Ch Dog-Otho's Black Swan (imp ARG)

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Pedigree for Ch Dog-Otho's Black Swan (imp ARG)
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Recent Results

  • 13-Apr-2013 Best of Breed (gained Championship title)

    Central Victoria Canine Club [CH] (Judge was Mr J Comerford (NSW))

  • 7-Apr-2013 Best of Breed

    Merbein Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms Y Smith (Tas))

  • 23-Feb-2013 Best of Breed

    Rochester Ag Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Sutherland)

  • 25-Jan-2013 Best of Breed

    Australia Day International Dog Club [CH] (Judge was Mr F Arniella (Puerto Rico))

  • 26-Oct-2012 Best of Breed

    Bendigo Ag Soceity [CH] (Judge was Mrs. B. Doyle (Vic))

  • 21-Oct-2012 Best of Breed

    Sunraysia Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr D Smith (Qld))

  • 20-Oct-2012 Best of Breed

    Mildura District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs W Smith (Qld))

  • 19-Oct-2012 Best of Breed

    Mildura A&P Soceity [CH] (Judge was Mrs E Joseph (Vic))