RUBISS Dual Ch & Neuter Grand Ch Ourgang Dont Stop Me Now FM - L2 HGA & HC Clear

Main Photo at almost 8 years

Freddie is the beautiful son of Scooby & Queen (a cousin mating) with his grandfather's colouring and his great uncle's personality. He reminded me so much of Basty (Grand Ch Ourgang Hell For Leather) in his personality that I thought "bugger it, I'll keep him" and we are glad that we did, his daggy personality shows through and he lived with Basty in harmony as he is a sooky la-la teddy bear and now lives with his great great great nephew & 4 greats nephew with no problems.

He is very nicely put together with a strong head, a good body that has only improved with age (as my stuff does - slow maturing lines), great angulation & correct tailset - a perfect pump handle tail. He moves with purpose, drive and effortless action. He is a loving teddy bear who loves nothing more than draping himself over your lap (we often wonder if he has a spine) and having cuddles and scratches on the tummy which he accompanies with various moans of pleasure, I swear this dog can purr.

He lived up to his early promise and was very rarely unplaced. He did incredibly well in the show ring winning multiple awards at all levels both at Specialties and in the All Breeds arena. He is well and truly retired now, enjoying the occasional toddle around the ring in Veteran parades, he enjoyed his Neuter classes winning nearly 40 Class in Groups and 6 Class in shows.

Freddie became a champion at only 14 mths and sired a few litters and is now desexed. He competed in Flyball as well with his handler Belinda and has achieved Flyball Master status there as well.

He is now a retired old man and still loves to tell the world he is here, he just rolls with the punches and watches the world go by. He loves his treats and cuddles and a soft place to sleep, loves having visitors to harass as they give the best (and most) cuddles. Everyone loves the Fred Bear, the deaf old bugger gets to come to shows occasionally as we wont leave him at home by himself and generally causes havoc as he likes to wander off and say hello to people - he can toddle fast when he wants too!

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