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WA Abshe Excel (BIS Ch) (A. Adamopoulos)
VIC Acacian Aiming High (Aust Ch Neuter Ch) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Bella Donna (BISS Aust Ch) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Countessa (AUST CH.) (Annador Kennels)
VIC Acacian Date With Destiny (Aust Ch) (Ms C Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Diamonds Are Forever (Aust Ch) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Game Changer (AI) (Ms Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Gossip Girl (Jenny Dykstra)
VIC Acacian Shiva Me Timbers (AI) (Carol Hobbelen and Jenny Dykstra)
VIC Acacian Super Natural (Aust Ch) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian The Empress (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Vice Admiral(AI) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Adoringgold Eye Of The Storm (AI) (Grand Ch) (Lorraine Harrowfield)
NSW All Eyes on you Voice of Tenderness (imp Netherlands) (Karin Connell)
NSW Alnclair Bring It On ET (AUST CH) (Rachel Shapter)
QLD Alnclair Pink Diamond at Dobro (BISS Champion) (Liz Molnar)
QLD Alubyc A Blonde Ambition (Robert & Samara Hill)
QLD Alubyc Ari Zona (CH) (S&M.Careless)
QLD Alubyc Atomic Blonde (Robert & Samara Hill)
QLD Alubyc Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (WA & KDL Vowell)
NSW Alubyc Georgia (Grand Ch) (M & P O'Sheehy & J & J Mackender)
QLD Alubyc Indigo Dreaming (WA & KD Vowell)
QLD Alubyc Mystery Girl (Aust Ch) (S & M Careless)
QLD Alubyc Port Out Starboard Home (WA & KDL Vowell)
QLD Alubyc Send In The Clowns (A Eales & D Hall)
QLD Alubyc Tullymorgan (Champion) (W & K Vowell)
VIC Ambercreek Olympian Zeus (Mrs L Keown)
NSW Ambermist Keepsake (Shelley & Derek Piper)
WA Aneiraby Aurora Australis (Ch) (Dr C O'Donnell)
NSW Aneiraby Bell Talk of the Town (Ch) (Mick & Pauline O'Sheehy)
WA Aneiraby Citrine Charm (Aust Ch) (Carla O'Donnell)
WA Aneiraby Diamantina Starr (Ch) (Carla O'Donnell)
WA Aneiraby Its Electrifying (AI) (Ch) (Dr C O'Donnell)
WA Aneiraby Ohm Cant Resist (Ch) (Dr Carla O'Donnell)
NSW Aneiraby Sirius Charm (Grand Ch) (Mick & Pauline O'Sheehy)
WA Aneiraby Yule Be Stellar (C & J Dalton)
VIC Annador I Put A Spell On You (AI) (Mrs. D & Miss. A Alexander)
VIC Annador Little Miss Splendid (Ch.) (Mrs D & Miss A Alexander)
QLD Arangold Wish Upon A Star at Akhiri (Imp NZL) (Miss K A Hailwood)
QLD Arctique Dancing in the Rain at Alubyc (Imp NZ) (WA & KDL Vowell)
NZ Arctique Let The Thunda Roll (CH) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique September Rain (NZ & AUST. CH.) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique Summer Rain (CH) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique The Rain Maker (CH) (Liz Steed)
SA Argandab Bentley (Australian Champion) (Paula Goodall & Sheila Rammell)
NSW Ashiya Mcleods Daughter (Ch.) (Ruth Stockton)
NSW Ashiya Take A Chance On Me (Ruth Stockton)
TAS Ashiya Wishes N Dreams (Aust Ch) (Dunfriar Kennels)
SA Askaval Afterglow (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
NSW Athalow Addicted to Sin (BISS MRUBIS Gr Ch) (Bob & Barbara McNab)
NSW Athalow Candy Coated Caos CDX CD CCD (Australian Champion) (Mark Johnson)
NSW Athalow Wild At Heart (Australian Champion) (M Magnayon)
NSW Atinagold Isabella (Mrs A M Grabham)
NSW Atinagold Kellee Rose (Mrs A M Grabham)
QLD Aubairn Hey Good Lookin (Nick and Tina Wolverson)
QLD Aubairn In Rapsches (Aust Ch) (Nick and Tina Wolverson)
QLD Aubairn Podsofpepper (Aust Ch) (Nick and Tina Wolverson)
NSW Aursauver Air Force One (Aust Ch) (David Griffin)
NSW Aursauver Game Set N Match (Gr Ch) (David Griffin)
NSW Aursauver High Flyer (Aust Ch) (Coleen Stirton)
NSW Aursauver Never Plead Guilty (D Griffin)
NSW Aursauver Of Anfield (Aust Ch) (Mr David Griffin)
NSW Aursauver Organised Crime (Aust Ch) (D Griffin)
SA Aurumgold Dixie Chick CCD (Neuter Champion) (Karenne Wood)
NZ Autumn Light at Salhouse (CH) (Carole McNie)
VIC Avonbreeze One Step Ahead (M & J Hodges)
SA Baradav A Reason To Smile (ai) (Australian Champion) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Dare To Dream (ai) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Dream Come True (Australian Champion) (Mr DM & Mrs BA Joseph)
SA Baradav Flying Solo (SUPREME Champion) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Framed In Gold (Australian Champion / Neuter Ch) (David & Barb JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Goinplaces CCD (Australian Champion) (David & Barb JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Iwoodream (Australian Champion) (David & Barb Joseph)
SA Baradav Kashmir Gold (J Higgins & B Priesley)
NSW Baradav Kindred Spirit (ai) (Tanya Martyn)
SA Baradav Law N Order (AI) (GRAND Champion) (Barb & David Joseph)
SA Baradav Noble Affair (AI) (GRAND Champion) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Not Negotiable (ai) (Australian Champion) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
NSW Baradav Out N About CD.RE (Aust Ch) (Tanya Martyn)
SA Baradav Rags To Riches (ai) (Barb & David Joseph)
SA Baradav Seal Of Approval (ai) (Barb & David Joseph)
SA Baradav Shes Got The Look (ai) (Australian Champion) (Barb & Davdi Joseph)
SA Baradav Tribute To Pop (AI) (Australian Champion) (Barb & David Joseph)
NSW Baradav Wicked Ways RN (Aust Ch) (Tanya Martyn)
SA Baradav Ynotgossip (Barb & David Joseph)
SA Baradav Zigzagziggy (ai) (Australian Champion) (Barb & David Joseph)
TAS Beaucroft Devil Wears Prada (ABBIS Aust. Ch.) (Beaucroft Kennels & Denise Wadsley)
TAS Beaucroft Fait Accompli (MULTIPLE RBISS AUST CH) (Beaucroft Kennels & Mr. P. Stevenson)
VIC Beaucroft Faith In You And Me (AI) (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Elizabeth Mitchell)
TAS Beaucroft It Had To Be You (Beaucoft Kennels and J and D Wadsley)
VIC Beaucroft On The Same Paige(AI) (Aust Ch) (Ms Carol Hobbelen)
TAS Beaucroft Show Me The Way (Mrs. J. Grierson)
VIC Beaucroft The Brigadier (Aust. Ch) (Beaucroft Kennels)
TAS Beaucroft The Cadet (ABBIS & BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Beaucroft Kennels /D & J Wadsley)
TAS Beaucroft The Cadet (AUST. GRAND CH) (Beaucroft Kennels/D & J Wadsley)
VIC Beaucroft Victoria Secret (A.I.) (Beaucroft - Jill Pearson)
VIC Belbun Bliss (A Claessen)
QLD Bicklewood Follow Your Heart (Mrs Samara Hill)
VIC Bicklewood Goodwill Hunting (Australian Champion) (Mrs Wendy and Dr Ian Johnson)
NZ Blairsgold Rio Grande (Bronwen Munro)
TAS Blazedngold Ice Storm (Australian Champion) (Laureen Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Imported Jeans (BISS CH) (Laureen J Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Industrious One (M Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Inocent Eyes (Ch) (Laureen J Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Pocket Rocket (Ch) (Laureen J Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Queen of Hearts (Miss L J Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Scottish Majesty (Australian Champion) (Miss Laureen J Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Sparkling Ruby (Miss Laureen J Binns & M Binns)
TAS Blazedngold Xantia (Miss L J Binns)
SA Blondscott New Kid In Town (G Harvey & K Higgins)
SA Blondscott Takeit To The Limit (G Harvey & K HIggins)
NSW Bluebreeze A New Moon Rises (Miss S Anderson)
NSW BlueBreeze Cover Girl (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Desert Wind (AI) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Devine Intervention (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Devine Wind (AI) (Isabella Pippia)
NSW BlueBreeze Divinity Unleashed (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Flames at Roxburgh (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Grand Divinity (Deb Casey)
NSW BlueBreeze Hero Of Never Land (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
VIC BlueBreeze Lady of Glencairn (Ch) (Mrs D & Mr J Bishop)
NSW BlueBreeze Legend of Saltire (Aust. Gr. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Nine Pieces O Eight (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Nymph in the Woods (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze On Cloud Nine (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Over The Moon (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Property of a Lady (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
ACT BlueBreeze Queen Of The Desert (Charmaine Budden)
NSW BlueBreeze Rapunzel (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Second From The Sun (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Spirit of Progress CDX RE NRA ORA (Bronwyn Johnson)
NSW BlueBreeze The First Lady (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze The Flying Scotsman (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
VIC BlueBreeze War at Bannockburn [AI] (Mrs S and Mr A Coates)
NSW BlueBreeze Wind Swept (AI) (G & L Jeffery)
NSW Bozgold Hot Gossip (Jane Boston & Jodi Upsall)
NSW Bozgold Waltzing Matilda (Multi BISS Aust CH) (Jodi Upsall)
NSW Brackendell Diamond Lace (Aust CHAMPION) (Rose Easton)
SA Brackendell River Cascade (Brackendell)
SA Brackendell River Rackateer (Brackendell Goldens)
SA Brackendell River Song ET (Aust Grand Champion) (Brackendell)
SA Brackendell River Sonnet (V Higgins & Brackendell)
NSW Bradleen All Cashed Up (Aust Ch) (Teresa Anderson)
QLD Bralmico Liberty Lace (Aust & NZ Ch) (De-arne Hargreaves)
NSW Bralmico Majik Creedance (Carol Olive)
QLD Bralmico Nordic Majik (De-arne Hargreaves)
QLD Bralmico Regal Rain (CH) (David & De-arne Hargreaves)
QLD Bralmico Vintage Ellagance (De-arne Hargreaves)
QLD Bralmico Vintage Genes (De-arne Hargreaves)
QLD Bralmico Waitin By My Side (David & De-arne Hargreaves)

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