Princess Shelby (Aust Ch) (Donna)
SA Jaditi Shes a Lady ( Aust Ch   ) (Donna McClarty)
SA Jaditi Shes a Winner (Neut Ch ) (Donna)
TAS Junnash Beyond The Stars [AI] (Supreme Champion) (Mr R Costen)
QLD Kabova Assassin's Apprentice (Ch) (Julie Peters)
NSW Kabova Bat Outta Hell (Multi Class in Show/ Multi BIG Aust Ch) (R Holtkamp)
NSW Kabova Cant Catch Capone (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Crowded House (BISS C.I.B. Supreme Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova Deep In The Heart (Ch) (Mrs B Hurley)
NSW Kabova Game Changer (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Hail Caesar (AI) (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Hot On Your Heels (Aust Ch) (Kathy Minns)
NSW Kabova If You Knew (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova Janies Got A Gun (Aust Champion) (Bronwyn Hurley)
NSW Kabova Last Man Standing (RUBISS Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Lethal Weapon (SUP CH) (Debra Cummings)
TAS Kabova Little Miss Saigon (Aust Ch) (Mstr Andrew B A Booth)
NSW Kabova Little Miss Splendid (RUBIS Aust. Ch.) (Kathy Minns)
ACT Kabova Little Ms Busy (BISS Gr Ch) (Lt Col, Mrs, Mr T, Miss P Hurst)
NSW Kabova Mad Max (Aust Supreme Ch) (Roz Wilson & Gail Smith)
NSW Kabova Move It Baby (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
WA Kabova Mr Impossible (Ch.) (Deborah & Darryl Barker)
NSW Kabova Mr Incredible (BIS & RBIS Aust SUPREME Ch) (P & J Williams)
NSW Kabova Mr Perfect Gentleman (RBIS & RBISS SUPREME Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Platinum Edition (BIS, RUBIS NZ & Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova Practical Magic (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Whitney)
NSW Kabova Shoot Em Up Clyde (BISS, RUBISS & Multi RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch.) (Kathy Minns)
NSW Kabova Single White Female (Aust GRAND Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova Star Boi (AI) (Aust Gr Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
VIC Kabova Stormboy (Aust Ch) (Samantha Wheller)
NSW Kabova Third Times A Charm (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova True Lies (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Venus Rising (BISS Supreme Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova View From Th Top (Multi BIS, RBIS & RBISS Supreme Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Walk The Line (Aust Ch & Ind Ch) (Little Musketeers Pugs - India)
NSW Kabova Wicked Games (Multi RBIS AUST CH) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Kangala Fergus Furgleton (Aust Champion) (Kerry Cannon)
NSW Kangala Likidysplitz (Supreme Champion) (Kerry cannon)
NSW Kangala Nutty Professor (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Kangala You Cant Stop Th Music (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Kheireddin Kharma (AUST CH) (C.A. Roach)
NSW Kheireddin Legacyofashes (AUST CH) (Carol Roach)
NSW Kinlou Deja Vu (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
NSW Kinlou Exit Strategy (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
VIC Kryptonic Copy Cat (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Kim Ryan Belinda Goyarts)
VIC Kryptonic Hello Sailor (BEST IN SHOW AUST CH) (K Ryan)
VIC Kryptonic Knock Out (BISS BIS AUSTRALIAN CH) (Kim Ryan)
VIC Kryptonic Sundae Sunshine (AUST CH) (B Goyarts)
VIC Kryptonic Tag Your It (RBISS AUSTRALIAN CH) (Kim Ryan)
NSW Leace Little Miss Precious (Aust Grand Ch) (Kathy Minns)
NSW Leace The Devils Cut (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Kathy Minns)
VIC Lecarne Kanes Devil (BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Leanne Trotter)
VIC Lecarne Stepping Out In Style (Ch) (Miss Paige Trotter)
QLD Lerilla Class In Clover (Aust Ch Neuter Ch) (Julie Payne)
QLD Logwood Miss Loveabull (Ch    ) (Tracy Ohl)
QLD Lolworth Dian Shi Chengjin (Supreme Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
SA Los Chatos Del Norte First Love (Imp Esp) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Rodney J Connelly)
NSW Mackerly Logans In Town (Multi BIS & Multi BISS SUPREME Champion) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Malortz Lady Sally (ch) (Mrs Susan Chapman)
VIC Marieh Princess Pippa (CH) (Mrs Lyn Charleson)
VIC Marieh Sweet Country Kisses (CH) (Mrs Sue Phillips)
NSW Menninblak Big Bad Floyd (Aust Ch) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Menninblak Summer Dream (Aus Ch) (Amanda Stapleton)
TAS Mickshl Onyx is Black (Ch & Nuet Ch) (Kerry Cannon)
SA Mofu Lap Chun (Aust Ch) (Donna McClarty)
NSW Nulkaba Audrey Hepburn (Supreme CH BIS) (Mrs S Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Brucey Boi (Ch) (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Carla Zampatti (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
NSW Nulkaba Girl on a Mission (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)

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