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Chaniekan Flame Keeps Burning
(Dianne Horwell)

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NSW Adrahil All Eyez On Me (Australian Champion) (Rick Carter)
VIC Adrahil Blueprintof Beauty (Aust Ch) (Caitlyn Bull)
NSW Adrahil Frank the butcher (Australian champion) (Paige howes)
NSW Adrahil Fred The Fireman (Kylie Sunman)
NSW Adrahil Geez Shes A Tease (Australian Champion) (Rick Carter)
NSW Adrahil Geez Shes Fine (Rick Carter)
NSW Adrahil I walk the line (Australian champion) (Paige howes)
QLD Adrahil Oh So Proud (Aust Champion. Neuter Champion    ) (Helen Bright)
NSW Adrahil Piece Of My Heart (Australian Champion) (Peta Reid)
NSW Adrahil Shot By N Angel (Australian Champion) (Rick Carter)
NSW Adrahil Shotgun Love (Australian Champion) (Courtney and Simon Locke)
NSW Adrahil Struck By Lightning (Australian Champion) (Rick Carter)
NSW Adrahil The Wizards Sleeve (Cara Hawkins/ Rick Carter)
SA Allamanda Chanelle (Mrs G. Keley)
QLD Allamanda Man Power (Aust Ch) (Ann Parker)
NSW Allamanda Zias Girl (Lisa Nikolovski)
VIC Allsan A Star Is Born (Australian Champion) (K A and S F Arndt)
SA Allsan Fame N Fortune (Aust ch) (Lyn Gilliam)
SA Allsan I Am Arising Star (GRAND CHAMPION) (Lyn Gilliam)
QLD Allsan I am what U C (Aust Ch) (June Evans)
SA Allsan Ode To Patrick (Aust ch) (Lyn & Roy Gilliam)
NSW Apocodeodar Dynamo (Grand Champion) (Nicole & Sue Lane)
WA Aristic Prime Target (Ch) (Aristic Kennels)
NSW Ashblanc Blue Steel (Mrs S A Smith & Dr S C Montgomery)
NSW Ashblanc The Notorious Big (Mrs S A Smith & Dr S C Montgomery)
NSW Ashblanc The Notorious Big (S A Smith & S C Montgomery)
NSW Aslak Little Big Man (Aust Ch) (Reid Family)
VIC Bendonichi Elsa Mexicana (Australian Champion) (Monica Scott)
VIC Bendonichi Greta Garbo (Ms. G. Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Maeve Binchy (Australian Champion) (Glen Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Marlon Brando (Australian Champion) (Ms. G. Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Rhett Butler (Ms. Glen Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Rory Calhourn (Australian Champion) (Glen Donnan)
VIC Bendonichi Scarlet Ohara (Ms. Glen Donnan)
SA Bettachi Imflash Starman (Aust Champion) (Dianne & Kylie Sunman)
VIC Bonito Laddie's Encore (Aust Ch.) (Sanrita)
VIC Bramver's Coryphee (Imp Jpn) (Mrs Allison Rhodes (Reynosa))
QLD Bramver's Power Of Love At Toyopet (IMP JAP) (Australian Chapion) (Helen Bright)
QLD Bramvers Abner (Imp Jap) (Australian Champion) (Helen Bright)
QLD Braperemi Blessed By Benedict (Aust Ch) (D.Horwell)
NSW Braperemi Close Range (P Reid)
NSW Braperemi Down By The River (P Reid)
NSW Braperemi Gunslinger (P Reid)
NSW Braperemi Killinem (Aust Ch) (E Reid)
NSW Braperemi Music Maker (Aust Ch) (Rebecca Reid)
NSW Braperemi Nothing Compares (Ch) (P Reid)
VIC Braperemi Pure Excitement (Caitlyn Bull)
QLD Byjanna Follow That Dream (CIS / MCIG / Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
VIC Caliya Dance With The Devil (Caitlyn Bull)
VIC Caliya Summer Beauty (Caitlyn Bull)
VIC Caliya Summer Love (Caitlyn Bull)
VIC Caliya Touch Of Gold (Ms A. Parkin)
NSW Calysta All Or Nothing (C & S Locke)
NSW Calysta Brew N The Best (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Courtney & Simon Locke)
NSW Calysta Forever More (Australian Champion) (Courtney and Simon Locke)
QLD Calysta Have I Told You Lately (Aust Ch) (Melissa Sticklen)
NSW Calysta Jewelin Thecrown (Courtney & Simon Locke)
VIC Ch Sparklchi Jazz (Kimberly Berlyn)
QLD Chaniekan Flame Keeps Burning (Dianne Horwell)
NT Chardell True Blue (CH) (Diane Chard - Chardell Kennels)
WA Cheekychi Devil Wears Prada (Aust Ch) (E Harrower)
NSW Chelzchugelz Chalco (S Smith & J Hannan)
VIC Chidolls Shelby Cobra (Sanrita Chihuahuas)
QLD Chihevn Dream Spirit (Australian Champion) (Mrs J.Mannell)
TAS Chinkira Dark Nite Rises (Mrs K Rydberg)
WA Chintaro Son Of A Gun (Mrs V McKelvie)
QLD Chisanchi Rogues Lil Rascal (Mrs S Lee)
VIC Chitoy Misstique Xanadu (Aust. Ch.) (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
NSW Cogglyn Watta Boy (Aust Ch) (A & P Schultze)
NSW Countrychi Creme Brulee (Hayley Cusato)
QLD Countrychi Everlasting Love (Melissa Sticklen)
QLD Countrychi PourSomeSugarOnMe (Melissa Sticklen)
QLD Countrychi The Power of Love (Melissa Sticklen)
QLD Crestview Long Awaited (Jennifer McKell)
NSW Dazzles D-Y-N-A-M-I-T-E (Imp USA) (T.Wright)
VIC Dearchi Cadel Washington (Australian Champion) (K. M. Dearness)
VIC Dearchi Chad Chippafield (K.M.Dearness)
VIC Dearchi Crystal Moonlite (Australian Champion) (K.M. Dearness)
QLD Dearchi Dreams R Made (BIS Australian GRAND Champion) (Amanda Thompson)
VIC Dearchi Fancy Ribbons (K.M. Dearness)
QLD Dearchi Heza Sizzler (Aust Ch) (Mrs J.M.Mannell)
VIC Dearchi Jupiter Moonlite (ROYAL BEST IN GROUP AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (K.M. Dearness)
WA Dearchi Kimba Washington (Australian Champion) (Mrs A . Parkin)
VIC Dearchi Miss Xanadu (Aust. Ch.) (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
VIC Dearchi Sonny Washington (ROYAL R/U GROUP/multi R/U BIS/multi BISS/multiRUBISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Mrs Kathy Dearness (Dearchi))
VIC Dearchi Xanadu Quintana (BIS/RUBIS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Vin & Maureen Seppings)
QLD Decerto Diamond Dazzler (Aust. Ch) (Dianne Horwell)
VIC Decerto Diamond Quest (Sanrita Chihuahuas)
SA Diamonchi Diamond Dust (IMP UK) (Ch) (K Tilley, T Sunman, J & A Gunn)
QLD Donbarb Radar (Erin Rough)
VIC Donecca Mad Max (Mrs Sue Vella)
SA Donreo Maidn Hevn (Aust Champion) (Dianne & Kylie Sunman)
QLD Dowluck JP Scarlet Ribbon (Imp Japan) (RU BISS Australian Champion) (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
QLD Eevyon Celestic Umbra (Ch.) (R. James)
QLD Eevyon Cerulean Geisha (R. James)
QLD Eevyon Russian Jewel (R James)
NSW Efectivo Nancy Nopants (Jane Flowers)
VIC Egdim Indiana Jones (Australian Champion) (K.M. Dearness (Dearchi Kennels))
NSW El- Toro Tiki Charm ( imp NZ) (Paige Howes)
NZ El-Toro Chiquita (NZ. CH) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
NZ El-Toro Josephine Smokey Blue (NZ. CH.) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
NZ El-Toro Pepper Supremo (NZ CH) (Ms C E Walters)
NZ El-Toro Rey Spencer at Kitaco (NZ CH) (Ms C E Walters)
NZ El-Toro Satchee Supremo (NZ. CH.) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
QLD El-Toro The Taranaki Terror (Imp NZ) (Aust & NZ Ch) (J. Mannell)
QLD Elmexicano Akira (R James)
NSW Emmoge Kiara's Legacy (Australian Ch) (Emmoge Kennels)
NSW Epi Creme De La Creme (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Epi Golden Girl (Australian Champion & Australian Neuter Champion) (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Epi Patty Cake Patty Cake (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Epi Pretty Pants Bandit (Cara Hawkins)
NSW Epi Roger Rabbit (Cara Hawkins)
SA Espero Diamonds Are Forever (AUST. CHAMPION) (Mrs.I. Nichools)
WA Forangee Designer boy (Australian Champion) (T. Krzyzanowski)
VIC Forangee Time To Tango (Ms A Parkin)
VIC Forangee Wish Come True (Aust Ch) (Caitlyn Bull)
NSW Grandimage Days Go Bye (Australian champion) (Paige howes)
NSW Grandimage Jolene (Paige howes)
NSW Grandimage long hot summer (Australian champion) (Paige howes)
NSW Grandimage Ready To Run (Paige howes)
VIC Grandimage Sugar Pie (Caitlyn Bull)
NSW Grandimage sweet Allabama (Paige howes)
NSW Grandimage top of the world (Australian champion) (Paige howes)
WA Grandimage Tougha Thanth Rest (Mrs V McKelvie)
SA Grandimage walking on sunshine (Paige howes)
NSW Grandimge honey bunch (Paige howes)
VIC Hollychi Black Magic (Aust GR CH) (David Sempel)
VIC Hollychi Diamonds In The Sky (Kathy Fry)
VIC Hollychi Lady Antebellum (Ch) (Karen McCabe)
VIC Hollychi Right Royal Charlie (Australian Champion) (KA And SF Arndt)
VIC Hollychi White Diamonds (Grand Champion Neuter Champion) (Mrs K. McCabe)
NSW Invalhalla Bark At The Moon (J Wilson, P & A Schultze)
NSW Invalhalla In Bloom (P & A Schultze)
NSW Invalhalla La Santa Muerte (Peter & Anna Schultze)
NSW Invalhalla Mr Fahrenheit (J Flowers, P and A Schultze)
NSW Invalhalla Whisprz Ova Blaktea (P & A Schultze)
NSW Invalhalla Zombie Jesus (P & A Schultze)
VIC Irishclan Icecream Sunday (Caitlyn Bull)
QLD Jaja Utaw Im a Gunslinger (J. Mannell and L Brooks)
QLD Jaja Utaw Mexicana Gold (Janelle Mannell and Susan Burton)
SA Janleo Autumn Eagle (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION BIS & BISS) (Kylie Sunman & Janine Warren)
SA Jayjess Lil Darlin (Aust Ch) (E, C & G Teakel)
QLD JenniChis Blue Rhapsody (Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
QLD JenniChis Lone Piper (MCIG Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
QLD JenniChis Lone Ranger (Jennifer McKell)
QLD JenniChis Rhythm N Blues (Australian Champion) (Jennifer McKell)
NSW Jileena Super Hero (E. Scott)
NSW Kangala Angel In Disguise (E.Scott)
NSW Kangala Aristotle (D & R Byrne)
NSW Kangala Aristotle (D & R Byrne)

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