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VIC Abbysfield Royal Sequel (P & L Thomas)
VIC Abbysfield The Admiral (P & L Thomas)
VIC Abbysfield The Impressionist (Lisa & Peter Thomas)
QLD Aberlour Come In Spinner (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
QLD Aberlour Cornish Pixie (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne)
QLD Aberlour Golden Snitch (Aust CH & Neuter CH) (Amanda Dunne)
QLD Aberlour Jumanji (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
QLD Aberlour Lady Marmalade (Aust CH) (L Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Original Sin (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR KENNELS)
QLD Aberlour Pixel Chix (Aust CH) (L Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Polyjuicpotion (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
QLD Aberlour Puttin Onth Ritz (Lyn Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Quantum Of Solace (Alexandra Trigger)
QLD Aberlour Romancin th Stone (Aust CH) (L Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Sorcerers Stone (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
QLD Aberlour Stairway to Heavn (Aust Ch) (Nicole Keedle & Lyn Dunne)
QLD Aberlour The Gold Xperience (RN) (Aust CH & Neuter CH) (Lyn Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Totl Eclipsovth Heart (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
QLD Aberlour Waltz In Swing Time (Lyn Dunne - Aberlour)
QLD Aberlour Whispering Jack (Aust Gr Ch) (Lyn Dunne)
QLD Aberlour Whomping Willow (RN) (Neuter CH) (Lyn Dunne)
QLD Aberlour Ya Halo's Slip'd (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR KENNELS)
SA Aberlour Yor Hiland Rose (Aust CH) (.)
NSW Aksmada’s Dream You Up (Imp Pol) (Mrs L Morris)
VIC Alansmere Day Break (Imp UK) (Aust CH) (Brenda Durance)
NSW Alexabelle Billy Elliot (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Come What May (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Dream Catcher (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Fables In The Woods (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Gentle Reign (Champion) (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle My Furry Valentine (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Ouzes Royal Delight (S Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Pennys Rising Star OfCavalierlove (Ch) (Sue Donahue)
NSW Alexabelle Red Is On (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Reign Supreme (Champion) (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Royal Impressions (D Vazquez & C J McRae)
NSW Alexabelle Strictly Kosher (Mrs S G Boyce)
NSW Alexabelle Too Sweet to Touch (M Lu)
NSW Alsdenn Celtic Witch (Ch) (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Alsdenn Classic Charm (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Alsdenn Mystical Magic (Ms R Duffy)
NSW Amancio Raindrops On Roses (Mrs L M Gleeson)
NSW Ananda Rebel Rouser (Mrs P Dron / Mrs M West)
NSW Anoveve All About Abbi (Eve Cairney)
NSW Anoveve Party at the Palace (Eve Cairney)
NSW Anoveve Party Time (Eve cairney)
QLD Anoveve Pogue Mahone (RETIRED) (Ch) (Retired)
NSW Anoveve Swing Ona Star (Eve Cairney)
NSW Anoveve The Duchess (Aust Ch.) (Eve Cairney)
NSW Anoveve Thrill Seeker (Eve Cairney)
NSW Anoveve Wendy ov Woodstock (Aust Ch) (Eve Cairney)
VIC Arynbeth Champagne On Ice AD JDX (Sharyn Frazer)
VIC Arynbeth Devil Made Me Do It (Sharyn Frazer)
VIC Arynbeth Double Trouble JD (Sharyn Frazer)
VIC Arynbeth Heart Of Gold (Sharyn Frazer)
VIC Arynbeth Special Edition CDX ADM JDM SPD GD (Sharyn Frazer)
WA Atarka A Knights Desire (CH) (Mrs D M Hicks)
WA Atarka Aiming To Please (Dianne M Hicks)
WA Atarka Bronze Talisman (Mrs D M Hicks)
WA Atarka Lil Mischevious (Mrs D M Hicks)
WA Atarka Midnight Xpress (Ch) (Mrs D M Hicks)
NSW Atarka Morning Town Ryde (CH) (Mrs D M Hicks)
WA Atarka Picture Perfect (Mrs D M Hicks)
WA Atarka Sacred Dreams (Mrs DM Hicks)
WA Atarka Sacred Love (Ch) (Mrs D M Hicks)
WA Atarka Torquay (CH) (Mrs D M Hicks)
QLD Atomicus Crescent Moon (E Cunningham)
NSW Austradan Redami Princess (Jenny Riley)
NSW Austradan Hannas Girl (Jenny Riley)
NSW Austradan Magic Impact (Jenny Riley)
VIC Avalcier Nicholas (Imp UK) (Australian Champion) (Daventri Kennels)
TAS Barakah Courage Under Fire (Daisymont Kennels)
NSW Barakah Etched In Gold (Claire Thompson)
NSW Barakah Fiery Evening Star (Ch) (Ms Belinda Wright)
NSW Barakah Girl On Fire (Aust Ch) (Mrs PR Micklem)
TAS Barakah Maple Kisses (Daisymont Kennels)
NSW Barakah Sun Seeker (Ch) (Ms B Wright)
NSW Barakah Tellme Onasunday (Ch) (M & C Thompson)
QLD Barlency Cardinal (Deceased) (RUBISS/RUBIS/BISSO/Aust Grand Ch) (Carol A Yates (Kahleyvale))
QLD Barlency Country Mile (Deceased) (Aust Ch) (Carol Yates - Kahleyvale)
VIC Barodaley Dancing Diva (Champion) (Bronwyn Schmidt)
WA Barodaley Flamencodancer (Grand Champion) (B.Schmidt handled by K. Van Den Elzen.)
NSW Baykalskee Charm N Delight (Aust CH) (Craig & Jayne Schmarr)
NSW Baykalskee Hot Summers Night (Aust CH) (Craig & Jayne Schmarr)
NSW Belljari After the Fire (Ch) (Belinda Wright)
NSW Belljari Age of Adeline (Belinda Wright)
NSW Belljari Beatrix Kiddo (BWright)
NSW Belljari Black Moon Rising (Ch) (Belinda Wright)
TAS Belljari Chasing the Sun (Sup Ch) (Belinda Wright & Philippa Micklem)
NSW Belljari Hey Stella (Ch    ) (B Wright)
NSW Belljari Morning Sun (RUBIS Ch) (Belinda Wright)
NSW Belljari Red Mist Ova the Moon (Belinda Wright)
NSW Belljari Star Seeker (Ms B Wright)
VIC BIS Matmor It Girl (AI) (Matmor Cavaliers - M Morse & W Henderson)
TAS Blacklash Alice Wilding (Ms E Davison)
TAS Blacklash Midwinters Tale (Ms E Davison)
TAS Blacklash Much Ado (Ms E Davison)
TAS Blacklash Scandal In Blue (Ch) (Erica Davison)
TAS Blacklash Scandal Lilac Wine (Ch) (Erica Davison)
QLD Blacktree Forever My Love (RETIRED) (Aust Ch) (Mrs A J Kleinitz)
QLD Blacktree Steel Magnolia (RETIRED) (Carol Yates)
QLD Blacktree Tangled Up In Blue (A J Kleinitz)
QLD Blacktree Tangled Up In Blue (Ch) (Amanda J Kleinitz)
QLD Blacktree The Gambler (Carol Yates)
QLD Bonglo Hyland Folly (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
NZ Bonniroy Carnaby Cracker Of Darilance (Imp UK) (NZ CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Bonniroy Peter Pan Of Darilance (Imp UK) (NZ CH) (Jan Eatock)
WA Bowhouse Hiz Passion (Champion) (MJ & Julia Logan)
VIC Brades Designer Label (Champion) (Bronwyn Schmidt)
VIC Brades In Vogue (CH) (Bronwyn Schmidt)
VIC Brades Just Gold (AI) (CHAMPION) (Bronwyn Schmidt)
VIC Brades Shabby Chic (Champion) (Bronwyn Schmidt)
NSW Breanaway Amber Leigh (Vicki Martin)
NSW Breanaway Angelic Annabella (Vicki Martin)
NSW Breanaway Charlotte Royal Lady (Vicki Martin)
NSW Breanaway Magical Macy (Vicki Martin)
SA Breesa Mid Summer Nights (Neut Ch) (C Alport)
QLD Brendamay Voulez Vous (Jeff Morgan)
QLD Brendamay Voulez Vouz (Ann Morgan)
NSW Breshaad Got The Notion (CH) (Mr B Noakes & Miss T Perkiss)
QLD Brimarvan Obsesiv Desire (Aust Ch) (DE & VM Wyness)
QLD Brookstead Geronimo (B/T) (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
VIC Brymik Leonard (Lisa & Peter Thomas)
VIC Brymik Lili Marleen (P & L Thomas)
VIC Brymik The Admirals Daughter (Lisa & Peter Thomas)
VIC Brymik the Aristocrat (Lisa & Peter Thomas)
SA Burford Ticket to Travel from Caribelle (David & Valerie Marchant)
QLD Cabrook Georgy Girl (S & L Mcleod-Robertson)
WA Cabrook Hiz Lordship (Champion) (MJ & Julia Logan)
QLD Cabrook Ridgie Didge (Ch) (D & V Wyness)
TAS Canvalier Ularu (Aust Champion) (Melinda Sterrett)
NSW Caperway Black Star (Ch) (R R Duffy)
NSW Caperway Catch A Fairy (Ms RR Duffy)
NSW Caperway Dark Knight (Ms RR Duffy)
NSW Caperway Hit The Lights (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Caperway Just A Mystery (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Caperway Media Circus (Ch) (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Caperway Mystery N Magic (Supreme Ch) (Ms RR Duffy)
NSW Caperway Royal Salute (Ch) (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Caperway Star Light (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Caperway Sweet Dream (Ch) (Rosemary Duffy)
NSW Caribelle Annie Get Ya Gun (AI) (.)
VIC Caribelle Baileys On Ice (Ch) (Caribelle Knls)
VIC Caribelle Curtain Call (BIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (D&R McCullough & M Silvester)
NSW Caribelle Dont Forget Me (Ch) (Caribelle Knls & K Camilleri)
VIC Caribelle Fairy Tale (BIS Supreme Ch) (Caribelle Knls)
VIC Caribelle Heez Rhett (Ch) (D McCullough)
QLD Caribelle Ice Princess (Clare Sutton)
VIC Caribelle Ice Queen (Vickii Warburton)
VIC Caribelle Icy Cold But Cool (AI) (BIS BISS Sup Ch) (Caribelle Knls)

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