Australian Champion Boldhart Bobby Dazzler

Bobby has always been known as the dumb honey blond at home. She has never been known for her brains and even to this day depends on others to lead and she simply follows.

Although she gained her title she was never a star in the showring but her great claim to fame is as the dam of wonderful progeny. 3 champions from her first litter to Ch Solidrock Sargant Pepper - Gr Ch Boldhart Booker Bates, Ch Boldhart Frivolus Fran, Ch Boldhart Daisy Bates. These 3 staffords appear in the pedigrees of many of Victoria's top dogs.

From her litter to Ch Pitstaff Soothsayer came Ch Boldhart Witches Britches and Boldhart Hocus Pocus CD AT ET.
( Oscar didn't get his brains from his mum.)

The 3rd picture is Bobby with her sire and dam
left to right: Ch.Borstaff Dickie Doodles, Bobby, Ch. Boldhart Prisy Prunella

Bobby went to God in April 2003

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Pedigree for Australian Champion Boldhart Bobby Dazzler
Sire : Ch.Borstaff Dickie Doodles S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Ch. Boldhart Prisy Prunella S: S:
D: S: