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Australian Ch Eireannmada Stoneleigh
(Greg Browne)

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QLD Aberlour Bradach - imp NZ (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR)
QLD Aberlour Nobodys Fool (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR KENNELS)
WA Aberlour Teddy Roosevelt (Aust CH) (Ms S Jamieson)
NSW Aldersett Amber Rose (Ch) (Dee & Richard Jones)
ACT Aldersett Fields of Gold (Aust Grand Ch) (Lesley Shirley)
NSW Aldersett Heavens Above (Ch) (Dee & Richard Jones)
NSW Aldersett Lavender Blue (Ch) (R & D A Jones)
NSW Aldersett Ophelia (Ch) (Dee & Richard Jones)
NSW Aldersett Portrait In Blue (Ch) (Mr R & Mrs D Jones)
NZ Ballymore Class Act (Ch) (K Parnell, J James & D Gibson)
SA Ballymore Double Impact (Imp NZ) (RBIS RBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Tracie Edwards)
NZ Ballymore Touch Of Class (Ch) (K Parnell, J James & D Gibson)
NSW Bendeela Absolutely Fabulous (Aust Ch) (Paul Terrett)
NSW Bendeela Born To Rule (Ch) (Paul Terrett)
NSW Bendeela Born To Win (Paul Terrett)
NSW Bendeela To The Manor Born (Gr CH) (Paul Terrett)
NSW Bendeela Token To The Manor (CH) (Paul Terrett)
VIC Bridgewood Any Time At All (Darren Bowey & Bev Watt)
NSW Bridgewood Come Fly Away (Aust Ch) (Darren Bowey & Bev Watt)
VIC Bridgewood Double A (Aust. Ch.) (Darren Bowey & Bev Watt)
VIC Bridgewood Front Page News (Aust Supreme Ch) (D Renwood, D Bowey & B Watt)
VIC Bridgewood Heir Apparent (Ch) (Darren Bowey)
VIC Bridgewood Life N Times (Ch) (Peter Harper, Darren Bowey & Bev Watt)
VIC Bridgewood Mile High (Aust Supreme Ch) (P Harper /D Bowey /B Watt)
VIC Bridgewood Take It Easy (Ch) (P Stevenson, D Bowey, J Hubbard, B Watt)
VIC Bridgewood Up Up And Away (Aust Ch) (Karen Kristof, Darren Bowey & Bev Watt)
VIC Chebaco's Bridgewood Guard (Imp USA) (Am & Grand Ch) (Darren Bowey)
WA Eireannmada Break n Free (BISS/BIS/RUIS Supreme Ch) (Mr G Browne/Miss M Briggs)
VIC Eireannmada Cloudy Bay (Australian Ch) (Greg Browne)
NSW Eireannmada Corpus Christi (Sup Ch) (Dee Jones & Greg Browne)
NZ Eireannmada Emmanuel (Australian & NZ CH) (Judy James and Greg Browne)
NSW Eireannmada Hetty Wainthropp (Sup Ch) (Mrs D A Jones & Mr G B Browne)
WA Eireannmada Lancaster (BISS/BIS Supreme) (Mr G Browne .Miss M Briggs & Mrs D Jones)
VIC Eireannmada Stoneleigh (Australian Ch) (Greg Browne)
NSW Eireannmada Trieste (Ch) (Dee & Richard Jones)
NSW Eireannmada Trinity Hill (Ch) (Dee & Richard Jones)
NSW Fairray Quick N Go (Marlene Cross)
VIC Fireplay Circe (N Schryver)
VIC Fireplay Gold Dusted (Robert & wendy Stobbie)
ACT Fireplay Live Long and Prosper (Grand Ch) (K Britten, M Morrissey and N Schryver)
QLD Fleckwood Tri Intrigue - imp NZ (Aust CH) (Lyn Dunne - ABERLOUR KENNELS)
QLD Glengordon Bees Allonsy (V Ormandy)
SA Glengordon Bees Dancinmoonbeam (Mr J & Mrs Nickholds/Miss E Todd)
SA Glengordon Chances True Blue (Aust Ch) (Mr J & Mrs S Nickholds/Miss E Todd)
SA Glengordon Thunders Sky Vader (Mr J & Mrs S Nickholds & Miss E Todd)
ACT Graylors Autumn Colours (CH) (Lesley Shirley)
NZ Graylors Blue for Thorneycroft (NZ CH) (Mrs W van Diepen)
NSW Graylors Buster Jones (Aust Ch) (Rikki Touzell)
NSW Graylors Diva Of Tomorrow (R and J Touzell)
NSW Graylors lady Mooch (Aust ch) (M Cross)
NSW Graylors Lisa Lotto (Aust Ch/Neuter Ch) (Julie Touzell)
NSW Graylors Shades Of Gray (Marlene Cross)
NSW Graylors Storm Breaker (Australian) (Gray Lenz)
SA Graylors Thor The Warrior (Aust Ch) (Mr J & Mrs S Nickholds & Miss E Todd)
NZ Hei Tiki Sunstorm (Mrs W van Diepen)
SA Mistypoint Dare To Dream (AI) (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Field Of Dreams (AI) (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Follow Your Dreams (AI) (Aust Ch) (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint In Your Dreams (AI) (Aust Ch) (T L Edwards)
NSW Nundialla Fight Fire With Fire (M Cross)
NSW Nundialla Fire N Ice (Marlene cross)
QLD Nundialla Indecentobsession (Ch) (Sonica)
NSW Nundialla Sceria (Marlene cross)
VIC Orwin Pertunia (Ch) (Richard Scott)
VIC Orwin Prince Of Polaris (Aust Ch) (E Reid)
VIC Orwin Qassandra (Richard Scott)
SA Orwin Rex Luther (Aust Ch) (Mr J & Mrs S Nickholds/Miss E Todd)
VIC Penmaen & Hemlock Lane Silver N Gold (Imp USA) (AUST & AM CH) (Richard Scott)
QLD Sagapore Foriegn Xchange IID USA (Aust Ch) (Exh)
VIC Sapperset Special Operations (L Shirley/S Natoli)
QLD Sappersett Special Force (Aust Ch) (Lesley Shirley and Ruth Best)
ACT Sappersett Strike Swiftly (CH) (Lesley Shirley)
QLD Sunskadi Lagertha (Sonica)
SA Talshae Pure Spirit (Aust Ch) (Tracie Edwards)
VIC Tarquin Continuum (Grand Ch) (D. Bowey, B. Watt, G Browne)
VIC Tarquin Once Again (Ch) (Darren Bowey & Bev Watt)
NSW Tarquin Once Is Not Enough (Grand Ch) (B Wistuba, D Bowey & B Watt)
VIC Tarquin Time Honoured (Aust.Ch.) (Darren Bowey & Bev Watt)
QLD Waratah Easter Hopping Mad (Ch) (jasinta Chapman)
QLD Waratah Gunners Mate (Ch) (jasinta Chapman)
NSW Willowpond N Bendeela Im Warning you (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Ch) (Paul Terrett)
QLD Wysiwyg I'll toss you for it (Ch) (Vic Jones)

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