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Australian Champion Dizzyki JF Fiddlewood
(Dizzyki Kennels)

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VIC Blazeaway Buccaneer (Australian Champion) (Marilyn Cook)
QLD Cobbycurl More Joyous (Helen McDonald)
NSW Curlbrook BlackStarr (Waterfield Kennels)
VIC Curlbrook Divalicious (Australian Champion) (Curlbrook)
VIC Curlbrook Paint Th Moon Black (Curlbrook)
VIC Curlbrook Rhett Butler (Aust Ch) (Curlbrook)
VIC Curlbrook Th Beat Goes On (Curlbrook)
VIC Curlbrook Tricky Bizness (Australian Champion) (Curlbrook)
VIC Curlbrook Working Class Man (ai) (Curlbrook)
SA Curlesque Fringe Siren (Curlesque Kennels)
SA Curlesque Object Of Desire (Curlesque)
SA Curlesque Paragon of Beauty (Curlesque Kennels)
SA Curlesque Touched By Fire (Curlesque)
VIC Curltriever Bad To The Bone (AUST. CH.) (Mr John Gritty)
VIC Curltriever Badbad Leroy Brown (RBIS Australian Champion) (Christine Kelly)
VIC Curltriever Dr Feelgood (Multi BIS Australian Grand Champion) (Christine Kelly)
QLD Curltriever Go Sally Go CCD CDX RN (Dual Champion (T)) (Lyn Kemp)
VIC Curltriever Heavenly Body (Australia Champion) (Chris Kelly)
VIC Curltriever Here Comes The Sun (BIS BISS Australian Champion) (Christine Kelly)
VIC Curltriever Houseoth Risingsun (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Ian Purvis)
VIC Curltriever Ice Ice Baby (AI) (BIG Australian Champion) (Christine Kelly)
VIC Curltriever In Your Face (Australian Champion) (Christine Kelly & Col Latimer)
NSW Curltriever Misstify Me (Chris Kelly)
QLD Curltriever Mr President RN (BIG Australian Dual Champion ccd (T)) (L Kemp)
VIC Curltriever Posh Spice (Australian Champion) (Marilyn & Neville Cook)
VIC Curltriever Son Of A Gun Al (R/up big) (Chris Kelly)
VIC Curltriever The Prodigal Sun (BIG Australian Champion) (curltriever Kennels)
VIC Curltriever The Rising Sun (BIS MBIG Australian Champion) (Chris kelly)
VIC Curltriever Time After Time (BISS BIG Australian Champion) (Christine Kelly)
VIC Curltriever You R My Sunshine (RBISS AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Christine Kelly)
WA Curlyville Billy Jean (Aust. CH) (Ms Sharon Paten)
VIC Curlyville Here We Go Again (Sharon Paten)
VIC Cutecurl Albert Einstein (Ch) (Peta Thiel)
VIC Cutecurl Belle Epoque (Aust Ch) (Peta Thiel)
QLD Cutecurl Kristal (Australian Champion) (Helen McDonald)
VIC Cutecurl Marie Curie (Cutecurl Retrievers)
SA Dizzyki GS Little Dove (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki BC Spinning Wheel (Australian Ch) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki CB Jingle To Cockatoo (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki CD Django In My Dreams (AI) (A Ch) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki CM Strzlecki Desert (Aust Ch) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki DC Songs From The Wood (Australian Ch) (Dizzyki)
SA Dizzyki DJ Imagine Love (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki DJ Power To The People (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki FG Windward Drift (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki GC Glorious Morning (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki GF Constance (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki GJ Imperial Design (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki GS Robin Hood (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki Hima Drifter (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki HY Tibetan Khapse (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki JF Blueberry Ash (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki JF Fiddlewood (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki LB Lennons Hero (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki LB Lennons Yoko (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki Little Big Man (Australian Champion) (A Coad)
SA Dizzyki Llyn Gwernan (Australian Champion) (C & S Jones)
SA Dizzyki MC Santorini (Australian Ch) (Dizzyki kennels)
SA Dizzyki MF David Crosby (Australian Grand Champion) (Dizzyki)
SA Dizzyki MF Nancy Bird Walton (Australian Ch) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki MG Willow Flute (Australian Ch) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki MS Ariel (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki MV Ruby Crushed Velvet (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki MV Ruby Weavers Lament (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki OW Willonleather (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki RW Coonawarra (Australian Champion) (F & J Gelormini)
NSW Dizzyki RW Padthaway (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki SB Sundevil President (Australian Ch) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki TA Tredegar (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki TC Garde Laurie (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki TC Garde Tangerine (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki TF Enapay (Australian Champion) (K & C Valentine)
SA Dizzyki TF Tasinasapewin CCD (Australian Champion) (Rosemary Hoare)
SA Dizzyki The Wizard (Australian Champion) (Peter and Chris Marrotti)
SA Dizzyki Thimble Rigger (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki TR Fidelma (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Dizzyki WJ Weavers Pink Satin (AI) (Dizzyki Kennels)
SA Gladrags Just Power of Love ( Imp UK ) (Australian Champion) (Dizzyki kennels)
VIC Huntaway Fire And Ice (AI) (Aust. CH) (Sharon Paten)
VIC Keysteel Angel Eyes (Australian Champion) (Marilyn and Neville Cook)
TAS Keysteel Causin A Commotion (Aust Ch) (Cheryl Quinn)
VIC Keysteel Chiquitita (Aust Ch) (Peta Thiel)
VIC Keysteel Done N Dusted (Marilyn & Neville Cook)
VIC Keysteel Dream Maker (Marilyn & Neville Cook)
VIC Keysteel Partisan (MBISS Australian Champion) (Marilyn & Neville Cook)
VIC Keysteel Solatairy Spark AI (Aust Champion) (Marilyn Cook)
TAS Keysteel Under My Sun (BIS RUBIS Aust Champion) (Cheryl Quinn)
QLD Kunzulu Serendipity (Australian Champion) (Helen Robinson)
SA McLarenVale Boysrback Barbmac (Aust Ch) (Curlesque)
VIC Miamba Bangerang (Mrs S Villiers & Mrs K Belbin)
SA Softmaple BackCast Traveler (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Dizzyki Kennels)

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