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Aust Ch Highcroft Jealous Jewell
(Mrs Lisa Marwick)

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SA Abakahn Beyonce (Kerryn Pearson)
SA Abakahn Bridget Bardot EIC (Australian Champion    ) (Kerryn Pearson)
TAS Abbeycairn I'm No Painted Man (Aust Sup Ch    ) (K Davies & K Wright)
TAS Abbeycairn One Moment Please (Aust Sup Ch    ) (K Davies & K Wright)
TAS Abbeycairn Scottish Mist (Aust Supreme Champ) (Kimbra Davies)
TAS Achnacone Glencorrach (Aust Grand Ch) (Kimbra Davies)
SA Achnacone Rubies R Red (V) (Dual Champion (ED)) (Kerryn Pearson)
TAS Achnacone Seize The Moment (Aust Ch) (Kimbra Davies / Karen Wright)
WA Achnacone Time To Rock (Aust Champ) (Mrs SL Baile)
NSW Aimfor A Lil Bit O Voodoo (Ch) (A Joans)
VIC Aimfor Dude Wheres My Voodoo (A Jonas)
WA Aimfor Fire Starrta (Lauren Ferguson)
WA Aimfor Hells Royalty (Lauren Ferguson)
VIC Aimfor Lil Hoity Toity (CH) (A Jonas)
VIC Aimfor Loched N Loaded (A Jonas)
NSW Aimfor My Lil Rockerbilly (CH) (A Jonas/n Rowley)
VIC Aimfor Pretty Lil Prankstar (Ch  ) (A Jonas)
VIC Aimfor Sassyswissstar (Ch) (A Jonas)
VIC Aimfor Swede Child Omine (A Jonas)
VIC Alclare Duncans Gift (K Gilbert, S & C Tolley)
NSW Ayladee African Queen (Donna Robinson)
NSW Ayladee Diamonds Are Forever (Donna Robinson)
NSW Ballathie Unbelievable (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch & NZ CH) (Bartram, Cross, Hill & Smith)
TAS Ballathies Lets Play ( Imp Nz) (Aust Champion) (K Davies & Kwright)
NSW Ballyburr Hi Stanza (Ch) (Towsytyke Kennels)
NSW Barragan Bold As Brass At Monterrez (Neil Curwen & Graham Cruse)
VIC Benannand Bonnie Girl (Australian Champion) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand Calendar Girl (Ch) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand Double Take (Australian Grand Champion) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand Double Trouble (Ch) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand Initial Design (Australian Champion) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand Lady Sarah (Australian Champion) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand Take Note (Australian Champion) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand Time To Dream (Australian Champion) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
VIC Benannand UpTown Girl (Australian Champion) (Greg & Lyn Chapman)
SA Birselaw Dare To Dream (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Elkriver Kennels)
NZ Birselaw Highlander (Imp Sco) (NZ Ch) (Ms Hilary Calvert)
NZ Birselaw Robbie O' the Isles (NZ Gr Ch) (Mrs Irene Calvert)
NZ Blainefield of Gartferry [Gold & Platinum Cert Merit] (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Broc Aon Blaine Of Gartferry (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Bru-hurst Fine N Dandy (CH) (Wendy Bruning)
NZ Bruhurst Gillie Brogue (ch) (Wendy Bruning)
NZ Bwreena Dhween Of Gartferry (NZ Ch) (Patricia Brooker)
WA Cadagio Great Expectations (IMP IRE) (Aust Ch) (Lisa Marwick)
NSW Calmaceile Bigbang Bazinga (Ch) (Donna Robinson)
NSW Calmaceile Mismarvel (Ch.) (Donna Robinson)
NSW Calmaceile Mismoneypenny (Amanda Bruce)
NSW Calmaceile Rajesh Koothrappali (CH) (Amanda Spinks)
NSW Calmaceile Suisan (Ch) (Amanda Spinks)
NSW Calmaceile The Big Bang Theory (CH) (Amanda Bruce)
NSW Calmaceile Unbelevable BigBang (Ch) (Jo Mercer)
NZ Carlin Tulach of Gartferry [Gold & PLATINUM Cert of Merit ] (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
SA Caroq's Zsa Zsa Gabor NE(Imp Swd) (Australian Grand Champion) (Kerryn Pearson)
QLD Chambery Carbon Copy (Ch) (Maxine Lee)
NSW Cioralta Mistipytoes (Ch Duel) (Amanda Spinks)
NSW Collessie Archiduc Josef (CH) (Jude Costello & Jane Seery)
NSW Collessie Candle Bright (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Countrystar Cody (Ch) (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Duchess In Waiting (Ch) (Mrs D Robinson)
NSW Collessie Flying Circus (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Lady Maisry (Ch) (Isobel Strong)
NSW Collessie Reeldancer (Ch) (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Rockstar Hendrix (Ch) (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Sweet Basil (Ch) (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Top Hat (CH) (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Wicked Contessa (CH) (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Wicked Marquesa (Jude Costello)
NSW Collessie Wild Edric (Jude Costello)
NSW Craigend Chiliarch (Champion) (Kathryn Smith)
NSW Craigend Royal Sceptre (Australian Champion BISS) (Kathryn Smith)
NSW Craigend Wicked Game (Champion) (Ms Kathryn Smith)
NSW Craigend Winters Song (Champion) (Kathryn Smith)
NZ Cultraidh Anlon of Gartferry (NZCH) (Patricia Brooker)
NSW Duncairn Angels Rise (K Smith)
NSW Duncairn No Angel (Champion) (K Smith and I Westrup)
NSW Duncairn Royal Grenadier (K Smith)
SA Elkriver Chase The Dream (Aust Ch) (Elkriver Kennels)
NSW Elkriver Griselda (Australian Champion) (Bartram & Smith)
NSW Emeraldcity Adam Gilchrist (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Ambrielle (Ch) (Ginnette Loft)
NSW Emeraldcity Bobbie Way Up High (G. Loft & P. Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Brietta (Ch) (K Smith & G Loft)
NSW Emeraldcity Burley Griffin (Australian Supreme Champion) (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Chrissy Amphlett (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
TAS Emeraldcity Ellyse Perry (K Davies & K Wright)
NSW Emeraldcity Fairweather (Ch) (Ginnette Loft)
NSW Emeraldcity Fields of Joy (Champion) (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Grand Vintage (Champion) (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity I should be so lucky (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
TAS Emeraldcity Kylie Minogue (Champion) (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Mark of Zorro (Australian Supreme Champion) (Liz Mansfield)
NSW Emeraldcity Max Walker (Ch) (Ms G Loft & Mr P Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Nicole Kidman (Champion) (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Ode to Joy (Ch) (Mr Lai Wan Pin)
NSW Emeraldcity Over The Rainbow (Ch) (Ginnette Loft & Peter Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Paris France (Ms G Loft & Mr P Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Pop The Cork (Australian Grand Champion) (Liz Mansfield & Ginnette Loft)
NSW Emeraldcity Ricky Ponting BISS (Ch) (Ms G Loft & Mr P Miller)
VIC Emeraldcity St Petersburg (Ms G Loft & Mr P Miller)
NSW Emeraldcity Taliesin (Australian Grand Champion) (Retired)
NSW Emeraldcity Van Demon (Australian Grand Champion) (Peter Miller & Ginnette Loft)
NSW Emeraldcity Walking on Sunshine (Ch) (Ms G Loft & Mr P Miller)
TAS Emeraldcity Youaremysunshine (Mr P Miller, Ms G Loft & Mrs KM Leslie)
TAS Hannsum Charlotte Tilbury (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Fire Cracker (Aust Ch) (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Flying Scotsman (Aust Ch) (Susan Springer & Kendall Pearce)
TAS Hannsum Ginger Rogers (Aust Ch) (Susan Springer)
SA Hannsum Lets Twist Again (Australian Champion    ) (Kerryn Pearson & Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Magic Moments (Aust Ch) (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Mrs Browns Boy (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Odds On Onyx (Aust Ch) (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Play That Song (Aust Ch) (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Spanner In The Works (Aust Ch) (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Whats Up Buttercup (Susan Springer)
TAS Hannsum Winx (Susan Springer)
NZ Harris Tweed of Bru-hurst (CH) (Wendy Bruning)
WA Highcroft Rare Ruby (Aust Ch) (Lisa Marwick)
WA Highcroft Diamond Dollar Bill (Lisa Marwick)
WA Highcroft Jealous Guy (Aust Ch) (Mrs Lisa Marwick)
WA Highcroft Jealous Jewell (Aust Ch) (Mrs Lisa Marwick)
WA Highcroft Kilo Joule (Miss Lisa J Marwick)
WA Highcroft Rare Diamond Diva (Lisa Marwick)
VIC Howlkin Penny Arcade (K Gilbert, S & C Tolley)
NZ Ishbel of Gartferry [Gold Certificate of Merit] (NZ Ch) (Patricia Brooker)
SA Jerelie Ceilie (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Halfpenny)
VIC Joymont Alaskan Gold (Gr Ch) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont April Love (Ch) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Billy Joel (Champion) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Danielle (Champion) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Dream Catcher (Ch) (Cathy Scotton)
NZ Joymont Dream Machine (Lenore Halliwell)
NSW Joymont Dunlops Dash (GR CH) (G Loft, C Scotton, Y&W Griffin)
VIC Joymont Errol Flynn (Champion) (Mrs Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Eureka (Australian Grand Champion and New Zealand Champion) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont French Lace (Gr Ch) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Hudson (Gr Ch) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Kiss Me Katie (ch) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Picture In Motion (Ch) (Mrs C Wittick & Mrs C Scotton)
VIC Joymont Secret Mission (Supreme Champion) (Cathy Scotton)
NSW Joymont Shaken Not Stirred (Australian Supreme Champion) (Liz Mansfield and Cathy Scotton)
NSW Joymont Sir Walter Raleigh (Supreme Champion) (C Scotton)
VIC Joymont Susie Q (Ch) (Cathy Scotton)
TAS Joymont The Red Baron (Aust Supreme Ch) (Susan Springer & Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont The Spy Who Loved Me (Supreme Champion) (Cathy Scotton)
VIC Joymont Tia Maria (Champion) (Cathy Scotton)
NSW Joymont Tiger Lily (CH) (Ginnette Loft)
VIC Joymont Top of the Town (Cathy Scotton)
NSW Joysum Van Morrison (Aust Grand Champion) (Ginnette Loft,C. Scotton,S. Springer)
QLD Kalan Thyme N Lavender (Ch) (Mr G & Mrs C R Bowers)
NSW Kalan Time In The Sun (Ms G Loft & Mr P Miller)

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