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Aust Ch Saxten Silver Bullet
(R Costen)

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NSW Leace Baileys Hot Shot (Kathy Minns)
NSW Leace Limited Edition (AI) (Aust Neut Ch) (Kathy Minns)
NSW Leace Little Miss Precious (Aust Grand Ch) (Kathy Minns)
NSW Leace The Devils Cut (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Kathy Minns)
VIC Lecarne Kanes Devil (BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Leanne Trotter)
VIC Lecarne Stepping Out In Style (Ch) (Miss Paige Trotter)
QLD Lerilla Class In Clover (Aust Ch Neuter Ch) (Julie Payne)
QLD Logwood Miss Loveabull (Ch    ) (Tracy Ohl)
QLD Lolworth Dian Shi Chengjin (Supreme Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
SA Los Chatos Del Norte First Love (Imp Esp) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Rodney J Connelly)
NSW Mackerly Logans In Town (Multi BIS & Multi BISS SUPREME Champion) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Mackerly Who Dares Wins (Aust Champion) (Ms Janet McGregor)
NSW Malortz Lady Sally (ch) (Mrs Susan Chapman)
QLD Marbelton Luigi (uk) (Mrs Ep Tzipori)
QLD Marieh Black Mystrey (CH) (Tracy Ohl)
VIC Marieh Princess Pippa (CH) (Mrs Lyn Charleson)
VIC Marieh Sweet Country Kisses (CH) (Mrs Sue Phillips)
NSW Maskerade American Dreamz (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Chanel (Ros Wilson & Gail Smith)
ACT Maskerade Chloe (D Cummings)
SA Maskerade Christian Dior (Jodie Solomons)
NSW Maskerade Dance in the Dark (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Ed Hardy (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Hearts and Daggers (Champion) (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Hugo Boss (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Killer Queen (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Lots A Noodles (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Malificent (Debra Cummings)
NSW Menninblak Big Bad Floyd (Aust Ch) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Menninblak Summer Dream (Aus Ch) (Amanda Stapleton)
TAS Mickshl Onyx is Black (Ch & Nuet Ch) (Kerry Cannon)
WA Midgnvic He Will Rock You (Vicky Hamilton)
WA Midgnvic Pure Steele (Vicky Hamilton)
WA Midgnvic Sweet As Honey (Vicky Hamilton)
SA Mofu Lap Chun (Aust Ch) (Donna McClarty)
NZ Moyvane Rocky's Queen B at Christabell (BISS, 3 X RUBISS GOLD MERIT NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NSW Nulkaba Alannah Hill (CH) (Mrs Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Audrey Hepburn (Supreme CH BIS) (Mrs S Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Brucey Boi (Ch) (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Carla Zampatti (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
NSW Nulkaba Girl on a Mission (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
NSW Nulkaba Hollieberry Hallie (Mrs Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Huckleberry Henry (CH) (Mrs Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Humphrey Bogart (Jackie Jarvisto)
NSW Nulkaba Jasperdewberry (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill & Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba June Dally Watkins (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Kafpow Sweetheart (Kathy Gill)
NSW Nulkaba Lady Caroline (Mrs S Chapman)
WA Nulkaba Lord George Murray (Australian Champion) (J Flahive & R Green)
NSW Nulkaba Louis Vuitton (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Mad About You (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Marianna (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Miss Bethany (Ch) (Mrs Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Miss Charlie Brown (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
NSW Nulkaba My Fair Lady (Australian Champion) (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Rex Harrison (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Souviner Delamalmaison (Jackie Jarvisto)
WA Nyoman Gunnar Be Good (AI) (B Irwin & J Vitler)
VIC Nyoman Gunnar Be Good (AI) (Ms J Willoughby)
NZ Oasis Flash Black Edition (Pamela and Karen Bell)
NZ Oasis Flash Dream Image (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Grand Dzgn (NZ CH) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Just So Sassy (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Just Total Magic (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis One With Total Style (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Truely So (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
SA Obsidion Amaranth (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr Rodney J Connelly)
SA Obsidion Centrespread (B.I.S.S. & BIS Aust Champion) (Kylie Sunman & Ben Luxton)
TAS Obsidion Coup D'Etat (Aust Supreme Ch) (Ben Luxton / Jaidyn Walker)
SA Obsidion Fiorello (Aust Ch) (Mr Rodney J Connelly)
NZ Obsidion Fortune Cookie At Glomar (Imp Aust) (Aust BIS & NZ BIS BISS GRAND Ch) (Penny Ward)
SA Obsidion Monsieur (Aust Ch) (Mr Rodney J Connelly)
WA Obsidion Rumour HasIt (Aust Ch) (Natalie Boekelman)
QLD Octaviae Surfin Safari (StarsHollow Pugs)
QLD Octaviae The Sweetest Gift (Aust Ch) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Octaviae Ticket To Naples (Aust Ch) (E. P. Tzipori (Anyang Pugs))
WA Openova Absolute Star (Ch) (L.Taskaeva)
WA Openova Absolutely Fabulous (L.Taskaeva)
WA Openova Ballroom Blitz (Luba Taskaeva)
ACT Pandanlamo Blu Lite Disco (Hugapug Kennels and R. Prideaux)
NSW Pandanlamo Omaticaya (R & J Dunn)
NSW Pandanlamo Wicked Sabrina (Ch    ) (R & J Dunn)
QLD Panskyli Lady Of Winterfell AI (Panskyli Kennels)
NZ Paradiz Ronado Rocky Balboa (New Zealand) (Tanya Dowd)
SA Parkhurst Gold Class (Aust Ch) (Miss K Shilton)
SA Parkhurst Touch Of Class (Aust Ch) (Mrs K Tilley)
ACT Patrian Abitov Anewsance (Aust Champion) (Hugagpug Kennels (Felicity Prideaux))
NSW Pekeapug's Iwannahug Apuginoz (BISS Aust Ch, Can Gr Ch) (Felicity Prideaux)
QLD Pendidi Gust Black Jack (Dan & Natasha Stanaway)
WA Pendidi Jack Sparrow (Leanne Auburn)
QLD Pendidi Little Black Raven (Julie Kelly)
QLD Pendidi Minnie (Dan & Natasha Stanaway)
QLD Pendidi Morning Star (Dan & Natasha Stanaway)
NSW Pickapug At The Pinacle (BIS & RBIS Ch) (Sorenson & Williams)
NSW Pickapug Dana (Mr P & Mrs J Taylor)
QLD Pickapug Dark Warrior (CH) (Mrs T Ohl & Mrs B Sorensen)
NSW Pickapug Key to My Heart (B Beves & N Estatheo)
VIC Pitch Black Face Pugs Jack Sparrow ( IMP SWE ) (BIS Nord JV -15.CY.CH.EE.JR CH.FIN UCH.HR.CH.SE UCH. C.I.B.AUST CH.) (Mrs K and Mr K Cash)
VIC Prettipaws Hitme W Ur Bestshot (J Poynton)
VIC Prettipaws Jeorge ofthe Jungle (AI) (Janene Poynton)
VIC Prettipaws Warrior Princess (Janene Poynton)
SA Pudgypooch Lafayet (Aust Ch) (Tanya Beavis)
TAS Puehio Princess Evie of Mordor (Beverley Benbow)
ACT Puggleswort Effbee Eye (MBIS Australian Supreme Champion) (Hugapug Kennels & Rob Prideaux)
VIC Quishu Hercules (Quishu Kennels)
VIC Quishu Sea Mist (Quishu Kennels)
VIC Quishu Snap Krackl N Pop (Aust. Ch) (Quishu Kennels)
NSW Quom Greasemonkey McGee (Ms. C. Khoury)
NSW Quom Roses Of Gold (Kathy Minns)
QLD Randaluca Miz Cheif Maker (M Lloyd/ L Perrett / T Gomez-Walker)
QLD Rapturous Single Rose (J & S Stephens)
NSW Rose's Sharp Dressed Man (Imp USA) (Multi BISS,BIS, RBIS Can Ch & SUPREME Ch) (Jenny Whitney & Billie Sorensen)
NSW Rose-Treasure Win One For The Gipper (Imp USA) (BIS, BISS & RBISS & RBIS Am GRAND CHAMPION & Aust SUPREME Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
SA Roselock Buckleberry Flynn (Mrs J Solomons)
VIC Rosnasharn Despicable Me (S Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Little Mis Sunshine (Sharon Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Lucy Wilde (Sharon Buchanan)
TAS Rosnasharn Mind Ya own Beeswax (Y M Metzger)
VIC Rosnasharn My Boy Lollipop (Aust Ch) (Sharon Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Rainbow Connection (M. Hamilton)
VIC Rosnasharn Scarlet Overkill (Sharon Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Sting Lika Beemer (Sharon Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Sunny Cowgirl (S Buchanan)
VIC Rosnasharn Yippy Kiaye (Sharon Buchanan)
WA Rubixstar Up In Lights (Aust Ch) (Ms Jane King)
NSW Ruuicha Margarita (IMP UK) (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Saxten Boyd (Ch) (M D & W M Burgess)
TAS Saxten Chinsheree (Aust Ch) (Anne & Richard Costen)
TAS Saxten Gold Sovereign (Supreme Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Marbrella (BiS Supreme Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Orient (Aust Ch) (R & A Costen)
TAS Saxten Sameesa (Aust Ch) (Anne Costen)
QLD Saxten Sanika Gold (Ch) (MD & W M Burgess)
TAS Saxten Sava (Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Silver Bullet (Aust Ch) (R Costen)
TAS Saxten Star (All Breeds BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Stryking Silver (Aust Ch) (Sharon Frankcombe)
TAS Saxten Sunset (Ch) (Anne Costen)
TAS Saxten Tamboreen Man (All Breeds BIS Aust Ch) (Anne Costen)
QLD Saxten Tigers Eye (Mrs B Sorensen)
ACT Scarborough Without A Trace (Imp NZ) (RU/BIS Aust Ch) (Hugapug Kennels)
NSW Sebandee A Lil Black Numba (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Desparado In Black (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Elle BlkPherson (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Jabba The Hutt (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Kakadu Dream Tyme (Colin Seymour)
NSW Sebandee Kosciuszko Rider (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
VIC Sebandee Kur Ring Gai Chase (Janelle Willoughby)
VIC Sebandee Over The Rainbow (Mrs J Willoughby)
NSW Sharlea American Pharoah (Sharon Jeffries)

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