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AU CH Hygamble Smitten Kitten
(R Sheridan-McVicar)

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SA Abstn I Am Invincible (Australia champion) (ABSTN kennels)
SA Abstn This Is Me (ABSTN Kennels)
NSW Amerigent Lady Liberty (D. Norquay & A. Gilson)
VIC Amerigent Liberty Belle (Mr S Manning & Mr P Mayorkinos)
VIC Amerigent My Gal Sal (Mr S Manning & Mr P Mayorkinos)
NSW Amerigent Southern Belle (Norquay & Gilson)
VIC Amerigent Yankee Doodle Dandy (Mr S Manning & Mr P Mayorkinos)
QLD Baronrath A Work Of Art (Ch) (Mrs Sue Sutherland)
VIC Baronrath All In A Nutshell (RUBIS ,GRAND CHAMPION) (Ms Lynne King)
VIC Baronrath Made To Measure (AUST CHAMPION) (Ms Lynne King)
VIC Baronrath Reaching for ThStars (Pamela Fordred)
VIC Baronrath She's Got Style (AUST CHAMPION) (Ms Lynne King)
SA Bellissimo Kwest On Stage (Imp Nz) (Aust CH) (R Kemp & S Campain)
NSW Bellissimo Mardi Gras Zoe(Imp Nz) (Ben Bristow)
NSW Bellissimo Orion Anubus(Imp NZ) (Aust CH) (Ben Bristow)
NZ Blakjakboztn Miroyalle Kutenes (imp Aust) (Judy Henderson)
NSW Blakthai One Chic To Beat (Amy Sheridan)
QLD Boslap Lilwillow (Aus Ch) (N Lapham and A Black)
NSW Bossjack Celebration (BISS Aust Ch) (Bostonwood kennels)
NSW Boston Attitude Love On The Rocks (Imp France) (Aust Ch) (Mr H Richard)
NSW Boston Style Fantastic Lady In Black (Ex Russia Imp USA) (Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar)
VIC Boston Style Only You Wins Hearts (ex Russia, Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Jane Caccaviello)
VIC Bostonbob Coco Chanel (Aust Ch) (J Semmler A Clarke V Clarke)
VIC Bostonbob Dougal Howard (J Semmler V Clarke)
VIC Bostonbob Ginevras Time (J Semmler V Clarke)
VIC Bostonbob Grizzly Gretta (MULTI BISS Grand Ch) (Joann Semmler & V Clarke)
VIC Bostonbob Little Lulu (BISS RBIS RBISS Grand Ch) (J Semmler V Clarke)
VIC Bostonbob Wheres Wally (J Semmler V Clarke)
VIC Bostonbob Wheres Winnie (J Semmler V Clarke)
QLD Bostonmac No Ordinary Guy (Zdenka Dunbar)
NSW Bostonnie Astri Aucoin (Ch) (Ben Bristow)
NSW Bostonnie Cupids Touch (Brett Sault and Ben Bristow)
NSW Bostonnie E Claire Delune (Brett Sault/Ben Bristow)
NSW Bostonnie E Claires Pride (Ch) (Ben Bristow)
QLD Bostonwell Thunder Struck (P L G & S L Mole)
QLD Bostonwell Tiger Lilly (Ch) (PLG & SL Mole)
VIC Bostonwood All Eyes On Me (R O'brien)
NSW Bostonwood Atitewd To Luv (Ch) (Vikki Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Betr Think Twice (Aust Ch) (Vikki Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Cover Story (CH) (Vikki Tyler and Mrs Gillespie)
NSW Bostonwood Dreams R For Me (Vikki Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Drop Dead Gorjess (Australian Champion) (Vikki Tyler)
VIC Bostonwood Gentlemen Jim (Australian Champion) (Pamela Fordred)
NSW Bostonwood Icing On The Cake (Vikki Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Jaketnotrequired (Vikki Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Luv My Tux (Vikki & Jeff Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Mscongeniality (Ch Aust) (Mrs Vikki Tyler)
QLD Bostonwood Ooh La Diamonds (Vikki Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Ooh La La (Aust Ch) (Mrs V Tyler)
NSW Bostonwood Rising Son (Grand Champion) (J & N Southwell)
QLD Bostonwood Walkn Th Wildside (Grand Ch) (Mr L&Mrs D Blumel)
NSW Bostonwood Xclusive Icon (Aust Ch) (Vikki Tyler)
NSW Brio's Never Ending Story At Hygamble (IMP USA) (AU CH, AM CH) (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Campbell Clan's Cruisin' For A Bruisin' (IMP. USA) (MULTI BIS, RUBIS.,BiSS.,MULTI RUBISS AUST. SUPREME CHAMPION & AM. GRAND CHAMPION) (Deby Norquay & Amy Gilson)
QLD Cherishem Deringer (Ch) (J Giles)
QLD Cherishem Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (PLG & SL Mole)
VIC Claymurf Cecil At Wildax (imp uk) (Mrs S O'Brien)
QLD Cyandra Sure To Please (Aust Ch) (Mrs M J Stewart)
VIC Dalterra Popping Kandy (Aust Ch) (Lynne Whitting)
ACT Davina Fancy Seeing You (Ch) (D M Arnold)
ACT Davina Sasitude (Ch) (D M Arnold)
VIC Deja vu Warrior at Saiha (Imp USA) (Am Ch) (Rod kirby)
QLD Dentrese The Power Of One (Imp NZ) (BISS Aust & NZ CH) (Paul & Sue Mole)
VIC Dimadal Destiny Dare (Aust Champion BISS) (Lynne Whitting)
VIC Dimadal Divergent (Aus Ch) (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Geronimo Giggs (Aust Ch) (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Image INXS (BIS Aust Ch) (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Little Red Rocket (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Moonlite Lady (Mr James Farrugia)
VIC Dimadal Ruperts Rule (Dimadal Knls)
SA Dimadal Ryans Rite (Aust Ch) (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Sstarman (Aust Ch) (Dimadal Knls)
SA Dimadal Time Lord (Aus Ch) ((Abstn Knls))
VIC Dimadal touch of Frost (Rodney Kirby)
VIC Dimadal Uumarni (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Velveteen (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal XX Little Miss (CH) (Dimadal Knls)
VIC Dimadal Ye Olde Yorick (Dimadal Knls)
QLD Drumsara Guns And Roses (Casey Bates)
QLD Drumsara High Rider (Michelle Stewart)
NSW Drumsara Indecisive (AUST. CH.) (Deby Norquay & Amy Corbett)
QLD Drumsara Keep The Fatih (Mrs M J Stewart)
QLD Drumsara Legendofzorro (Aust Ch (RUBISS)) (Ashley Phelan & Jacqui Young)
QLD Drumsara Matter of Trust (Michelle Stewart)
QLD Drumsara Special Effect (Miss J Mobley & Mrs M J Stewart)
QLD Drumsara Special Journey (Aust Ch) (A J Phelan & J M Young)
QLD Drumsara Special Legal (Mrs M J Stewart)
QLD Drumsara Special Remix (Mrs M J Stewart)
QLD Drumsara Uptown Girl (Mrs M J Stewart)
QLD Drumsara Wasnt Expecting That (Michelle Stewart)
QLD Exaltare Brindleisthenewblack (Au Ch) (Mr A Phelan & Miss J Young)
QLD Exaltare Bring It On (Au Ch) (Jacqui Young & Ashley Phelan)
QLD Exaltare Go Your Own Way (Gr Ch) (Mr A J Phelan & Miss J M Young)
QLD Exaltare Legend From Above (Mr A J Phelan & Miss J M Young)
QLD Exaltare Suspicious Minds (AUST Ch) (Mrs S Sherriff)
QLD Exaltare Walk This Way (Au Ch) (J Young/ A Phelan/ S Sherriff)
QLD Exaltare Writteninthestars (Aust Ch) (Mr A Phelan & Miss J M Young)
QLD Exaltare You Dont Own Me (AI) (Miss J M Young)
VIC Frenchtrick Candy Cane (Fay Trickey)
VIC Frenchtrick Roxie Girl (Ch) (Fay Trickey)
NZ Glomar Butterfly Kisses (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Royal Kiss (Mrs Penny Calman)
VIC Happyecho Alpine Star (Janine Male)
NSW Harase Garten Monjiro FCI (Imp JP) (AUST CH) (R Sheridan-McVicar)
QLD Havfun Miss Outlaw (Zdenka Dunbar)
QLD Havfun Black Onyx (Aust.Grand. Ch) (Billie)
NSW Havfun Desert Rose (Aust Ch) (Zdenka Dunbar)
QLD Havfun Niks Image (Aust. Ch) (Billie)
QLD Havfun No Ordinary Girl (Aust. Ch) (Kae)
QLD Havfun Svet (Aust. Ch.) (Zdenka Dunbar)
NSW Heartbeats Invictus ( Imp. USA) (AUST. CH.) (D. Norquay & A. Gilson)
NSW Hi-Society Talk Of The Jungle II (Imp USA) (Am Ch, Aust. Ch.) (Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar & Judy Gibson)
VIC Hi-Society's Back For More (Imp USA) - RUBISS (Ch) (Jane Caccaviello)
NSW Hygamble A Right Royal Miss (Ms T Hobson)
NSW Hygamble Agent Ari Gold (AU CH) (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Alpha Bravo (Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Blac Russian In Style (R Sheridan-McVicar)
SA Hygamble Delta Zulu (Aust. Ch) (Tania Huitema)
NSW Hygamble Frankly My Dear (Aust. Ch.) (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Frosty Knickers (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Giddy Up (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble I Am McLovin (BISS RUBIS AUST CH) (Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Keeping It Classy (AU CH) (Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Lion Heart (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Master Of Menace (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Oh My Apple Pie (AU CH) (Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar)
SA Hygamble Sergeant At Arms (Aust Ch) (Ms T Huitema & Mrs R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Shakespeare In Love (Ms T Hobson)
VIC Hygamble Sierra Tango - BISS (J Caccaviello)
NSW Hygamble Smitten Kitten (AU CH) (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Sookie Stackhouse (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Striptease Ifya Please (RUBISS CH.) (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Suited and Booted (Tracey Hobson, R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Tell Me A Texan Tale (RUBIS, RUBISS CH) (R Sheridan-McVicar)
NSW Hygamble Tickity Boo (Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar)
WA Hymere A Spoonful of Sugar (T Meeres)
QLD Hymere A Star Is Born (Mr A J Phelan & Miss J M Young)
QLD Hymere A Star Is Born (Ch) (Mr A J Phelan & Miss J M Young)
WA Hymere Breakfast at Tiffanys (Tara Meeres)
WA Hymere Sin City (AI) (Ch) (Tara Meeres)
QLD Kellkode Piping Hot (Michelle Stewart)
ACT Kens Fancy Meeting You Here (Imp USA) (AUST CH, AM GCH) (Dionne Arnold & Georgina Askew)
NSW Kerden Bet Ya Sweet Bippy I Do (Australian Champion) (Mrs Vikki Tyler)
VIC Kerden Blow A Kiss Fire A Gun (CH) (Janine Male)
QLD Kerden Dazzle Me (BISS Aust Ch) (PLG & S L Mole)
QLD Kerden Double Indemnity (Aust Ch) (PLG & S L Mole)
QLD Kerden French Secrets (CH) (Rory McBride)
QLD Kerden Handbags N Holsters (CH) (PLG & S L Mole)
QLD Kerden Hannah Montanah (Ch) (P L & SL Mole)
QLD Kerden Hollywood Secrets (BISS CH) (PLG & SL Mole)

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