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Bunyong snap shot
(Cindy craig)

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VIC Aimhi Devils Son (RBIS BIS SUP CH) (Mrs L Trotter & Mrs P Albress)
QLD Ambaron Advocates Masterpiece (Ch) (Julie Kelly)
QLD Ambaron Comin Thru Now (Sup. Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
QLD Anyang Fleetwood (CH) (Mrs E P Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Gimme That Girl(ai) (AUST CH) (Mrs EP Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Guiseppe (Aust Champion) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Maximus Prime (AUST CH) (Mrs EP Tzipori)
QLD Anyang Paddington Bear (BIS AUST. GRAND CHAMPION) (N. J. & D. L. King)
QLD Ashinad Dark Night (Julie Hyland)
QLD Brescot Klaus (Daley Adams)
VIC Bunyong snap shot (Cindy craig)
QLD Burjoise Yogi Bear (Aust Ch) (M D & W M Burgess)
WA Cantu's Timeliss Fantasy Mayor's Big Pride (Imp USA) (BIS, BISS, SUP Ch) (L.Taskaeva)
VIC Caper's Snap To It (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Sup Ch) (Esther Joseph)
WA Cavhill king of hearts (Ch) (Ash Godsell)
NZ Cosmique Teddy Bear (NZ CHAMPION) (Judith Henderson)
WA Dahneebi Sebastion (Ryan Sherman)
VIC Diamond sand & Coral Bay''s Clash of Clan (Imp THA) (Th Ch. Am Ch. Aust Ch) (Esther Joseph)
VIC Divinise The Prophet (J Willoughby)
NZ Ehfi Ole Gunnar of Norway at Asay ( Imp Nor ) (Gold Merit, BIS, Multi BISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Ann van Gijs)
TAS Ellengon Dark Mofo (Beverley Benbow)
QLD Everougir Zeus (Suzanne and Liam Hennig)
NSW Gailyn Taking Chances (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
NSW Gilgai Dudley (Gr Ch) (Colleen Khoury)
NZ Glomar Roll of The Dice (Gold , Emerald and Sapphire ( 70 cc's ) Merit, Multi RBIS, Multi RBISS NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
VIC Gramish Snap Dragon (Triseter Kennels)
NSW Gupalsziv Cois Light Back Home (AI) (Aust Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Jiminy Cricket (Aust. Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
SA Gupalsziv Master Of The Blacks (Renee Milham)
QLD Hostwill Carpe Diem CCD RN (Multi BIS, Multi BISS Aust. Supreme. Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T.Waters)
TAS Junnash Beyond The Stars [AI] (Supreme Champion) (Mr R Costen)
QLD Kabova Deep In The Heart (Ch) (Mrs B Hurley)
NSW Kabova Lethal Weapon (SUP CH) (Debra Cummings)
NSW Kabova Mad Max (Aust Supreme Ch) (Roz Wilson & Gail Smith)
NSW Kangala Fergus Furgleton (Aust Champion) (Kerry Cannon)
TAS Kangala Gangster Gus (Ch) (Mrs Y Metzger)
NSW Kangala Likidysplitz (Supreme Champion) (Kerry cannon)
NSW Kangala Nutty Professor (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Kheireddin Pendragon (AUST CH) (R&S Quinn/ Urracca Kennels)
NSW Kinlou Exit Strategy (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
SA Kirrbuff Blak Jak (Audrey Vandersteen)
WA Kwantoi Just a Tourist (Kristy Padberg)
VIC Lecarne Kanes Devil (BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Leanne Trotter)
NSW Nulkaba Brucey Boi (Ch) (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Huckleberry Henry (CH) (Mrs Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Humphrey Bogart (Jackie Jarvisto)
NSW Nulkaba Louis Vuitton (Susan Chapman)
WA Nyoman Gunnar Be Good (AI) (B Irwin & J Vitler)
NZ Oasis Flash Dream Image (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis One With Total Style (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
QLD Octaviae Surfin Safari (StarsHollow Pugs)
QLD Octaviae Ticket To Naples (Aust Ch) (E. P. Tzipori (Anyang Pugs))
WA Pendidi Jack Sparrow (Leanne Auburn)
VIC Pitch Black Face Pugs Jack Sparrow ( IMP SWE ) (BIS Nord JV -15.CY.CH.EE.JR CH.FIN UCH.HR.CH.SE UCH. C.I.B.AUST CH.) (Mrs K and Mr K Cash)
SA Pudgypooch Lafayet (Aust Ch) (Tanya Beavis)
NSW Quom Greasemonkey McGee (Ms. C. Khoury)
QLD Saxten Boyd (Ch) (M D & W M Burgess)
TAS Saxten Marbrella (BiS Supreme Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Silver Bullet (Aust Ch) (R Costen)
NSW Sebandee Desparado In Black (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Jabba The Hutt (Colin Seymour)
VIC Sebandee Kur Ring Gai Chase (Janelle Willoughby)
VIC Strandsmedjans Edison IMP SWE (Karl & Kristy Cash)
VIC Suart Country Man (Aust Sup Ch) (Sue Phillips)
VIC Suart Country Prince Winston (CH) (Sue Phillips)
NSW Sweetess Ice Trucker (R/U ~ BEST IN SHOW SPECIALTY ~ Australian Champion) (K De Freitas)
NSW Sweetewss Dudleys Magic (Aust. Ch.) (Colleen Khoury)
QLD Tranabby Double The Gipper (Mrs Tracy OHL)
QLD Tranabby Golden Home Run (Sup CH) (J & S Stephens)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Cato (Aust Ch) (Esther Joseph, Michaela Miller, M. Looby)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Ebilly (BIS Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Elvin (Aust Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
VIC Triseter Mopsi Ninja (D MacCallum & E Joseph)
VIC Troycole Bringin The Heat (Aust CH) (Mr K & Mrs K Cash)
NSW Troycole The Last Samurai (BISS Aust Ch) (L.Johnson & J Dunn)
NSW Wrinkles Show And Tell (Imp USA) (BIS AUST CH & AM CH) (R & J Dunn)
ACT Yarrowfell Kris Kringle (Supreme Ch) (Yarrowfell Kennels)

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