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Aust Ch Aravan Silver Dollar
(The Late Kerri Lougheed)

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VIC Alkina Forever Fly (Aust Ch) (Kennedy/Merchant)
VIC Alkina Forever Fly (CH) (Miss Lisa Kennedy)
VIC Alkina Look No Further (BISS Aust Ch) (Lisa Kennedy)
VIC Alkina Melting Moments (Lisa Kennedy)
VIC Alkina No Tellin Tales (Miss Lisa Kennedy)
NSW Ambajaye Attention To Detail HIC (Retired) (BISS Aust Ch) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Blue Me Tail Off (BISS Grand Ch) (C & G Arkell)
NSW Ambajaye Every Detail. P.T.C.D.E.T (Australian Champion) (Ann Wherry)
NSW Ambajaye Fire Tail On Ice (AI) NBT (Aust Ch) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Heads Or Tails (Aust Ch) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye High Tail It (BIS BISS BISSS Grand Ch) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Once Upon Atale HIC (Aust Champion) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Retail Therapy (BISS Aust Ch) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Rock My Tail (Australian Champion) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Tail Not Included HIC (Retired) (Multi BISS BISSS Supreme Champion) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Tails On Ice (AI) NBT (Aust Ch) (Bernadette Merchant)
NSW Ambajaye Tailsarepatchn.E.T. (CH) (Ann Wherry)
VIC Ambajaye Tell Some Tales. HT. (Aust Grand Champion) (Lisa Kennedy)
QLD Ambajaye The Detailer (BISS Aust Ch) (Andrew Ziebell)
QLD Aravan Silver Dollar (Aust Ch) (The Late Kerri Lougheed)
QLD Bossdrover Bernborough (Mr B & Mrs M Dalglish)
QLD Bossdrover Koo Akai (Ms Kirsten Bowring)
VIC Crownfire Hot Gossip (Miss Lisa & Miss Skye Kennedy)
QLD Cumbydene Always on the GO (Aust CH.) (Mr B & Mrs M Dalglish)
QLD Cumbydene Bit Of Magic (Ch) (Mrs C T Groundwater)
NSW Cumbydene Cantfighthemoonlight (Mrs C Buckley & Ms R Miller)
NSW Cumbydene Gentle Boy (Krystal Locke)
QLD Cumbydene Lady Barbara (Australian champion) (Cathy Buckley & Raechelle Miller)
NSW Cumbydene Lady Veronica (Ch) (Robynne Metcalfe)
QLD Cumbydene Lifes A Breeze (Aust CH.) (B & M Dalglish)
QLD Cumbydene Moon Shadow (Buckley & Miller)
NSW Drovingmate Whipstick (Stewart Oates)
NSW Itsozi Coming Up Stumps (Aust Ch) (C & G Arkell)
NSW Janannie Lara Croft (Aust. Ch) (C & G Arkell)
QLD Justpuremac Blue Pepper NBT (Aust Ch) (Mr C.Webb / Mr A.Ziebell)
WA Justpuremac Its A Bullz Eye (Aust Ch) (Lauren Heerey)
QLD Justpuremac Its A Gobstopper NBT (Mr A.Ziebell)
QLD Karte Duchess (AUST CH.) (Mr B & Mrs M Dalglish)
QLD Karte Dusk (Aust CH.) (B & M Dalglish)
QLD Karte Mighty Redman (Australian Champion) (Cathy Buckley & Raechelle Miller)
SA Karte Notail Tospin (Rossemary Barker)
QLD Karte Rogue (Aust CH.) (Mr B & Mrs M Dalglish)
SA Karte Uscoutn Ftails (Rosemary Barker)
SA Karte Utell No Tail (Australian Champion) (Rosemary Barker)
SA Karte Utelln Atail (Australian Grand Champion) (Rosemary Barker)
SA Karte Utelln Ozzytails (Australian Champion) (Rosemary Barker)
SA karte Utelln Redhottails (Rosemary Barker)
QLD Kerimarlo Denim N Lace (Kerri Lougheed)
QLD Kerimarlo Just Be Adam NBT (Aust Ch) (Mr A.Ziebell)
QLD Kerimarlo Just Because I Can (Aust Champion) (Kerri Lougheed)
QLD Kerimarlo Just Bel Eve NBT (Aust Ch) (Andrew Ziebell)
QLD Kerimarlo Shooting The Breeze (Aust Grand Champion) (Andrew Ziebell)
QLD Kerimarlo Taking A Shot (Kerri Lougheed)
WA Maryheather Bendemredskin (Kathleen McQuade)
WA Maryheather Hotchillie (CH) (Kathleen McQuade)
QLD Minersdream Tom (Ch) (Mrs C T Groundwater)
VIC Pureoz Min Min (Aust Ch) (Lisa Kennedy)
VIC Studholme Mallee Ghost (Aust Ch) (Liz Monahan)
NT Tagetarl Stumpy Bloo Bob (deceased) (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Stumpy Empire Of The Sun (retired) (BIG/ Multi RBIG CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NSW Tagetarl Stumpy Go F Gold (deceased) (BISS CHAMPION) (G & L Porter)
NT Tagetarl Stumpy Sorcerer (retired) (Multi R/BIS, MultiBIG, Multi RBIG, SUPREME CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Stumpy Soundwave (Multi BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
NT Tagetarl Stumpy Sungod (deceased) (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (J & C Beckett)
VIC Tahrae Mooroopna (BIS BISS Aust Grand Ch Neuter Ch) (Liz Monahan)
QLD Talelesshill Lady Rosella (AUST CH.) (Mr B & Mrs M Dalglish)
QLD Talelesshill Sir Winton (AUST CH.) (Mrs G Le Garde)
NSW Tarkirra Imn Angel (Aust Ch) (Drovingmate Kennels)
QLD Tropicrain Boudica NBT (Australian Champion) (Cathy Buckley & Raechelle Miller)
QLD Tropicrain Eye Of The Tempest (Mrs C T Groundwater)
QLD Tropicrain Jas Akai (Mrs Amber Gisler)
QLD Tropicrain Supa Nova (Mrs C T Groundwater)
QLD Urekastar Desert Rose (Cathy Buckley & Raechelle Miller)
NSW Woodglen Fire Tail (BISS-BISSS Grand Ch) (Bernadette Merchant)

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