Dual (Tracking) Australian Champion     Catraz Sweet Temptation

"Catraz Sweet Temptation" Trinity, is the first Chocolate Labrador I have owned, when my very good friend Pam Gregg asked me if I would like to have one of her Chocolate's, my words were, No not really. Well at 8 weeks Trinity arrived.
She fit's perfectly into our family of Labradors. Trinity excels in coat and eye colour for a Chocolate and I must Thank Pam for giving me my first Chocolate.
My beautiful Trinity , now has her TDX Title in Tracking, she also is a awesome Tracker.
I am so proud to say Trinity is now a Tracking Champion her name now is,
T.CH Catraz Sweet Temptation.
Trinity is Pam Gregg's (Catraz Labrador's) First Dual Tracking Champion.
Trinity is now known as " Dual (Tracking) Australian Champion Catraz Sweet Temptation"

Hips 2:3
Elbows 0:0

PRA Clear
EIC Clear

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Carmel Vierow (Member Details)
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(07) 3289 4859 Mob 0411 161 036
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Pedigree for Dual (Tracking) Australian Champion     Catraz Sweet Temptation
Sire : CH. Catraz Master Magician S: Brigburn Finney (IMP UK) S: Charway Water Reed At Brigburn (UK)
D: Brigburn Foreign Affair (UK)
D: CH. Catraz Charmed One S: CH. Ashbeare Kimba
D: CH. Rikim De Ja Vu
Dam : Catraz Irresistible S: Zenchel Stormy Weather (AI) S: AM. CH. weathertop El Nino (USA)
D: CH. Charway Ballyclover (IMP UK)
D: CH. Catraz Mountain Mist S: Ch. Mardas Lord Of The Dance (IMP UK)
D: CH. Rikim De Ja Vu

Recent Results

  • 13-Apr-2019 TSD1 (Very Good)

    Evergreen Tracking Dog Club Inc [TR] (Judge was Tracey Knox)

  • 18-Jun-2016 Challenge (12) Best of Breed, Open in Group

    Woodford A.P. & I Association Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs P Cameron)

  • 10-Jun-2016 Reserve Challenge

    Ipswich Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms C Patterson (Canada))

  • 5-Jun-2016 Challenge (8) Reserve of Breed, Australian Bred of Group.

    Queensland Kennel Council [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Johnston (NSW))

  • 3-Jun-2016 Challenge (8) Reserve of Breed

    Caboolture A P &I Association [CH] (Judge was Mr A Brown)

  • 28-May-2016 Reserve Challenge

    Lockyer Valley Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms M Dalos (SA))

  • 14-May-2016 TD8 (Pass)

    Evergreen Tracking Dog Club Inc [TR] (Judge was Rosmary Sehl)

  • 14-May-2016 TD8 (Pass)

    Evergreen Tracking Dog Club Inc [TR] (Judge was Rosmary Sehl)

  • 11-May-2016 Challenge (6) Reserve of Breed

    Ipswich Show Society [CH] (Judge was Miss A Carius)

  • 24-Apr-2016 Challenge (11)

    Durack Grounds Committee Amenities Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Rickard (Vic))

  • 23-Apr-2016 Reserve Challenge

    Junior Kennel Club of Qld Show 2 [CH] (Judge was Mr D Bowey (Vic))

  • 16-Apr-2016 TD7 (Very Good )

    All Breeds Tracking Club [TR] (Judge was Jody Brown)

  • 26-Jun-2015 Reserve Challenge

    Redcliffe A H & I Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs Joanne Mc Cann)

  • 8-Jun-2015 Reserve Challenge

    Western Suburds Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr R Lopaschuk (Canada))

  • 9-May-2015 TD6 (Excellent)

    All Breeds Tracking Club [TR] (Judge was Deb Sunners)

  • 26-Apr-2015 Reserve Challenge

    Committee Amenties Show [CH] (Judge was Mr C Fynmore (NSW))

  • 18-Apr-2015 Reserv Challenge.

    Goombungee-Haden,Horticultural,Agricultu [CH] (Judge was Mrs J ireland)

  • 17-Apr-2015 Reserve Challenge

    Kilcoy A.P & I [CH] (Judge was Mrs G Hovey-Jacobs)

  • 12-Apr-2015 Best in Group (25)

    Pine Rivers Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms L Mackenzie-Goodwin (NZ))

  • 8-Mar-2015 Challenge (11)

    Queensland Gundog Association [CH] (Judge was Hiromi "Bambi" Takahashi (Japan))

  • 1-Mar-2015 Challenge (10)

    Gympie & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms S Bendixen)

  • 3-Aug-2014 TD5 (Good)

    All Breeds Tracking Club [TR] (Judge was Rosemary Lahz)

  • 5-Jul-2014 TD4 (Very Good)

    Evergreen Tracking Dog Club [TR] (Judge was Barry Ratcliff)

  • 22-Jun-2014 TD3 (Excellent)

    Caboolture Sports Dog Obedience [TR] (Judge was Sharon Tolich)

  • 9-Jun-2014 TD2 (Very Good)

    Gympie Dog Obedience Club Inc [TR] (Judge was Deb Sunners)

  • 27-Apr-2014 TD1 (Good)

    All Breeds Tracking Club [TR] (Judge was Barry Ratcliff)

  • 5-Apr-2014 Challenge ( 8 Points) Reserve of Breed

    Goombungee-Haden Horticultural, Agricult [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Tringham)

  • 4-Aug-2013 Challenge (11) Reserve of Breed

    Northern Classic Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs K O'Carroll (NZ))

  • 3-Aug-2013 Reserve Challenge

    Pine Rivers A H & I Association [CH] (Judge was Miss D Crofts (NSW))

  • 15-May-2013 Minor Puppy of Group

    Ipswich Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs F Matthews)

  • 14-Apr-2013 Minor Puppy in Group

    Sunshine Coast Kennel Club [OP] (Judge was Mr A Addicott)

  • 24-Mar-2013 Reserve Challenge

    Beaudesert Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr Y Barak (Israel))