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WA Betabear Whoz Ya Daddy (Nicole Palmer)
WA Bluelord Believe In Karma (Aust Ch) (Mrs J A Williams & Sherae Kennels)
QLD Boombachow Lil Gangsta (Australian Champion) (Andrenina Youle)
NZ Canute Black Widow (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
NZ Canute Take a Chance on Me (Timothy Delaney & H G Willcock)
VIC Chen Chu Cowgirls Don't Cry (Imp USA) (AM and AUS CH.) (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh A Thousand Miles (AI) (Chowleigh Kennels)
SA Chowleigh A Touch of smooth (Australian Champion) (Touchofchow Knls)
NSW Chowleigh Big Girls Don't Cry (Chowleigh Kennels)
NSW Chowleigh Blacks Back AtRynkls (Aust SUPREME CHAMPION) (Di Gooding)
VIC Chowleigh Boom Chicka Boom (Chowleigh Kennels)
SA Chowleigh Box Of Chocolates For Touchofchow (Aust CH) (Touchofchow Knls)
NSW Chowleigh Diamonds Are Forever (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Im A Soul Man (CH.) (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Johnny B Good (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Kiss Me Ketut (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Lady Josephine (Chowleigh Kennels)
NSW Chowleigh Leaf It To Me (Madison van der Ent & Trent Ferrier)
VIC Chowleigh Maggie Moo (Chowleigh Kennels)
NSW Chowleigh Margarita (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Mystery Road (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh One And Only (AI) (Chowleigh Kennels)
NZ Chowleigh Pacific Star (imp Aust) (NZ Ch    ) (Janet Jenkins-Piggott)
NSW Chowleigh Royal Cowgirl (Aus Champion) (Chowleigh Kennels and Rynkls)
NSW Chowleigh Southern Star (Aust Champion) (Chowleigh Kennels and Di Gooding)
NZ Chowleigh Star Maker (NZ CH) (Janet Jenkins-Piggott)
VIC Chowleigh Starry Starry Night (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Sweet Georgia (CH.) (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Sweet Temptation (CH.) (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh The Dark Angel (Chowleigh Kennels)
SA Chowleigh The Mysterious Lady (Multi BIS Neuter Champion, Australian Champion) (Touchofchow Knls)
VIC Chowleigh The Pocket Rocket (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Too Good For You (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Too Good To Be True (Chowleigh Kennels)
SA Chowleigh Touch of Class (MULTI BIS RUBIS SUPREME Champion) (Touchofchow Knls)
VIC Chowleigh Trent Too Good (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Trent Too Good (CH) (Chowleigh Kennels)
VIC Chowleigh Violets Are Blue (Chowleigh Kennels)
NSW Chowpride Destinys Future (S. Potter)
NSW Chowzen Rosso Torro (Di Gooding/ Neil Thompson)
VIC Cross B's Alisha at Sechari (John & Marlene De Lorenzo)
NSW Cross B's American Playboy (IMP USA) (Grand Ch) (David & Susie Simpson)
NSW Cross B's American Sweetheart (IMP USA) (David & Susie Simpson)
VIC Cross B's Cloud Dancer (American and Australian Champion) (John & Marlene De Lorenzo)
VIC Cross B's Cold Winter Breeze (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (John & Marlene De Lorenzo)
NSW Cross B's Gold Dust (IMP USA) (Aust Ch.) (David & Susie Simpson)
NSW Cross B's Miss Prissy (IMP USA) (David & Susie Simpson)
VIC Empireofchow Carmen Arituzsa (A Bishop)
VIC Empireofchow Empressablanca (A bishop)
VIC Empireofchow Halo Fawn Star (Empireofchow)
VIC Empireofchow Kizil Kaya (A Bishop)
VIC Empireofchow Kizmet (A Bishop)
VIC Empireofchow Milaficent (A Bishop)
VIC Empireofchow Mr Theokules (A Bishop)
VIC Empireofchow Prens Akseloki (K Smith)
VIC Empireofchow Rafa (A Bishop)
NSW Empireofchow Stars Atrynkls (Ch.) (Di Gooding & N Thompson)
VIC Empireofchow The Empressa (Australian Champion) (A Bishop)
WA Ersa Stellar (Aust CH) (N S Rhodes)
NZ Esorchows Mei-li (Reuben Dixon)
NZ Esorchows Scream And Shout (Multi BIS Nz Sup Ch) (R W Dixon)
NZ Finnoz Attilio (AI) (NZ Ch) (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
TAS Finnoz Aulus (AI) (Kathryn Hay & Marianne Lahde)
SA Finnoz Aurelia (AI) (Marianne Lahde)
NZ Finnoz Bellissa (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
NZ Finnoz Bellissa (AI) (NZ CH) (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
NSW Finnoz Benedetta (AI) (Aust. CH) (Paul & Marilyn Grebert & Marianne Lahde)
NSW Finnoz Cassiel (AI) (Aust CH) (Paul & Marilyn Grebert/Marianne Lahde)
NSW Finnoz Cornelia (AI) (Aust CH) (Paul & Marilyn Grebert & Marianne Lahde)
NZ FinnOz Creon AI ( imp Aust ) (NZ Champion) (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
NZ Franghetti Babe Magnet (BISS, CH & SPL GR CH) (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
NZ Franghetti Look Out I'm Here (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
NZ Franghetti Mr Valentino (Ch) (Lucia Franghetti-Tupaea)
VIC Haotung Evie Melita (Aust Ch) (John & Marlene De Lorenzo)
NZ Hongchau Kea Fawm (Imp Aust) (New Zealand Champion) (T. & M. Delaney)
NSW Katasia Guns N Roses (CH) (Debra Cummings & Di Gooding)
NSW Katasia Happy Ever Laughter (Ch) (MR P & Mrs M Grebert)
NSW Kuteaz American Star Dust (D & S Simpson)
NSW Kuteaz Playboys Bundy Bear (David & Susie Simpson)
NSW Kuteaz Playboys Magic Man (D & S Simpson)
NSW Kuteaz Playboys Playgirl (David & Susie Simpson)
NSW Kuteaz She Can Do Magic (D & S Simpson)
NSW Kuteaz Shuga Rush (David & Susie Simpson)
NSW Kuteaz Super Semi (David & Susie Simpson)
QLD Majestueux Madam Butterfly (Ch.) (Ms T.Cumner)
QLD Majestueux Oriental Jewel (T.Cumner)
QLD Majestueux Shaolin Zen Emei (Ch) (Tricia Cumner)
QLD Majestueux Xians misdemeanor (CH) (T Cumner)
QLD Malaboo Chinese Whispers (Ch.) (T Cumner)
QLD Malaboo Cracklin Rosie (KD &SL Kane)
WA Malaboo Frozen In Time (AI) (Ms N Rhodes)
QLD Malaboo Oriental Emporor (J & T Cumner)
QLD Malaboo Oriental Treasure (Ch.) (T Cumner)
QLD Malaboo Romeo's Successor (AI) (KD & SL Kane)
WA Malaboo Rosie Rocket (Aust Ch.) (Mrs L Tilbrook)
WA Malaboo Show No Mercy (Aust Ch.) (Mrs L Tilbrook)
WA Malaboo The Truth Is Out There (N Rhodes & K & S Kane)
SA Marsanchow Behold A Son (A Hein)
NSW Marsanchow Dragon Of The Nyte (Aust CH) (Mr P & Mrs M Grebert)
NSW Marsanchow Loki Nyte Thunder (Aust CH) (Mr P & Mrs M Grebert)
NSW Marsanchow Ziva Smooth Bear (Mr P & Mrs M Grebert)
VIC Mi-Paos Cream Cruisader (M De Lorenzo & E Simpson)
WA Moonacre Agatha All Along (Miss N Rhodes)
NSW Moonacre China Doll (Ms Barbara Broughton)
WA Moonchow Stay Wild Moon Child (Ms N Rhodes)
SA Parmelia Aika Pakkaus (Imp. Finland) (Marianne Lähde)
QLD RegalChow Sheba at Majestuex (AI) (Aust Ch.) (J & T Cumner)
NSW Rynkls Black Myst N Sass (Aus Ch.) (Rynkls Chows)
NSW Rynkls Lil Red Corvette (Greg Van E)
QLD Rynkls Majyc is about (CH) (T.cumner)
NSW Rynkls Mayd Ulook (Ch) (Trent Ferrier & Madison van der Ent)
NSW Rynkls Pink Mist N Sass (Di Gooding & N Thompson)
NSW Rynkls Piper Heiddseick (Di Gooding and Neil Thompson)
NSW Rynkls Rebel Rebel (Kim lloyd)
VIC Rynkls Roaring In The Mist (Australian Champion) (Mrs M & Mr K Foster)
NSW Rynkls Southern Star Trekker (Di Gooding & N Thompson)
NSW Rynkls Stars Of The Milky Way (Di Gooding & N Thompson)
NSW Rynkls The Magic Of Ponyo (Rynkls Chows)
NSW Rynkls Trents Star Of Jasmin (Di Gooding & N Thompson)
NSW Rynkls Wild In Pink (Rynkls Chows)
VIC Sechari Ice Man (J and M De Lorenzo)
VIC Sechari Miete Chunky (Aust Ch) (John & Marlene De Lorenzo)
VIC Senge Blue Fleur (Chowleigh Kennels)
WA Senge Pawprints Of A Lion To Bluelord (Aust Ch) (Mrs J A Williams)
WA Shelanu Dark Whisperer (Shelanu Kennels)
QLD Shendara Goku (Shenara Moon)
WA Sherae Black Satin Rose ( AI ) (Aust Ch) (Mrs J A Williams & Sherae Kennels)
WA Sherae Blueberry Muffin (CH.) (Mrs Z J Tarrant)
WA Sherae Bobbi Bozo In Red (Aust Grd Ch) (Mrs J A Williams)
VIC Sherae Cherub Angel in Redlace (Aust Ch) (Adam Bishop)
WA Sherae Dancin Red Fire Dragon (Aust CH) (SHERAE KNLS & Miss N Rhodes)
WA Sherae Funky Monkey On Ice (Aust CH) (Sherae Kennels & Ms N Rhodes)
SA Sherae Koorakai Warilda (Marianne Lahde)
NSW Sherae Kuburra Moot (Aust Ch/BISS/RUBIS) (Di Gooding & Neil Thompson)
WA Sherae Midnite N Brandy (Aust Ch) (Sherae Kennels & Mrs Zoe Tarrant)
NSW Sherae Midnite Orchid In Silk (Neil Thompson and Di Gooding)
WA Sherae Neddys Dancin Fawn Bear (N Rhodes & Sherae Kennels)
NSW Sherae Pink Mist N Willows (Aust Champion) (Di Gooding and Neil Thompson)
WA Sherae Red Dragon Dancer (Aus. CH) (Ms N Rhodes)
WA Sherae Red Moon Spirit Dragon (ai) (Aust Ch.) (N Rhodes)
WA Sherae Star Silva Morningdove (AI) (Sherae Kennels)
WA Sherae Sumo By Fuji (M.B.I.S M.B.I.S.S. AUST GRD CH) (Mrs J A Williams)
NSW Sherae Willi Red Bears A Swede (ai) (Ch) (Mr P & Mrs M Grebert)
NSW Sherae Willi Red Bears A Swede (AI) (Di Gooding and Neil Thompson)
WA Silkroad Code of The Samurai [Imp. NZ.] (Aust Ch) (Mrs J.A.Williams)
WA Timewolf All About Eve (Australian CH) (Miss N Rhodes)
TAS Touchofchow Big Trbl N Lil Tas (Aust Ch.) (S. Frankcombe / J. Mouroufas)
SA Touchofchow Blaze OGlory (Australian Champion) (Touchofchow Knls)
SA Touchofchow Chillz N Thrillz (Aust Ch) (Touchofchow)
SA Touchofchow Da Dark Side In Me (Touchofchow)

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