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NSW Alstar High Distinction (Aust Ch) (R & Mrs L Parsons)
NSW Alstar Liberty (R & Mrs L Parsons)
NSW Alstar She Is A Showgirl (Aust Ch) (R & Mrs L Parsons)
NSW Alstar Starman (Aust Ch) (R & Mrs L Parsons)
NSW Arydan Moon Beneath her Feet (A Earley)
SA Asyut Captain Corajus (Asyut Kennels)
SA Asyut Partners In Crime (Ch & Neut Ch.) (Asyut Knls / C Gray)
SA Asyut Seekn Fame N Fortune (Aust Ch.) (Asyut Kennels)
SA Asyut Tantrums N Tiaras (Asyut Knls)
WA Awun Cheeky Chap (Keira Walker)
QLD Babetal Black Firestorm (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Castanet (TE & CR Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Fantasy (Australian Champion) (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Genji (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Silver Beretta (Ch) (TE & CR Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Silver Scarlett (TE & CR Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Silver Under the Sun (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Silver Zander (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Whispering Wind (Australian Champion) (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
QLD Babetal Wizard Of The Night (Ch) (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
VIC Balekabay Harpo Von Oxley (R.Baker)
WA Bartigein On Target (Grand Champion) (Coral D Gray)
VIC Bayvista Talk Blaq (Aust Ch) (Denise Hocking)
NSW Beauideal I Have A Dream (imp USA) (American Ch, Aust Supreme Champion, MBIS, MBISS) (C Kelly)
NSW Beauideal I'm A Rockstar (Imp USA) (American Champion) (Miss C Kelly)
QLD Berpi Alexei Velikey (CH) (P. Bowers)
QLD Berpi Coonowrin (AUST. CH.) (G&P Bowers)
QLD Berpi Gaius Marius (AUST. CH.) (G&P Bowers)
NSW Besten Caped Cruisader (Multi RUBIS /Multi BISS GRAND CHAMPION) (J.Morris)
NSW Besten Fur Will Fly (Aust.CH) (J.Morris)
NSW Besten Guess Who (Aust Champion) (J.Buck&J.Morris)
NSW Besten Its All About Me (Aust CH) (J Morris)
NSW Besten Legend Of Gotham (J Morris)
NSW Besten Poison Ivy (Ch) (J.Morris)
NSW Besten She Can Rave (Aust.CH) (J Morris)
NSW Besten She's So Vain (MultipleRUBISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (J.Morris)
NSW Besten Son Of Sam (Aust Ch) (J.Morris)
NSW Besten The Cat's Meow (J Morris)
NSW Besten Wicked Games (Aust Ch) (J.Morris)
VIC Bilazz Cherry Bliss (Australian Champion) (J Uren & M Proven)
VIC Bilazz Funky Chic (Australian Champion) (Melissa Proven)
VIC Bilazz Let Me Move You (AUSTRALIA CHAMPION) (Melissa Proven)
VIC Bilazz Starz inmy Eyez (Aust Ch) (Claire Uren)
VIC Blaizenoak Cherokee Rose (Australian Champion) (Blaizenoak Kennels)
VIC Blaizenoak Endless Joy (Multi BPIS, Australian Champion) (Blaizenoak Kennels)
VIC Blaizenoak Indian Summer (Australian Champion) (Blaizenoak Kennels)
VIC Blaizenoak Just a Cowboy (Multi BPIS, Australian Champion) (Blaizenoak Kennels)
VIC Blaizenoak River of Love (Blaizenoak Mini Schnauzers)
VIC Blaizenoak Still Waters (BPISS, Australian Champion) (Blaizenoak Kennels)
QLD Blaizenoak Xyrah (David Manwaring)
VIC Blaylock Hippy Style (imp Spain) (Suzanne Grevis-James)
WA Bohemije Black Angel (CH) (Mrs.D.Doupovec)
WA Bohemije Just Magic (CH) (Mrs.D.Doupovec, Mrs.S. & Miss.M.Briggs)
WA Bohemije Royal Dream (CH) (Mrs.D.Doupovec)
WA Bohemije Victory (CH.) (Mrs.D.Doupovec)
WA Bohemije Wild Fire C.D. (CH) (Mrs.D.Doupovec)
WA Bourborn Perfect Gift (imp CR) (CH) (Mrs.D.Doupovec)
SA Cara Mia Bianca of Taita's Ushabti (Imp Ger) (Robyn Myers)
VIC Champagne Vom Hella-Hof (imp Germany) (Suzanne Grevis-James)
WA Cheekychap Belle Jolee' (Jan Reeves)
WA Cheekychap Divine Miss (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Keira Walker)
WA Cheekychap Lovers Lane (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Keira Walker)
WA Cheekychap Regarde-Moi (NZ CH) (Jan Reeves)
WA Cheekychap Rising Star (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Keira Walker)
WA Cheekychap Started Witha Wispa (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Keira Walker)
WA Cheekychap The Rumour Mill (Keira Walker)
QLD Chicabud Basket Full O Trouble (CH) (Mrs J Windle & Mrs J Sharland)
QLD Chicabud Call Of The Jungle (Mrs J Windle & Mrs J Sharland)
SA Chicabud Come If You Dare (AUST CH) (Blaizenoak Kennels)
QLD Chicabud Let Me Take A Selfi (CH) (J.Windle & J.Sharland)
QLD Chicabud Pistol Packin Mama (CH) (Chicabud kennels)
QLD Chicabud The King Lives (BISS AUST GRAND CH) (Chicabud kennels)
QLD Chinon's Masterpiece (IMP DENMARK) (Ch) (Caroline & Eddie Lindenberg)
VIC Cibach Th Raid Continues (Ch) (D,L,+A Williams+ K.Salen)
NSW Colebrook Baxter CDX.RA.ADO.ADM.JDM.JDO.GDX.SDX.SPDM. (G.R. & L.E. Jackson)
NSW Colebrook Champagne Cocktail (Aust.Gr.Ch.) (R & N Inglis)
NSW Colebrook Cherries In Brandy (R & N Inglis)
NSW Colebrook Come in Spinner (Aust Supreme Ch.) (R & N.E. Inglis)
NSW Colebrook Enchanter (AUST CH) (R & N Inglis)
NSW Colebrook Flip of the Coin (Aust Ch.) (R. & N.E. Inglis)
NSW Colebrook Heads or Tails (BISS) (Aust Gr.Ch.) (R. & N.E. Inglis)
NSW Colebrook I've Got Rythem (Aust. CH.) (R. & N. Inglis)
NSW Colebrook Moonshine (AUST CH) (R & N Inglis)
NSW Colebrook Mr Rythem and Blues CD.RE.ADX.JDX.GD.SPDX.SD (Aust Ch.) (L. & J. Jackson)
NSW Colebrook Penny Lane (Aust.Ch.) (R & N E Inglis)
NZ Cranmil Ocean Breeze (Imp Aust) ADX JD (NZ Champion) (Nikki S)
WA Dabinette Bandit On The Run (Keira Walker)
WA Dabinette Break Every Rule (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Jan Reeves)
VIC Dabinette Cut To The Chase (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Denise Hocking)
VIC Dabinette French Connection (BISS/ RUBISS/ BIG/ MRUIG/ MDCCISS/ MBIISS/ MPISS Australian Champion) (Lay & Williams)
VIC Dabinette Game Changer (BIS / RUBISS / MBIG / Australian Grand Champion) (Denise Hocking)
WA Dabinette Gypsy Rose Lee (Jan Reeves)
WA Dabinette Miss Congeniality (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Jan Reeves)
WA Dabinette Private Secretary (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Jan Reeves)
VIC Dabinette Special Agent Gibbs (MULTI BISS / RUBIS / MBIG / AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Denise Hocking)
WA Dabinette Thief Of Hearts (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Jan Reeves)
VIC Dabinette Undercover Agent (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (J Reeves/J Hulcombe/B Willshire)
WA Dabinette With A Cheeky Twist (Keira Walker)
QLD Deelee Timeless Pride (Dr S & Mr W Henderson)
VIC Dengorst Rising Star (AUST. CH.) (Mrs B Willshire)
WA Dengorst Wild Wild West (Keira Walker)
SA Diego Bianco of Taita's Ushabti (Imp Dur) (Robyn Myers)
NSW Dog Otho's Don Champignon (Imp Arg) (Aust Ch) (Kim Burey)
VIC Dog- Otho's Southern Queen (imp ARG) (Mrs Claire Uren)
VIC Dog- Otho's Xul Solar (imp ARG) (URU JR CH ARG JR CH) (Mrs Claire Uren)
VIC Dog-Otho's Alexander (imp ARG) (Mrs Claire Uren)
NSW Dog-Otho's Bad Boy (imp Arg) (M McLeod-Woodhouse)
VIC Dog-Otho's Black Swan (imp ARG) (Ch) (Mrs Claire Uren)
NSW Dog-Otho's Boomerang (imp Arg) (M McLeod-Wodhouse)
WA Dog-Otho's Dangerous Cheekychap (Imp Argentina) (Keira Walker)
WA Dog-Otho's Goodbye Buenos Aires (Imp Argentina) (Keira Walker)
VIC Dog-Otho's Jack Daniel's (Imp ARG) (Daniela Dmitrovic)
NSW Dog-otho's Just Give Me A Call (imp Arg) (Mrs N Antypov & Miss O Eremenko)
NSW Dog-Otho's Last Ride Of The Day (imp Argentina) (Brazilian Ch) (M McLeod-Woodhouse)
NSW Dog-Otho's Thunderball (imp Argentina) (M MacLeod-Woodhouse ^ J A Morris)
NSW Dog-Otho's Victoria's Secret (imp Argentina) (Aust Ch.) (M MacLeod-Woodhoouse)
QLD Durrant Back To Back In Black (Aust Ch) (Stephanie Sticher)
NSW Durrant Cyrus (G & A Saunders)
VIC Dyric Propensity (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Suzanne Grevis-James)
NSW Ebshine A Concerto By Choice (Aust CH) (Veeni Craig)
NSW Ebshine Daringly Debonair (Aust Ch) (Veeni Craig)
NSW Ebshine Perfect Match DWDF.S CD RE (Aust CH) (Veeni Craig)
NSW Ebshine Veeniz Choice (Aust CH) (A & V Craig)
SA Edelgeist Dare To Be Different (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Coral Gray)
SA Edelgeist Livin The Dream (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Coral D Gray)
SA Edelgeist Seize The Moment (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Coral Gray)
SA Edelgeist Twist N Turns (AUST. CH.) (Coral Gray Marion Kidd)
NSW Eigenschaft Azeez (Christine Tyrrell)
WA Empire's Private Dancer (Imp CAN) (RUBIS, RUBISS CAN & AUST CH) (Jan Reeves)
VIC Erbin Pandamoneum (BISS Ch) (Pam Haigh & Ebony Warren)
VIC Esilap Polly Waffle (Aust Ch) (Mr C Palise and Mr P Smith)
NSW Evadouc Fraulein (Lauris Hudson)
NSW Evadouc Master Darcy (Rick Evans)
NSW Evadouc Master Rebel Heart (Rick Evans)
NSW Evadouc Master Schwarz (Christine Tyrrell)
NSW Favreau Touch of Silver (Mrs Marie Douglas)
VIC Forestal Absolut Martini (Ch) (Ms P Haigh)
VIC Forestal Adenosma (Aust Ch) (Pam Haigh)
VIC Forestal Got Junk In The Trunk (Ms P Haigh)
QLD Forestal Nauti But Nice (Tess McNab)
VIC Forestal Playin In The Shadows (Ch) (Ms P Haigh)
SA Forestal Rhythm Of The Night (Aust Ch) (Robyn Rogers)
VIC Forestal Shadows In The Night (Ch) (Pam Haigh)
VIC Gemais Hardy Kruger (B luczak)
SA Gemais Winsome Rosie (Aust Ch) (Asyut kennels / I Mundy)
NSW Glenfalloch King Finn Lading (Mrs T Miles)
VIC Gracia Vom Hella-Hof (imp DEU) (Suzanne Grevis-James)
VIC Graubart Bairn Obree (Aust Ch) (Denise Hocking)
VIC Graubart Comic Crusader (BISS AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Denise Hocking)

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