Supreme Ch Reibey World Premiere (ai)

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Shannon Lancaster (Member Details)
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0419 417 923
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Pedigree for Supreme Ch Reibey World Premiere (ai)
Sire : EST/LTU/FIN/LV/BALT/SWD/RUS/INT CH ZELINI'S PREMIERE LEAGUE S: NU Ch Winton The Winner Takes It All (Nor) S: SU Ch Cloette's Jack Pot (Swe)
D: SU Ch Barecho Fly Me To The Moon (Swe)
D: NU Ch Zelini's Cappuccino (Nor) S: SU Ch Alanea Landcruiser (UK)
D: FIN/SU Ch Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever (Nor)
Dam : Ch Reibey Over The Rainbow (ai) S: Swd/Nor Ch Mistilys Wizard From Oz (Swd) S: Nord Ch Whisborne Devil in Disguise (Nor)
D: Beeline Gillys Bittersweet (Swd)
D: Reibey Britt Ekland S: Ch Rothley Old Bailey
D: Gr Ch Reibey Ingrid Bergman (ai)