MULTI BIS Sup. Ch. Wysiwyg Livn The American Dream

James,has proven the "American Dream" follows overseas to OZ as well.
James has the most gorgeous nature, bone, coat & substance.

James LOVES the showring. This has been proven by his achievements to date and becoming the YOUNGEST GR Dog to make his SUPREME Title!! Not to mention these wins...
James makes No.1 GR dog in Qld for 2014! (DOL point score).
2012 Melbourne Royal BOB Winner (entry of 60 one of the largest breed entry for that year).

**Final 8 for Gundog Group**

R/Up BEST IN SHOW 2012 Newcastle Spring International Spectacular Under Gundog Breeder M. Garcia (Columbia)

Best In Group & Junior in Show Kyogle Show under Breed Specialist

R/Up Best in Group and Junior in Show Kyogle 2nd show under P.Pisitwuttinan(Thailand) Breed Specialist.

R/Up BEST IN SHOW & Best Junior In Show 2012 QLD Gundog Assoc. (open)

BEST In GROUP and Best AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW 2013 Toowoomba Royal, Judges were Mrs. P Cruz (USA)/Mr R. Scroggins (USA)

Best In GROUP and Best Australian Bred in Show under Mrs. M. Harnett (SA) (Gundog Breeder/Judge)

BEST IN SHOW! 2013 Library and Archives Show under Diane Norman and Margaret Joyce (Vic)Both Gundog Breeder/Judges.

1st Aust Bred Dog Class 2014 Sydney Royal Show Under Gundog Breeder C. De Giuliani(Italy)Breed entry of 112 Golden Retrievers

Sydney Royal 2015 Dog CC Under Golden Breeder M. Queijeiro (Mex) Breed entry of 95 Golden Retrievers

We are very proud!

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Pedigree for MULTI BIS Sup. Ch. Wysiwyg Livn The American Dream
Sire : Aust Dual Ch. Chipala American Dream Boy (AI USA) CCD UDX RN S: BISS Am-Can Ch. Nitro's Boy Wonder OS, SDHF, CGC, TDI S: BISS Am. Ch. Faera's Starlight OS
D: Am./Can. CH. Nitro's Blaze of Glory C.G.C., T.D.I.
D: Aust Ch Gold-Rush's American Idol ET S: BISS AM CH Sunbeam's Private Party OS
D: Gold-Rush Come Fly With Me
Dam : Aust Ch. Wysiwyg Cant Stop The Music S: Aust Ch Kingsgold True Grit CCD ET S: Wysiwyg Pardn My Tail
D: Kingsgold Pina Colada
D: Aust Ch Wysiwyg The Beat Goes On S: Aust./ Can./UKC Ch. Camelot Quapaw's To Oz & Back CCA
D: Aust. Ch. Wysiwyg Just Push Play

Recent Results

  • 11-Apr-2015 BEST IN SHOW!!!

    Gayndah Show Soc [CH] (Judge was Mrs. B. Balaam (Qld))

  • 31-Mar-2015 Dog CC!!

    Sydney Royal [CH] (Judge was Mr. M. Quejeiro (Mex))

  • 30-Nov-2014 Best of Breed

    Amenities Committee of Dogs Queensland [CH] (Judge was Mr Gutenberg Soares (Brazil))

  • 29-Nov-2014 Best of Breed

    Amenities Committee of Dogs Qld(Am Show) [CH] (Judge was Mr Mario Divanni (Chile))

  • 29-Nov-2014 R/ Up Best in Group!!

    Dog Of The Year Committee Support Show ( [CH] (Judge was Dr Christian Galvez (Bolivia))

  • 21-Nov-2014 Best In GROUP!!

    Caboolture Kennel Club (QLD) [CH] (Judge was Mr Neofytou Erodotos (Cyprus))

  • 20-Nov-2014 R/ Up In Group!!

    Caboolture Kennel Club (QLD) [CH] (Judge was Mr S Sonoda (Japan))

  • 9-Nov-2014 Best In Group!!!!

    Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club (NS [CH] (Judge was Mr L Jeuson (Malaysia))

  • 28-Sep-2014 R/Up Best In Group!!

    Cessnock Dog Club (AM Show) (NSW) [CH] (Judge was Mr P Pisitwuttinan (Thailand))

  • 28-Sep-2014 Best In Group!!!

    Cessnock Dog Club (PM Show) (NSW) [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Sy (Phillipines))

  • 26-Sep-2014 R/Up In Group

    Lake Macquarie All Breeds Kennel Club (P [CH] (Judge was Mr D Tjahjono (Indonesia))

  • 24-Aug-2014 BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!

    Dogs Qld Amenities Committee (All Dogs [CH] (Judge was A. Carius (Qld) Grp/ S. Bendixen (QLD))

  • 16-Aug-2014 Best of Breed- Short listed for Group

    Royal Queensland Show (Brisbane Royal) ( [CH] (Judge was Mr Stavros Argyrou (Cyprus))

  • 13-Aug-2014 Best Of Breed - Short listed for show.

    Brisbane Royal Feature Gundog Specialty [CH] (Judge was Mrs Corinna Hoberg (Nicaragua))

  • 10-Aug-2014 R/Up BEST IN SHOW!!!!

    Qld Gundog Association [CH] (Judge was Mr R Shandilya (India))

  • 3-Aug-2014 BEST IN SHOW!!!!

    Northern Classic KC [CH] (Judge was N. Lane (NSW) Grp/Mrs. E. Gunter (NSW))

  • 27-Jun-2014 R/Up Best in Group!!

    Redcliffe A.H&I [CH] (Judge was Mrs. M. Rose (QLD))

  • 13-Jun-2014 Runner Up Best In Group!

    Kalbar A&P, S& R Show Soc [CH] (Judge was Mrs. N. Zimmerle (Qld))

  • 17-May-2014 BEST IN SHOW!!!!

    Blackbutt Show Society [CH] (Judge was Ms. G. Goller (Qld))

  • 16-May-2014 Best of Breed

    Boonah Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs. J. Ireland (Qld))

  • 3-May-2014 Best Of Breed

    South Burnett National [CH] (Judge was Mrs. L.Buckley (ACT))

  • 20-Oct-2013 BEST IN SHOW!!!!

    QLD Gundog Association [CH] (Judge was Mr. K. Harris (Phil))

  • 29-Sep-2013 Best of Breed. Best Aust Bred In Group!!

    Cessnock Dog Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs. M. R. De Vega (Phil))

  • 28-Sep-2013 Best of Breed (25Pts!!)

    Cessnock Dog Club [CH] (Judge was Mr. J. Hodgkinson (Canada))

  • 28-Sep-2013 R/ Up BOB (17pts)

    Lake Macquarie All Breeds KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. M. Gelinas (Canada))

  • 27-Sep-2013 Best of Breed (17pts)

    Lake Maquarie All Breeds KC [CH] (Judge was Ms. A. E. Vazquez-Lievano (El Salavador))

  • 15-Sep-2013 Best of Breed. Best Open In Group!

    Darling Downs KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. K. Iggleden (QLD))

  • 15-Sep-2013 Best of Breed

    Darling Downs KC [CH] (Judge was M. Joyce (Vic))

  • 21-Jul-2013 Best of Breed (25pts)

    Kennel Assoc [CH] (Judge was Mr. G. Maudlen (SA))

  • 6-Jul-2013 BEST IN GROUP!! Aust Bred in SHOW!!!!

    Beenleigh KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. P. Pisitwuttinan (Thailand))

  • 21-Jun-2013 Runner Up Best In Group!

    woodford Ag [CH] (Judge was Rev. J. Drayton (QLD))

  • 7-Jun-2013 BOB. Aust. Bred In Show!!!

    Caboolture Ag [CH] (Judge was Mr. G. Townsend (Can)/Mr. C. Bett (Can))

  • 18-May-2013 Best of Breed

    Brookfield Show Soc [CH] (Judge was Mr. J. Rice (SA))

  • 15-May-2013 Runner up Best in Group!!

    Ipswich Ag [CH] (Judge was Mrs. F. Matthews (QLD))

  • 6-May-2013 Best of Breed!

    Maree KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. C. Wen Woh (Malaysia))

  • 28-Apr-2013 BEST IN SHOW!!!!

    Library and Archives [CH] (Judge was Mrs D. Norman (QLD) M. Joyce (Vic))

  • 13-Apr-2013 Best in Group!! Best Aust Bred in Show!!!!

    Toowoomba Royal Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs. P Cruz (USA)/Mr R. Scroggins (USA))

  • 24-Mar-2013 Best In Group!!!!!! Best Intermediate In Show!!!!

    Gladstone KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs. M. Harnett (SA))

  • 23-Mar-2013 R/Up Best In Group!! Best Intermediate In Show!!!!!

    Gladstone KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs. I. Glynn (SA))

  • 16-Feb-2013 Best of Breed (15pts) & Best Junior In Group!!!

    Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club [OP] (Judge was Mr S Yiannou (QLD))

  • 10-Feb-2013 Best of Breed (15pts) & Best Junior In Group!

    Allora KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. A. McQuire (QLD))

  • 12-Jan-2013 Res DCC & Best Junior in Group!!

    South Eastern KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs F Browning-Cristina (SAF))

  • 11-Jan-2013 Best of Breed (19pts) and Best Junior In Group!!!!!

    South Eastern KC [CH] (Judge was Mr P Pisitwuttinan (Thailand))

  • 17-Nov-2012 Best In Group!!!!!!

    Sunshine Coast KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs. N Lane (NSW))

  • 21-Oct-2012 R/Up Best of Breed

    Gundog Assoc. QLD [CH] (Judge was Mr. Dinky Santos (Philiphines))

  • 21-Oct-2012 R/Up Best In Show & Junior in Show!!!

    Gundog Assoc. Qld [OP] (Judge was Mrs. R. Seare (QLD))

  • 7-Oct-2012 R/Up Best in Group!!!!

    Kyogle & Dist KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. P. Pisitwuttinan (Thailand))

  • 6-Oct-2012 Best in Group/ Best Junior In Show!!!

    Kyogle & Dist. KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. E. Sangkunakup (Thailand))

  • 5-Oct-2012 BOB & Best Junior In Show!!!!!!

    Kyogle & Dist KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. I. Rasmussen (QLD))

  • 30-Sep-2012 Best of breed!!! Champ title!!!!!!

    Cessnock kc [CH] (Judge was Mr. J. Ireland (Can))

  • 30-Sep-2012 Runner up Best in Show!!!!!!!!!

    Cessnock (pm show) [CH] (Judge was Ms. M.L.G Moser (Columbia))

  • 29-Sep-2012 Best of breed/final 8 in group. 25 pt CC!!!

    Melbourne Royal show [CH] (Judge was Dr. Richard Meen (Canada))

  • 1-Sep-2012 Challenge dog, r/up best of breed/ junior in grp!!

    Gold coast show soc [CH] (Judge was Mr. G. Minchinton (QLD))

  • 14-Jul-2012 Best of Breed...Best Puppy in Group!!!

    Samford & District [CH] (Judge was Rev. Drayton (QLD))

  • 8-Jul-2012 Best of Breed! Best Puppy.

    Combined CCC [CH] (Judge was Mrs. G. Stephenson (QLD))

  • 29-Jun-2012 Res CC, R/Up BOB and Puppy in Group!!!

    Redcliffe Ag Soc [CH] (Judge was Mrs. C. Speed (QLD))

  • 24-Jun-2012 Res Dog CC, Runner Up BOB.

    Beenleigh and Dist KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. K. Harris (Phil))

  • 23-Jun-2012 Res Dog CC and Best Puppy In Group!!

    Beenleigh and Dist. KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. M. Law (Hong Kong))

  • 23-Jun-2012 Res Dog CC. Best Puppy In Show!!!!

    Woodford Ag Show [CH] (Judge was Mr. R. Britten(NSW) Mr.J. Lewingston(SA))

  • 11-Jun-2012 Res Dog CC and Best Puppy of Breed

    Western Suburbs KC [CH] (Judge was Mr. R. Paquette (Can))

  • 10-Jun-2012 Best of Breed, Best Puppy of Breed

    Ipswich KC [CH] (Judge was Mrs. J. Atkinson (NZ))

  • 3-Jun-2012 Res Dog CC and Best Puppy of Breed

    Lockyer Valley KC [CH] (Judge was Mr S. Yiannou (QLD))

  • 1-Jun-2012 Dog Challenge, R/up BOB and Puppy in Group

    Lowood Show Soc [CH] (Judge was Mr. D. Kill (QLD))

  • 11-May-2012 Challenge dog/ runner up best of breed.

    Boonah show soc [CH] (Judge was Mrs. M. Hammond (QLD))

  • 7-May-2012 Challenge dog, r/up BOB/puppy in group

    Maree kc [CH] (Judge was Mrs. N. Zimmerle (QLD))