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American Champion Earlingford Red Squirrel (Exp to u.s.a)
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ACT Ammidan Cc Starbuck (Aust CH) (John Bnik)
QLD Ammidan FYI Barnsley (Ch) (Katlynn Bradder-Denning)
QLD Ammidan Jokers Wild (ai) (K A & A McGinn)
NZ Bayparque Alright Already (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Ammo Galore (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Bocconotto (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
SA Bayparque Cavalucci (Imp NZ) (Chris Lawrence)
NZ Bayparque Choc Bar (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Do Ya Ears Hang Low (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Dragon Heart (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Dragon Slayer (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Dragons Blood (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Eeny Meeny Miny Mo (Ch) (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Enter The Dragon (Jill Brooker)
NZ Bayparque Penateka (Ch) (Erika Watson)
NZ Bayparque Potawatomi (NZ & Aust Ch) (Jill Brooker)
SA Bayparque Queen Of Swords at Beauchasseur (IMP NZ) (Australian Champion SBIS) (Chris Lawrence)
NZ Bayparque Ricciarelli (AI) (NZ CH) (T Hubbard & T Uerata)
NZ Bayparque Scuttlebutt (Jill Brooker)
SA Beauchasseur Allo Allo (Australian Grand Champion & American Grand Ch) (Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Austin (Supreme Champion) (Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Dior (Aust Ch) (Mrs Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Dolly Did It (Aust Champion) (Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Earz Lookin Atcha (Australian Champion) (Chris Lawrence)
NSW Beauchasseur Fru Choc (Ch.) (Leslie Ann Weston)
SA Beauchasseur Gorgeous George (Aust Ch) (Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Hill St Blues (Aust Ch) (Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Monday Monday (Aust Champion) (Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Mustang Sally (Australian Champion) (Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Polly Waffle (Aust Ch) (Sally Higham & Chris Lawrence)
SA Beauchasseur Ravishing Rita (Aust Ch) (Chris Lawrence)
VIC Beauchasseur Snicker (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Davey)
NSW Beauchasseur Usher (Ch) (Leslie Ann Weston)
NSW Beauchasseur Whatch Ma Callit (Aust Ch) (Claudia Orlandi, Guillermo Gonzales, Sue)
NZ Canoui Jinni Ginsing (Lynn Bevan)
NZ Canoui Omega Speedmaster (CH) (Lynn Bevan)
NZ Canoui Shoofly Pie (CH) (Lynn Bevan)
VIC Clementess All About Me (Aust Ch) (D & J Lehmann)
VIC Clementess Bells and Whistles (Ch) (David & Julie Lehmann)
NZ Earlingford Apricot Tart At Canoui (Lynn Bevan)
NZ Earlingford Centrefold at Canoui (CH) (Lynn Bevan)
ACT Earlingford High Society A.i (Aust) (John Bink)
ACT Earlingford Howz That Ai (Aust) (John Bink)
ACT Earlingford Jigsaw (John Bink)
ACT Earlingford Look At Me (Aust Ch) (John Bink)
ACT Earlingford Miss Missy (John Bink)
NZ Earlingford Pecan Pie At Canoui (CH) (Lynn Bevan)
ACT Earlingford Postman Pat ai IMP N.Z (AUSTRALIAN CH) (John Bink)
ACT Earlingford Red Squirrel (Exp to u.s.a) (American Champion) (Morningwood Kennels U.s.a)
WA Earlingford Storm Boy Ai (Wa)
ACT Earlingford Tim Tam (AUST CH) (John Bink)
ACT Earlingford Vegemite (a.i) (AUSTRALIAN CH) (John Bink)
VIC Goldreign Mellow (Mrs Jane Davey)
VIC Goldreign Snap Crackle Pop (Mrs Jane Davey)
NZ Hunterspark Mr Banslie (CH) (Martin & Wendy Hewitt)
NZ Hunterspark Mr Bertie (Gr Ch) (Private)
NZ Hunterspark Mr Harrison (Ch) (Martin & Wendy Hewitt and Lynn Bevan)
VIC Hushanda Ronnie Reagan (Aust Ch) (Mrs Wendy Boce)
NSW Landwell Buster (Aust Ch) (Mrs R Bing)
SA Longbay Aint Misbehaving (CH) (Jane Miller)
VIC Longbay Diamonds are forever (Ch) (Jane Miller)
SA Longbay Joe Diamonds (Sup Ch) (Jane Miller)
SA Longbay Polly Flinders (CH) (Jane Miller)
SA Longbay Yeoman Of The Guard (Australian Supreme Champion) (Mrs Chris Lawrence)
NZ Longbay Yeoman Of The Guard (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch & Aust Sup Ch) (Erika Watson)
NZ Manfeild Lord of Canoui (CH) (Lynn Bevan)
NZ Ngawhetu For Heavens Sake (T Hubbard & T Uerata)
NZ Swede Sun's Trinny (Imp Sweden) (AUS & NZ CH) (Lynn Bevan)
ACT Swede Sun's Trooper (Imp Sweden) (AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (John Bink)
SA Topsfield Sanchu Cannoli (Imp USA) (Am Grand Ch and Aust Ch) (Chris Lawrence/Jane Miller)
SA Topsfield Sanchu King Of Queens (IMP USA) (Aust & American Champion) (Chris Lawrence)
QLD Treuer Chronicles Of Ridik (W Trembath)
SA Vahhala's Dreamchaser (IMP USA) (Multi BIS BISS Australian Grand Champion & American Champion) (Chris Lawrence)
VIC Warstorm Jamie Lee (Bryan & Joan Mangelsdorf)
VIC Wenbrook Follow Mesoftly (Aust Ch) (Mrs Wendy Boce)
VIC Wenbrook Ginger Schnaps (Mrs Wendy Boce)
VIC Wenbrook Just The Way To Go (AI) (Ch) (Mrs Wendy Boce)
VIC Wenbrook Keeping The Faith (AI) (Mrs Wendy Boce)
SA Wenbrook Krossing Borders (AI) (Mrs Wendy Boce & Mrs Cheryl Loftus)
VIC Wenbrook Only Haveyes For You (Australian Grand Ch) (Wendy Boce)
VIC Wenbrook Private Dancer (Wendy Boce)
VIC Wenbrook Private Eyes (Wendy Boce)
VIC Yarramba Did It Again (AUST CH) (Bryan & Joan Mangelsdorf)
VIC Yarramba Big Girls Don't Cry (Bryan & Joan Mangelsdorf)
VIC Yarramba Causin Chaos (Multi BIS Aust SUPREME) (Bryan & Joan Mangelsdorf)
VIC Yarramba Johnny Kash (Multi BISS Aust Champion) (Bryan & Joan Mangelsdorf)
VIC Yarramba Lets Get It On (Aust CH) (Bryan & Joan Mangelsdorf)
VIC Yarramba Lets Get To It (Australian Dual Champion (T)) (Faraldazar Kennels)

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