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Terinah Charlies A Prince
(J Hawkins)

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VIC Alenoush Camilecloud (Aust Neut Ch) (Karine and Shaun Barry)
VIC Ame Jumelle Eyvor (IMP ARG) (Aust CH.) (K Taylor)
TAS Âme Jumelle Mistery (IMP ARG) (Aust Ch & Jnr Ch Arg) (Mrs C Schofield)
TAS Amourchiot Amelie In The Mist (Mrs C Schofield)
TAS Amourchiot Faerie Princess (Aust Ch.) (Ms C Johns)
TAS Amourchiot Make Mine A Pinot (Aust Ch.) (Mrs C Schofield)
NSW Amourchiot Mystical Temptress (Aust Ch) (Mrs T L Baker)
TAS Amourchiot Parisian Snow Storm (Aust Ch.) (Ms C Johns)
TAS Amourchiot Twin Soul Enigma (Aust Ch) (Mrs C Schofield)
QLD Azposscal Akita Mon Amour (Victoria Nicholson)
TAS Azposscal Daisy (Aust Ch) (Ms C Johns)
VIC Beau Monde Drewlaine Demon (Imp USA) (Am & Aust Ch ) (Tejada Kennels)
VIC Beau Monde Drewlaine Dry Ice (ImpUSA) (American & Australian Champion) (Tejada Kennels)
NSW Belrize Rocky Road (Australian Champion) (Tracey Baker)
NSW Brereton's Rise & Shine (Imp USA) (Am Ch/ Am Gr Ch Ch   ) (Mr Doug & Mrs Tracey Baker)
QLD Buttress Layla (Sandra Hawkins)
VIC Charharra Domino Effect (CH) (Mrs K Taylor)
VIC Charharra I Wear the Pants (Mrs K Taylor)
VIC Charharra Rocket Man (CH.) (Mrs K Taylor)
VIC Charharra Warrior Princess (Karen Taylor)
QLD Daejilon Designed T Dazzle (Sup. Ch.) (Irene Waszkiewicz)
TAS Daejilon Faerie Queen (Aust. Ch.) (Ms C Johns)
TAS Daejilon Magic Just Happens (Aust.Ch.) (Ms C Johns)
TAS Daejilon Sweet Rebel (Aust Ch.) (Mrs C Schofield)
VIC Deja Vu Cha Ching Cha Ching (Imp USA) (Tejada Kennels)
NZ Jitterbop Being Evil Has A Price (imp-fin) (Grand Champion) (D Brown)
QLD Judges Choice Ya Gotta Have Heart For Bodacious (Aust Ch / Am Ch) (F Vecchio / S Thomas)
NSW Kelstro Special Edition (Dr Kimaleen John)
TAS Kelzarki A Winter Night RN TD ET (Aust Ch) (Kathi & Ian Davey)
NSW Kelzarki Allabout Magic (Aust Grand Ch) (Bradney/Chinery/Tancred/Page)
NSW Kelzarki Beautiful Choice (Champion) (L Bradney & T Tancred)
NSW Kelzarki Comeon Kiss Me (Champion) (Mr. L B Bradney H& Mr. T Tancred)
NSW Kelzarki Debra (Mr L B Bradney & Mr T Tancred)
NSW Kelzarki Divine Mystery (Aust. Champion) (L Bradney/T Tancred & P Page)
NSW Kelzarki Like a Boss (Ch) (L Bradney & N Conroy)
NSW Kelzarki Make Mine Magik (ch) (L Bradney, T Tancred & G Robinson)
NSW Kelzarki Perfect Choice (Ch) (Bradney/Tancred)
NSW Kelzarki Rusmar Magic (Aust Champ) (Bradney/Tancred & Page)
VIC Ladykillers Lock Up Yr Girls (IMP Finland) (Aust. Champion) (Tejada Kennels)
VIC Ladykillers Midsummer Nightmare (Imp Finland) (Tejada Kennels)
NZ Luxury Love Avero (imp Russia) (NZ CH, J CH Serbia and Montenegro) (Anne Batiste)
TAS Mistbreeze Mia By Mistery (Mrs C Schofield)
QLD Mollabru Envy Me (Mollabru Kennels)
QLD Mollabru Its All About Me (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mollabru Kennels)
QLD Mollabru Mark My Words (Aust Ch) (A & F Vecchio)
QLD Mollabru Presumed Innocent (Aust Ch) (A & F Vecchio)
QLD Mollabru State The Obvious (A & F Vecchio)
QLD Mollabru Stolen Moment (Aust Ch) (Mollabru Kennels)
VIC Monjoie Chasing The Sun (J & W Hutchison and Melanie Newman)
VIC Monjoie Cool Merlin (J & W Hutchison and M Newman)
NSW Monjoie Jaymie (Supreme Champion) (John & Wendy Hutchison)
VIC Monjoie Love On The Rocks (Ch  ) (J & W Hutchison)
VIC Monjoie Take A Chance On Me (CH) (J & W Hutchison)
VIC Monjoie The Wizard (Supreme Ch    ) (J & W Hutchison)
VIC Monjoie Walking On Sunshine (Ch) (J & W Hutchison/ M Newman)
VIC NewTNine Made In China For Charharra (Imp HKG) (SUPREME CH.) (Mrs Karen Taylor)
NSW Petit Ami's Raising Sun (Imp Norway) (Aust Ch.) (L Bradney/T Tancred/P Page)
SA Pinefield Bugle Boy (Aust Supreme Ch) (JR & C Kellow)
QLD Pinefield Rebel With A Cause (Ch.) (Jenny Sweeney)
SA Pinefield Walk On The Wild Side (Ch) (Mr J R & Mrs C Kellow)
QLD Poudrette Aussi Konnection (CH.) (Jenny Sweeney)
QLD Poudrette Chester (Aust Ch) (Mrs. J & Miss T.A Sweeney)
NZ Shandau Its All About Image (NZ Supreme CH) (Mrs D Brown)
NZ Shandau Rise 'n Shine (Multi BIS - NZ Grand Champion) (E Rennie)
VIC Sulyka Joe Cool at Monjoie (Imp U.K.) (Supreme Champion) (J & W Hutchison)
NSW Tauro Kansas ( Ltu) (JNR LTU CH, CH) (L Bradney & E & M Friedman)
QLD Tejada Cherish The Moment (Aust Ch) (Mollabru Kennels)
QLD Tejada FlatBroke N Busted (Aust Ch) (A & F Vecchio)
VIC Tejada Go Fly Your Kite (Exp Norway) (Mai Britt Hammerstad)
NSW Tejada Gotya Nickers In A Knot (AUST SUPREME CH) (Mrs K Spiteri & Mrs G Greig)
VIC Tejada Im Fromaland Downunder(Exp USA) (Am Ch   ) (Angela Bellinger (USA))
VIC Tejada Iopena (Aust Ch) (Tejada Kennels)
VIC Tejada Its A Rich Mans World (Tejada Kennels)
QLD Tejada Lookat Yourheart (Aust Ch) (Mollabru Kennels)
VIC Tejada Lookatme Lookatme (Ch) (Tejada Kennels)
VIC Tejada Made U Look (Aust Ch) (Tejada Kennels)
QLD Tejada MoreThan Meets The Eye (Aust Ch) (Tejada Kennels / A & F Vecchio)
WA Tejada The Enemies Nightmare (Gerri Greig Rick & Kathryn Berwick)
WA Tejada The Enemies Nightmare (Aust Ch) (R & K Berwick and G Greig)
VIC Tejada Trust Your Heart (Aust Ch) (Tejada Kennels)
VIC Tejada Whowears French Nickers (Grand CH.) (Karen Taylor)
QLD Terinah Charlies A Prince (J Hawkins)
QLD Terinah Maddie Hawkins (Sandra Hawkins)
QLD Tracjobea Bellisimo (Jenny Sweeney)
QLD Tracjobea Constantly Chic (Ch.) (Jenny Sweeney)
QLD Tracjobea Lamour De Ma Vie (Jenny Sweeney)
QLD Vegucci Demarcus Hascikova (imp Slovakia) (Aust CH. JCH Slov   ) (Victoria Nicholson)
VIC Vogelflights Taywyn Capri (Imp USA) (American Champion) (Tejada Kennels)
NZ Yanviol Eiko ( IMP BELARUS) (NZ CH, J CH Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania) (Anne Batiste)

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