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LaShaoon The Rose
(Sharon Hector)

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VIC A'Vigdors Galvano (Imp Russia) Via USA (B Andre & S Jervies)
SA Abiaan Casanova Boy (Rebecca King & Ben McWatt)
SA Abiaan Cover Girl (AI) (CH) (Mr B McWatt)
QLD Abiaan Designer Boy (AI) (Mr B McWatt)
QLD Abiaan Destinys Girl (AI) (Mr B McWatt)
QLD Abiaan Maverick Boy (AI) (Mr B McWatt)
QLD Abiaan Primadonna Girl (AI) (BISS, RUBISS, Aust CH) (B. McWatt)
QLD Abiaan Rebel Boy (AI) (CH) (Mr B McWatt)
QLD Abiaan Rocketeer Boy (AI) (Ben McWatt)
SA Abiaan XOXO Gossip Girl (Rebecca King)
VIC Amirus Smokin Somethin (Aust Ch) (B Andre & S Jervies)
QLD Amirus Smokin Somethin (CH) (Mrs Tracy Ohl)
QLD Amityalexas Tiny Dancer (ai) (Tegan Beattie)
QLD Anniepride Gorilla Inthe Mist (AJ & F Paterson)
NZ Apollo Treize De Centaine (Andria Gibson)
NSW Arihara Ace Of Spades (Aust CH) (Luciana Giorgioni)
QLD Ashinad Napoleon Brandee (Karen Smith)
QLD Ashinad Prncss Cholebear (Aust Ch) (Heather Ferguson)
NZ Astre Dare T Take Onth' Dragon At Tuiwood (J Richards)
NZ Astre Girl Of My Dreams At Peppertree (Kelly Frederickson)
QLD Aveclespoir Bruno Bambino (Mrs. D Ellenden)
QLD Avenir Chocolat (Aust Ch) (A Watson)
QLD Avenir Cute As A Button (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Watson)
QLD Avenir Field Of Dreams (Aust Ch) (A Watson)
QLD Avenir Noir Chevalier (Aust Ch) (A Watson)
QLD Avenir Nothing But the Truth (AI) (Mrs A Watson)
QLD Avenir Petti Fleur (Ms S Scruby & Mrs A Watson)
QLD Avenir Rhythm N Blues (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Watson)
QLD Avenir Sundae Le Regal (AI) (Mrs A Watson)
QLD Avenir Tall Poppy (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Watson)
VIC Badinage Shes In Style (Cleo Stars Kennels)
VIC Barjarz About Time (Ch) (Vicki Scott)
VIC Barjarz Brother Chunk (Vicki Scott)
VIC Barjarz Jordi Molla (Vicki Scott)
SA Barjarz Walk The Chalk (J.L.& A.H. Griffin)
SA Barjarz What About Me (Aust. Ch.) (J.L. & A.H. Griffin)
NZ Batear La Belle Etoile (Ch) (Chris & Helen Jefferies)
NZ Batenbull Unstoppable Luther (N Z Champion) (H Jefferies)
WA Batnbull Xquisite Louisvuitton (Mrs C van Verseveld & Mrs J Boskov)
SA Beautaureau Black Beauty (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Black Opal (Australian Champion) (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Dans Le Dragon (Australian Champion) (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Embrasse Mon Toosh (Australian Champion) (Cherie Terry)
SA Beautaureau Girl from the Hood (Australian Champion) (Ms F Kearney)
SA Beautaureau J Adore Le Garcon (Australian Champion) (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Miss Bella (Australian Champion) (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Ov King Kong (Australian Champion) (F Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Potins Idol (Australian Champion) (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Sneaky Me (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau The Experience (Fiona Kearney)
SA Beautaureau Toujours Le Joker (AI) (Australian Champ) (Cherie Terry)
SA Beautaureau Tout Sur Moi (Fiona Kearney)
NZ Bellissima at Gesundheit. Imp Italy (Errol Tooth/Graham Hagger)
QLD Beloved AC/DC (IMP Taiwan) ((RUBIS)Aust Ch) (Jenni Bill)
SA Bendegedig lil wayne(imp UK) (Amanda Cadd/ Kiangsi Kennels)
VIC Beverly Golden Verni Vergo (Imp Poland) (Linda Bruno)
QLD Blaazay Keeper Of Dreams (Paula Hill & Wendy Bennett)
QLD Bonzabull Alphonse (Aust Ch) (Jeff Hart and Jana Pearson)
QLD Bonzabull Dream Maker (Aust Ch) (Jacqui Shaw)
WA Bonzabull Helles Halo (Em Cyprien Frenchies)
QLD Bonzabull Nothing Up My Sleeve (Sharon Mangles)
VIC Bostondane High Roller (AUST CH) (Kaysand Kennels)
ACT Boudin woop de woop (Ch) (Miss K Cassidy)
WA Boule & Onuba Glam (Imp ESP) (Ch) (Senthil Arunachalam)
NSW Bousson Lily Rose Royale (Aust Ch) (M Orfanos)
NSW Bousson Stella Royale (M Orfanos)
WA Braunbull Braggadocious McCool (pending) (Christine Smith)
NSW Brebbie Bold As Brass (Australian Champion) (Tykabul Kennels)
NSW Briallen Be Sweet Love (B. Miniter and A O'Connor)
NSW Briallen Elvisrunsriot (Ch.) (A O'connor and B Miniter)
NSW Briallen Franco N Original (Glen Vernon and Anne O'Connor)
QLD Brindlelicus me n my girl (Aust Ch) (Nicole Oldfield)
QLD Brindlelicus Perfect Storm (N Oldfield)
QLD Brindlelicus Pocket Rocket (Nicole Oldfield)
QLD Brindlelicus Shes Demanding (Aust Ch) (N Oldfield)
QLD Brindlelicus show no mercy (Aust Neuter Champ) (Nicole Oldfield)
QLD Brindlelicus Stand N Deliver (Aust Ch) (Nicole Oldfield)
QLD Brindlelicus Wild Orchid (N Oldfield)
TAS Britbull Devil Woman (Aus Ch) (B , S & A Courtney)
WA Britbull luna lovegood (Ken and sandra winter)
WA Britbull time turner (K and s winter)
WA Britbull Xenophilius Lovegood (K&s winter)
NSW Brunkerville Gusteau (Mr A Gettens)
NSW Bubbasbest Hugo (Yuki)
NSW Bubbasbest Miss Keida (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jennifer Fitzgerald)
NSW Bullkrazy A Peinture de Guerre (Thorpe & Daidone)
QLD Bullstone Stylish Aura (Ch) (J Hart and J Pearson)
QLD Bullstone Stylish Beau (Ch) (Jeff Hart and Jana Pearson)
WA Buntalini Bruce Wayne (Sharon Mangles AND Kellie Derosa)
QLD Buntalini Clark Kent (Sharon Mangles)
VIC Carrski Orrinshire (Australian Ch) (Shirley Taylor)
SA Carte Truffe How Do You Do (IMP FIN) (Westobri Kennels)
NZ Carte Truffe War of the Titans (Scott & Loretta Lovell)
NSW Castlehaines Charisma (Imp UK) (Davidson & Rosser)
SA Cauzinhavoc Getya War Paint On (L& D & J Thorpe & Daidone)
SA Cauzinhavoc Just Do It (Ch.) (Mrs.M.Sawley,)
SA Cauzinhavoc Reverie (Ms.F.Miller & Mrs.Y.Draper)
NSW Cauzinhavoc showem I'm top gun (Mrs S Roberts & msA Cadd)
SA Cauzinhavoc Showem Imdads Boy (Draper & Miller)
SA Cauzinhavoc Showem Imdads Girl (Draper & Miller)
SA Cauzinhavoc War n Peace (Aust Ch) (Mrs Y Draper)
VIC Celticjewelz Le Coeur De Lamer (Mrs Wendy Bennett)
VIC Celticjewelz Pandoras Box (Mrs C Powell)
NZ Centaine Aint Misbehavin at Galerie (NZ Ch) (Caroline Roberts)
NZ Centaine Bam Ba Lam (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine Benny N The Jets (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine For Fox Sake (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine Gunz N Rosez (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine Stick to Your Guns (Bev Kipa)
NZ Centaine Up N Atom Ant (Andria Gibson)
NZ Cest La Vie De Centaine (Andria Gibson - Centaine Kennels)
VIC Chalsmae Hudson (E Tabary-Collins)
VIC Chantrey Moet (Aust Champion) (J & P Anderson)
VIC Chantrey Shiraz (Aust Champion) (J & P Anderson)
SA Chicchien Phoenixx Rose (Aust Ch) (Y Draper)
VIC Chocos tickle me elmo (Justine Gordon)
NZ Chrishell Belle of the Ball (Champion) (Helen Jefferies)
QLD Chrishell La Vie D'Amour (Aust Ch) (A Watson)
WA Chrishell Le D'or Soleil (AI) (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Em Cyprien Frenchies)
NSW Chrishell Mis En Place ( IMP NZ) (Miss K Smith)
VIC Chrishells Joie De Vivre (Imp NZ) (Aust Champion) (J & P Anderson)
QLD Chrisshell Amina (IMP NZL) (AUST CH) (Mrs Tracy Ohl)
VIC Cidaq Qute As (Vicki Scott)
WA Clarence De Soleure (IMP CHE) (T.Zapantis)
VIC Cleostars Coffee (Cleostars Kennels)
VIC Cleostars Maple (Cleostars Kennels)
VIC Cleostars Toffee (Cleostars Kennels)
NSW Cocohills Alfie Baby (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jennifer Fitzgerald)
NSW Colkerry His Excellency (Aust Neut Ch) (Sally Cole)
QLD Conchaos Feel The Force (C. Woods)
QLD Conchaos That’s Our Romeo ( Aust Ch) (Sara Brown)
NZ Congistador Frodo Baggins (NZ CH) (R & P Lowe)
NZ Congistador Thomas The Tank (BISS) (R & P Lowe)
NZ Cosmique George Clooney (Judith Henderson)
QLD Cosmique Lilly Langtry (Kellie Lalor)
QLD Cyprien Baileys On Ice (Aust Ch) (Em Cyprien & Jo Windle)
WA Cyprien Belle Starr (Em - Cyprien Frenchies)
WA Cyprien Concepteur Etiquette (Aust Ch) (Em Sibly & Kim Morrow)
WA Cyprien Harley Quinn (Em Cyprien Frenchies)
WA Cyprien Strawberry Shortcake (Christine Smith)
WA Cyprien The Ginja Ninja (Em Cyprien Frenchies)
QLD Cyprien Wicked Game (Aust Ch) (Em and Jo)
NSW D'Accord Beau Geste (Multi BIS BISS GRAND CH) (Sheridan Ledger & Dean Paine)
NSW Daccord Charismatique Colette (M A Rosser & E L Davidson)
NSW Daccord Enchantresse (BISS Champion) (M A Rosser & E L Davidson)
NSW Daccord Frederic (BISS & RUBISS Champion) (M A Rosser & E L Davidson)
NSW Daccord Funny Valentine (AUST CH) (Jacqueline Mesure)
NSW Daccord la Vie en Rose (RUBISS Champion) (Rosser & Davidson)
NSW Daccord Master Yoda (BIS BISS Champion) (M A Rosser E L Davidson)
NZ Daccord Petite Nina (Ch) (Scott & Loretta Lovell)

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