Gr Ch. Splendak Aint No Saint

"GR CH Splendak Aint No Saint" (Simon) the first little dachshund boy to be owned and bred by Bryan and Yvonne Shaw, convinced us that the "boys" of the family were the "gentle ones" and that boys have a very soft nature. They always say that boys are different! Simon is a rock - a sweet natured and solid boy, and right at the beginning of his Show career proved that he was completely dependable at home and in the ring, winning many "Class In Show Awards' immediately he began his career. At the age of just 12-1/2 months he achieved his Aust. Champion title, and so easily handled this with wins against large numbers of dachshunds. So often he has been awarded a "Class in Group or In Show Award".
On 11 November, 2012, Simon won the prestigious award of "BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW at the 10th NATIONAL DACHSHUND SPECIALTY SHOW in Melbourne. Also Best of Breed at Brisbane Royal in 2013. Again Simon has proved that he is a consistent, trustworthy and sound boy....never disappointing. Simon now in 2014, continues to be a true winner, and on 27th July 2014 attained the status of Grand Champion. He has also produced puppies in the Show Ring who have received this Aust. Ch. status. One of these being his daughter, Aust. Ch. Splendak Shez Misbehaven ....our little Missy B.

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Pedigree for Gr Ch. Splendak Aint No Saint
Sire : Ch. Cogglyn Black Douglas S: Ch Welcumen Cool Dude (Imp UK) S: Eng Ch. Welcumen Mr. Cool (UK))
D: Welcumen Queen of Diamonds (UK)
D: Ch Cogglyn Red Redwine S: Ch Sonderbar Feel So Good
D: Ch. Cogglyn Brown Fox
Dam : Ch. Valgarden Nirvana S: Gr Ch. Dakley Noahs Shem S: Gr Ch. Solana My Noach
D: Ch. Dakley Rosie OGrady
D: Ch. Valgarden Dark Angel S: Ch Valgarden Im Magic
D: Ch. Valgarden Adriana

Recent Results

  • 16-Jun-2013 Reserve in Group (Open Show Spectacular Qualifier)

    Queensland Kennel Council [OP] (Judge was MRs B Mangin)

  • 7-Jun-2013 State Bred in Group

    Caboolture & Dist PA & I Assoc. Ltd [CH] (Judge was Mr C Bett (Canada))

  • 5-May-2013 Dog Challenge and RUBOB

    Eidsvold Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Miss M Hoy (NSW))

  • 4-May-2013 Best in Group/Aust Bred in Group

    South Burnett National - Kingaroy [CH] (Judge was Mrs Sue Bruno)

  • 4-May-2013 Dog Challenge and RUBOB

    Burnett Kennel Club Inc. [CH] (Judge was Mrs R. Ralph (NSW))

  • 21-Apr-2013 Best of Breed

    Kennel Assoc of Qld [CH] (Judge was Mrs R Henderson)

  • 12-Apr-2013 Dog Challenge

    Sunshine Coast Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. L Hearn (Vict))

  • 31-Mar-2013 Dog Challenge and RUBOB

    Durack Grounds Sub-Committee Show [CH] (Judge was Mr D Mahoney (NSW))

  • 24-Mar-2013 Best of Breed

    Beaudesert Kennel Club [OP] (Judge was Mrs R Seare)

  • 22-Mar-2013 BOB and Aust Bred in Group

    Goomeri & District Show Society Inc. [CH] (Judge was Mr V Jones)

  • 16-Feb-2013 Dog Challenge

    Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel CLub [CH] (Judge was Mrs V Schneider)

  • 10-Feb-2013 Best of Breed

    Armidale All Breeds Kennel Club Incl [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Taylor)

  • 9-Feb-2013 Best of Breed

    Armidale All Breeds Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Tringham)

  • 8-Feb-2013 Intermediate in Group/Best of Breed

    Armidale All Breeds Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Miss K Tosi)

  • 20-Jan-2013 Dog Challenge and RUBOB

    Burnett Kennel Club Inc. [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Markotany (NSW))

  • 19-Jan-2013 Dog Challenge

    Burnett Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr K Iggleden)

  • 6-Jan-2013 BOB/State Bred In Group/State Bred in Show

    Maryborough Kennel CLub [CH] (Judge was Mr Peter McNamara)

  • 5-Jan-2013 Dog Chall and State Bred in Group

    Maryborough Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr R Fitzgerald)

  • 25-Nov-2012 Dog Challenge

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr G Salud (Phillipines))


    10th NATIONAL DACHSHUND SPECIALTY SHOW [CH] (Judge was Mrs Pamela Peat (USA))

  • 1-Sep-2012 Best of Breed - 17 pts

    Gold Coast Show Society Inc. [CH] (Judge was Mr P ATjerkstra)

  • 15-Jul-2012 Intermediate in Show

    Hound CLub of Queenaldn [CH] (Judge was Mr M Hammett)

  • 8-Jul-2012 Best of Breed

    Combined CCC CLubs Sub-Committee [CH] (Judge was Ms J Ainscow)

  • 23-Jun-2012 Dog Challenge

    Beenleigh Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr L Jeuson (Malaysia))

  • 9-Jun-2012 Intermediate In Show

    achshund Club of Queensland Inc. [OP] (Judge was MS J Tilbrook (Qld))

  • 9-Jun-2012 Intermediate In Show

    Dachshund Club of Queensland Inc. [CH] (Judge was Mr Bruce Jenkins (South Africa))

  • 8-Jun-2012 Best of Breed 17 points

    Caboolture & Dist PA & I Assoc [CH] (Judge was Ms E Ty (Phillipines))

  • 26-May-2012 Best of Breed

    Esk PA & I Association Inc [CH] (Judge was M r G. Kerr)

  • 18-May-2012 Best of Breed and Intermediate in Group

    Gy mpie and Dist Show Society [CH] (Judge was M r Ken Iggleden (Qld))

  • 6-May-2012 Intermediate in Group

    Clarence Dogs Sports Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Weekes (Vict))

  • 30-Apr-2012 Best of Breed

    Bonville & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr Alan Hunt (N.S.W))

  • 28-Apr-2012 Best in Group

    Caboolture Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mra Pat Thomas (N.S.W.))

  • 20-Apr-2012 Dog Challenge and RUBOB

    Kilcoy AP & I Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs V Schneider)