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Aust Ch Cacharel Alea Iacta Est HSAs
(Anne & Carl Mitchell)

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NZ Aubrey 's Aphrodite Latte (G Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Garnet Glamor (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's I'm Immanuel (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Knight Before Xmas (G Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Master Qudamah (ai) (Mr G Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Miss Quintessential (ai) (Mr Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey All I Wanted For Xmas (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's French Flavour (G & L Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's I'm Idelia (Gavin and Leanne Hausssmann)
NZ Aubrey's Memoirs of Yvonne (AI) (Mr & Mrs G & L Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's Outstanding Opal (G & L Haussmann)
QLD Beaugency Bessiere (imp UK) HT (Aust Ch) (Anne & Carl Mitchell)
SA Boanch Einstein (AUST CH) (C. Rau & A. Holzwarth)
QLD Cacharel Alea Iacta Est HSAs (Aust Ch) (Anne & Carl Mitchell)
VIC Cacharel De Adore (Ch) (Glenine Kennels)
SA Cacharel Homme De Mes Reves (E Bennett)
QLD Cacharel How Do Ewe Like Me Now HSAs (Ch) (C & A Mitchell)
QLD Cacharel How Do Ewe Like This HIAs HSAsd (Ch) (C & A Mitchell)
QLD Cacharel Jewels n Jems HIT (Champion) (C & A Mitchell)
VIC Cacharel Just For Me (Aust Neuter Ch) (Kim Kucera)
QLD Cacharel Justjuno HIC (Ch) (C & A Mitchell)
VIC Cacharel Le Magicien (Aust CH) (C & A Mitchell)
QLD Cacharel Messing With The Hair (Aust Ch) (Ms K Noble)
SA Cacharel Mon Cheri Amour (Ms E Bennett)
QLD Cacharel Nemo HT HOF (Grand Champion) (Carl & Anne Mitchell & Ian Rasmussen)
QLD Cacharel Now See This JC (Aust Ch) (Cacharel Briards)
QLD Cacharel Oilibhear (Aust Ch) (P & R Trapp)
QLD Cacharel Steppin Out HSCs HICs HXCs HOF (Aust Ch) (Anne & Carl Mitchell & Ian Rasmussen)
VIC Cacharel Theycallmehugo (Grand CH) (Kate Jan & Carl & Anne Mitchell)
NSW Cacharel Unique (Aust Ch) (Willem & Raewyn Knopper)
QLD Cacharel Utzano HSAs HSCs HICs HXCs (Dual Champion (Aust & Herding)) (C & A Mitchell - Cacharel Briards)
SA Carmandy Amazin Coco Chanel (AI) (Aust Ch) (C Rau & A Holzwarth)
NZ Carmandy Amazin Spirit of OZ ( Imp AUST) AI (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Chaotic's Dexter Down Under ( IMP CAN ) (NZ Ch) (G & L Haussmann)
SA Fostebrie Divine Edition (ShCM) (JW) (Imp UK) (UK Ch C.I.B. Aust Sup. Ch.) (Ms E Bennett)
VIC Glenine Moonshine and Me (Ch) (Glenine Kennels)
SA J'Aint She A Dream Moravia Campanella (Imp Cze) (Aust Gr Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
VIC Kaasha Naughty But Nice (Ch) (K Webb)
VIC Kaasha Never A Dull Moment (K Webb/V Hodson & J & M Sach)
NZ Merveille Parfait Mr Stars (Mr G Haussmann)
SA Narbrisse Marvellous Creation (Aust Gr Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
QLD Narbrisse Miss Congeniality HT (Aust CH) (C & A Mitchell)
SA Narbrisse Odin (Aust Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
SA Narbrisse One So Lucky (Aust Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
SA Narbrisse One To Remember (Ms E Bennett)
SA Narbrisse Onyx Pearl (Aust Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
SA Narbrisse Ooh La La (Aust Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
VIC Narbrisse Ophira (Aust Ch) (Kim Kucera)
SA Narbrisse Opium Poppi (Aust Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
VIC Narbrisse Orange Fizz (K Webb/V Hodson/E Bennett)
SA Narbrisse Orielle Beaute (Ms E Bennett)
VIC Narbrisse Oscar Le Grouch (E Bennett)
NZ Nikita De La Manoliere (Imp FRANCE) (Gavin Haussmann)
SA Obelix de la Manoliere (Imp France) (Aust Ch) (Ms E Bennett)
SA Only For You de la Manoliere (Imp France) (Ms E Bennett)
VIC Oscar De La Manoliere (imp NCL) (Vicki Russell)
NZ Tiahart Chai Latte ( IMP AU ) (NZ Ch) (Gavin Haussmann & Leanne Lindsay)
NZ Tiahart Dejavoo (IMP AU) (NZ Ch) (G & L Haussmann)
SA Tiahart Lady Isabeau Danjou (AUST CH) (C Rau & A Holzwarth)
SA Tiahart Madame Marie Curie (AI) (Aust CH) (C Rau & A Holzwarth)

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