Triple Ch (Neuter) (RO) (T) Daventri Midnight Dash CDX RAE4 TSD JDX SDX GD SPDX FS.S HTM.S ET

Fletcher commenced his performance sports career in July 2013 when he entered the Obedience trial ring for the first time. He has so far attained twenty nine titles across several disciplines, including Obedience, Rally Obedience, Tracking, Track and Search, Agility, Dances With Dogs, and Endurance, making him the most titled Cavalier in Australia. Fletcher is a very precise little dog, and he has built a solid reputation with judges and spectators alike for being a happy, willing worker.

In March 2015, Fletcher's owner Penny started campaigning him in the show ring, and in June 2015, he earned his final points towards his Neutered Champion title. In his first year of showing, he was awarded thirteen Best Neuter in Groups, a Best Opposite Neuter in Specialty Show, and a Best Neuter in Show at the Cooma Monaro dog show circuit under judge Mr F James (QLD).

He is the first Dual and Triple Champion for Daventri Kennels and only the second Cavalier in Australia to achieve these titles.

Fletcher is very bright, biddable, and an extremely quick learner, thoroughly putting to shame the evaluation of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels being of "Average Working/Obedience Intelligence". He has a lovely disposition which causes him to make new friends wherever he goes, and is a prime example of how the breed showcases beauty *and* brains.

Career Highlights

2013 - Community Companion Dog title
2014 - Rally Novice title
2014 - Companion Dog title
2014 - Rally Advanced title
2014 - Endurance Test title (third CKCS in Victoria/eleventh CKCS in Australia)
2014 - Rally Excellent title
2014 - Rally Advanced Excellent title
2015 - Rally Advanced Excellent 2 title
2015 - Neutered Champion title
2015 - Rally Advanced Excellent 3 title
2015 - Jumping Dog title
2016 - Companion Dog Excellent title
2016 - Rally Master title (first CKCS in Australia)
2016 - Rally Advanced Excellent 4 title
2016 - Rally Obedience Champion title (first CKCS in Australia)
2016 - Dual Champion title (second CKCS in Australia)
2016 - Snooker Dog title
2017 - Strategic Pairs Dog title
2017 - Tracking Dog title
2017 - Tracking Dog Excellent title
2017 - Jumping Dog Excellent title
2018 - Tracking Champion title
2018 - Triple Champion title (second CKCS in Australia)
2018 - Track and Search Dog title
2018 - Gamblers Dog title
2018 - Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent title
2018 - Snooker Dog Excellent title
2019 - Freestyle Starter title
2019 - Heelwork to Music Starter title


"Happy and outgoing - well made all through. Best Opposite Neuter in Show."
- Mrs Virginia Barwell ("Charlottetown") (UK)
"Handsome features and clear markings. Good body proportions ... well defined neck and shoulders and moved out well with correct tail carriage. Best Opposite Sex Neuter."
- Mrs Katie Sloan ("Turretbank") (UK/France)
"Well broken tri with a finer head than 1 but still with good eyes and excellent ears. Good neck, shoulders and rear angulation. He moved with a level topline and well carried tail." Reserve Neuter Dog Certificate.
- Mr Andy Vella ("Cinderaic") (UK)
"A nine-year old that moves away and back nicely. A wonderful show temperament." Reserve Neuter Dog Certificate.
- Mr Ted Eubank ("Pinecrest") (USA)
"This gentle headed tri boy certainly did not look 9 years old. Very evenly marked on his body, rich tan. Long ear leathers. Very attentive to his handler. Good spring of rib and hindquarters. Moved well around the ring." Reserve Neuter Dog Certificate.
- Mrs Elaine Berwick ("Merrylaine") (UK)

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Pedigree for Triple Ch (Neuter) (RO) (T) Daventri Midnight Dash CDX RAE4 TSD JDX SDX GD SPDX FS.S HTM.S ET
Sire : Ch. Daventri Copper Gem S: Grand Ch. Miletree Distant Dream (Imp UK) S: Miletree Montby (UK)
D: Miletree Evening Dream (UK)
D: Daventri Empire Rose S: Ch. Harthill Hell On Wheels
D: Carnwath Domino
Dam : Ch. Daventri Night Whispers S: Elbatxuh Emmas Beau S: Carnwath Toledo Steel
D: Carnwath Sweet Adeline
D: Ch. Carnwath Starry Nights S: Ch. Carnwath Nightime Crime
D: Braganzar Vitah

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