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Aust Ch Annaric Wee Willow In The Wind
(PJ & AJ Howie)

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WA Aashudna Beau Obi (Mr C Lemon)
NSW Aashudna Fear The Frank (Heather Coles)
NSW Aashudna Khloe Kardash (Heather Coles)
NSW Aashudna Maggie May (Heather Coles)
NSW Aashudna Mr Kool Kat (Aust. Ch.) (Kerry Beckhaus)
NSW Aashudna Noble Norah (Heather Coles)
NSW Aashudna Shes Spartan Shield (Heather Coles)
NSW Abjekt Jamin Jamica (Victoria Coles)
NZ All About Design of Markwell (RUBISS NZ CH) (Solitaire Robertson)
QLD Almarjo Ava Von Schnitzel (Aust Ch) (Mark Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Carol Von Schnitzel (Aust Ch) (My. Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Cleo Von Schnitzel (Ch) (G & J Wilshier)
QLD Almarjo Dacian Von Schnitzel (Peta Watts)
QLD Almarjo Elsa von Schnitzel (Aust Sup Ch) (Mr M.Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Grandslam (Aust Ch) (Mark Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Harvey Von Schnitzel (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mark Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Henrik Von Schnitzel (Aust Ch) (Mark Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Lady Sara (Aust Ch) (Mr M Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Laura Von Schnitzel (Aust ch) (Mark Yardley/B.Whyte & S/Robson)
QLD Almarjo Oliver Twist (Ch) (Mark Yardley & B.Whyte & S.Robson)
NSW Almarjo Sweedish Delight (Max & Lorraine Cloake)
QLD Almarjo Twist N Shout (Mr M Yardley)
QLD Almarjo Wilson Von Schnitzel (Aust Ch) (Mr M Yardley & Miss A. Caruis)
WA Annaric Clancy (Dec) (Aust Ch) (Anna & Phil Howie)
WA Annaric Song of Amazing Grace (Mr PJ & Mrs AJ Howie)
WA Annaric Song of Amazing Grace (Aust Champion) (Mr PJ & Mrs AJ Howie)
WA Annaric Song of Gold N Fire (Mr PJ & Mrs AJ Howie)
WA Annaric Song of Ice N Fire (Ch) (PJ&AJ Howie)
VIC Annaric Specialty Rose (Vicki Pettigrove)
WA Annaric The Sea Mystery (Aust Ch) (PJ & AJ Howie)
WA Annaric Wee Thorn In A Red Tie (Dec) (PJ & AJ Howie)
WA Annaric Wee Willow In The Wind (Aust Ch) (PJ & AJ Howie)
NSW Aquadachs Classy Cali (Mrs A Denby)
NSW Aquadachs Delightful Deanne (Mrs A Denby)
NSW Aquadachs Eager Emalee (Mrs A Denby)
NSW Aquadachs Elegant Evette (A Mclachlan)
NSW Aquadachs Embracing Eleanor (Mrs A Denby)
NSW Aquadachs Exuberant Elmo (Mrs A Denby)
NSW Assuana Black Jack (Mrs A Denby)
QLD Assuana Sultana (Ms Lisa Marsh)
NSW Barisse High Voltage ( IMP. UK.) (CH) (Judy Gibson)
NSW Bellaklein Choc Rebel (Ch) (Kerry M Beckhaus)
VIC Berghutte Black Betty (Aust CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
VIC Berghutte Black Dynasty (Aust CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
NSW Berghutte Blackberry Jam (Aust Grand CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
VIC Berghutte Burnt Black (Aust Grand CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
VIC Berghutte Burnt Bridges (Aust CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
VIC Berghutte Gold Sovereign (Aust CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
VIC Berghutte Inklike (Aust CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
VIC Berghutte Mahogny Lass (Aust CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
VIC Berghutte Paint It Black (BIS Neuter Ch) (Kinderscout Knls)
VIC Berghutte Red Mist (Aust CH) (Corrienne Irvin)
NSW Berghutte Tiger Lilly (Aust Ch) (Nerida Gilfillan)
SA Boarbadger Boris Karloff (Ch.) (Nick Gouzos)
SA Boarbadger Elsa Lanchester (Ch.) (Nick Gouzos)
SA Boarbadger Suspense (Grand Ch.) (Nick Gouzos)
SA Boarbadger Yvonne De Carlo (CH) (Nick Gouzos)
ACT Bromhelm Suspicious Minds (Rhonda McKenna)
WA Brunobear SeaclaidAingeal (Mr C Lemon)
QLD Clonette Allegra (Samantha Kelly)
QLD Clonette Annie Oakley (Samantha Kelly)
QLD Cwmdarhian Gran Turismo (CH) (Dennis Moran & Rev Leigh Neighbour)
NSW Cwmdarhian Half Penny NE SE (Ch) (Janice Sharp)
VIC D'Arisca Long Distance (IMP UK) (Aust/N.Z CH) (Mrs C Irvin)
SA Dachcroft s.h hooner (Jackie armistead)
NSW Dachcroft Snappy Jo (Kerry M Beckhaus)
VIC Dachslands Special Believer (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Vicki Pettigrove)
NSW Daclow Chit Chat (Aust CH) (J M Gibson)
NSW Daclow Dance Little Sister (Aust Ch) (Judith Gibson)
NSW Daclow Girls Got Rhythm (CH) (JM Gibson)
NSW Daclow I Am What I AM (CH) (Judith Gibson)
NSW Daclow keeping Up Appearances (CH) (JM Gibson)
NSW Daclow Kisses For Me (Aust CH) (J Gibson)
NSW Daclow Money Talks (CH) (JM Gibson)
NSW Daclow New Sensation (ch) (J Gibson)
NSW Daclow Paint it Black (Judith Gibson)
NSW Daclow Shes Like The Wind (CH) (JM Gibson)
NSW Daclow Truley Scrumptious (CH) (Judith Gibson)
NSW Daclow Whistle and Flute (Ch) (Judith Gibson)
SA Dakley Abracadabra (Q) (Aust.Ch.) (Tullacrest Kennels)
QLD Dakley Athena (D. Cross)
QLD Dakley Cagney (Daryl Cross)
QLD Dakley Charlie Brown (Ch) (Daryl Cross)
QLD Dakley Elisheba (Aust Ch) (D Cross)
QLD Dakley Franz Joseph (Aust Ch) (D. Cross)
NSW Dakley Lanie Grey (Aust Ch) (Janice Sharp)
QLD Dakley Lazarus Thone (D. Cross)
QLD Dakley Noahs Shem (Aust Gr Ch) (D Cross)
NSW Dakshunt InThe Ghetto (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr R & Mrs J Matwijow)
NSW Dakshunt Man in the Mirror (Aust Ch) (Nerida Gilfillan)
NSW Dakshunt Sweet Caroline (R & J Matwijow)
QLD Dappldak Red Lilly (S Kelly)
QLD Daxhaus First Lady (MULTI BIS & MULTI REIS & REISS Australian Grand Champion) (Beryl & Marilyn Dyckhoff)
QLD Daxhaus Great Expectations (Australian Supreme Champion) (Robert & Chloe Armatys)
QLD Daxhaus Profound Beauty (Aust Ch) (Debbie Daly)
QLD Daxhaus Shaded Sunset (SUPREME CHAMPION) (J.Meharry/L.Dorr/Dyckhoff)
QLD Daxhaus Who's The Boss (Mutli BIS, Mutli REIS Australian Grand Champion) (Chloe Dyckhoff)
QLD Daxhuas Angel In Disguise (MULTI BIS, RBISS & RBIS Australian Grand Champion) (Beryl & Marilyn Dyckhoff & Chloe Armatys)
NSW Delamaine Blue Lilly (Ch) (Kathy Ryan)
QLD Delamaine Grande Henri (Aust Ch) (Sue Caldwell)
NSW Delamaine Hennessy Whisky (Ch) (Kathy Ryan)
NSW Delamaine Raspberry Daiquiri (Ch) (Kathy Ryan)
NSW Delamaine Sauvingon Blanc (Ch) (Kathy Ryan)
QLD Drysdale Crystal Star N Gold (Aust & NZ CH, neuter CH) (Dennis Moran & Rev Leigh Neighbour)
NZ Essare Puttin' On The Ritz (NZ CH) (Solitaire Robertson)
NZ Freeman Dac - Won't Back Down (Belinda Taylor)
QLD Gersndach Aria Rio Femme (Bk And Yj Shaw)
QLD Gersndach Kayene (Robyn Gersbach)
QLD Gersndach La Chamade (Robyn Gersbach)
QLD Gersndach Margaux Femm (John & Sue Caldwell)
QLD Gersndach Midnight Oil (Ch.) (R. Gersbach/D.Wheeler)
NSW Gersndach Raphael (Aust Ch) (Nerida Gilfillan)
QLD Gersndach UK Conection (Robyn Gersbach)
QLD Goldtag Hezekia (S Kelly)
VIC Hahndorf Abbey Road (Aust Ch) (Barbara Skepper)
SA Hahndorf Briar Rose (CH) (Nick Gouzos)
SA Hahndorf Cactus Jack (CH.) (Nick Gouzos)
VIC Hahndorf Crystal Lily (Aust. Ch.) (Barb Skepper)
VIC Hahndorf Dixie Chick (Aust Ch) (Barbara Skepper)
VIC Hahndorf Feeln Reddy (Ch) (Mrs. B. Skepper)
VIC Hahndorf Little Miss Redette (Ch.) (K. Brooks)
VIC Hahndorf Little Red Corvette (B. Howell & M. Cooper)
VIC Hahndorf More Than Reddy (Ch) (Mrs. B. Skepper)
VIC Hahndorf Prickly Moses (Ch.) (K. Brooks)
SA Hahndorf The Thornbird (CH.) (Nick Gouzos)
NZ Here By Request Markwell (NZ CH) (Belinda Taylor)
NSW Isadaky Midas Touch (CH) (Mrs Dorthe Hauberg)
WA Jimanjulan Sovereign Sky (Aust Ch) (Ann & Phil Howie)
VIC Kamahi River Of Dreams (Aust.Ch.) (Barbara Skepper)
NT Leading Lady of Markwell (Imp NZ) (Australian SUPREME Champion) (Melissa Purich)
NSW Lowender As You Do (Paul Bevins)
NSW Lowender Bella Capri (Aust Ch) (Paul Bevins)
NSW Lowender Blow Me One Last Kiss (Aust Ch) (Paul Bevins)
NSW Lowender Candis Cayne (Paul F P Bevins)
NSW Lowender Careless Whisper (Paul F P Bevins)
NSW Lowender Frankie Ryan (Colleen Ryan)
NSW Lowender If I Had A Mind To (Paul F P Bevins)
NSW Lowender It’s Me (Paul Lowender Bevins)
NSW Lowender Las Collinas (Aust Ch) (Paul Bevins)
NSW Lowender Marazyon (Paul Bevins)
NSW Lowender Mazel Tov (Paul Lowender Bevins)
QLD Lowender Monarco Femme (CH.) (Mr A. & Mrs R. Gersbach)
NSW Lowender Moorea (Paul Lowender Bevins)
NSW Lowender Rueben James (Paul F P Bevins)
NSW Lowender Shalom Alachiem (Paul Lowender Bevins)
SA Lowenhyte Eye Of The Tigress (Tullacrest Kennels)
WA Lowenhyte Harry (Aust Sup Ch) (Ian Cross)
WA Lowenhyte Mr George (Aust Ch) (Ian Cross)
NZ Megara Of Pentaki (NZ CH) (Lynley Bray and Martin Hewitt)
QLD Meuwyn Maple Syrup (S Kelly)

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