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Tesoro Autumn Leaves
(Michelle Williamson)

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NSW Astrid ( Imp Italy) (Leonie Kellet and John Palmer)
NZ Bicerin Amore (imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Chris & Belinda Taylor)
NSW Bicerin Aria (Aust Ch) (Graham Kellett)
NSW Bicerin Armando (Graham Kellett)
VIC Braccorion Knock Ur Sox Off (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Ms C Hatherley/Liverpoint)
VIC Fausto Compatriota De Bonfini (Imp Hung) (Dean Janosa)
NZ Freeman Guardian Angel (Chris and Belinda Taylor)
NZ Freeman Lonely Dog (Chris and Belinda Taylor)
QLD Freeman Miss Momona (IMP NZ) (Aust Ch) (D Winch & P Johnson)
NZ Freeman Shoot My Arrow If Ucan (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
NSW Freeman U Can Chill Ezra (imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
NZ Freeman You Can Pick A Daisy (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
SA Heinaaron Molto in Voga (Imp Fin) (CH) (Dr C J & Y L Girling)
SA Higait Arden (Aus Ch) (L Lukich)
QLD HiPoint Alessio CAT (Supreme Ch) (K & R Logan and J & R Mirto)
NSW HiPoint Arabella (Aust Ch) (J & R MIrto)
VIC HiPoint Attilio (Aust Ch) (R Sloan,J Eggleton,J & R Mirto)
NZ Hipoint Aurelio (NZ Grand CH) (G Gulbransen, R & J Mirto)
SA Hipoint Beatrice (Aus Ch) (L Lukich, S Bruno, J & R Mirto)
QLD HiPoint Bettina JC (Supreme Ch) (R & K Logan and J & R Mirto)
NZ Hipoint Brigitta (Imp AUST) (NZ CH) (M Williamson, R Mirto, J Mirto)
NSW HiPoint My Fathers Kiss (AI) (Aust Ch    ) (J & R Mirto)
NSW Jonz Chill Factor (Aust Ch) (Leonie Kellett & John Palmer)
NSW Jonz Chillz N Thrillz (Aust CH) (Mrs M Ashpole, G & L Kellett)
NSW Moloscyg Dario (Aust Ch    ) (Moloscyg Kennels)
SA Moloscyg Giltz N Glamma (Moloscyg Kennels)
SA Moloscyg Masaccio (AI) (Moloscyg Kennels)
SA Moloscyg Rough Diamond (AUST CH) (Moloscyg Kennels)
SA Moloscyg Rough Diamond (CH) (S Bailey/Moloscyg Kennels)
QLD Polcevera's Astrid (Ch) (Ronalie Frew)
NZ Polcevera's Eros (Imp ITA) (NZ CH, ROM CH) (J Mirto, R Mirto, M Williamson)
NSW Sobers Achilleus (imp Italy) (Multi BIS Supreme CH) (Mrs L Kellett and Mr J Palmer)
NZ Tesora Leonardo Da Vinci (G Gulbransen)
NZ Tesoro Autumn Leaves (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Evening Star (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Summer Rose (J Barraclough & M Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Twylite Sonata (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Winter Holly (Michelle Williamson)

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