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QLD Angelsun Celestial (Ch.) (Folkvar)
QLD Angelsun Celestial Bliss (Ch) (Heather Harrell)
QLD Angelsun Celestial Galaxy (Gr.Ch) (Angelsun Kennels)
QLD Angelsun Continuum (Ch) (Folkvar)
VIC Angelsun Excalibur (Am-Can-Lux-Port-Sp-Mon-Gib-Fra-Int Ch.) (Esther Lopez-Capitain)
QLD Angelsun Fire Glow (Angelsun Kennels)
VIC Angelsun Great Balls Of Fire (Australian Champion) (Gill Harding)
QLD Angelsun Have You Heard (Ch. NGr.Ch.) (Angelsun Kennels)
QLD Angelsun Into The Fire (Aust Ch) (Mrs Brenda Turner)
VIC Angelsun Mine All Mine (Imp Can) (Ch) (Heather Harrell)
NSW Angelsun Powerful Two Point O (Ch) (Leanne Vowles)
TAS Angelsun Red Power ToKayem (Champion) (Kerry Adams)
TAS Angelsun Secret Whispers (Champion) (Kerry Adams)
QLD Anglesun The Power of One (Aust Ch   ) (Kym Giller)
QLD Axis Pride Of Melka (Imp NZ) (Aust. Ch) (J & A Fryer - G. Harding & R Paunovic)
QLD Dabney's Sweet William (Imp USA), CD, BN, RE, AX, AXJ, CGC, TT, TDI. (International Ch. Am. AKC & UKC Ch.) (A & A Dengler. (Masterkarn-semen only))
QLD Daveren Mythic Legends at Masterkarn (Imp USA) (Aust. Ch.) (Masterkarn kennels)
WA Elstenberg Rheinemaiden (Masterkarn kennels)
SA Eva Gabor of Melka (Imp NZ) (New Zealand Champion) (Masterkarn kennels)
SA FireDragon Empyrean King CCD JD ET (Aust Champion) (W Jamie & Jo Grundy)
QLD Folkvar Day Dream Believer (Aust Ch) (Mrs B Turner)
QLD Folkvar Thyme To Shyne (Liisa Kersevani)
NSW Guardian Ivys Fabulous Image (AI) (Gr Ch) (Leanne Vowles)
VIC Jewelwatch Martini Rose (Aust. CH) (Gill Harding)
NSW Kaitler Costa Pretypenny (RUBISS Ch) (Michele Beyer)
NSW Kaitler Excess Power ET (Australian Ch) (John Mayer)
NSW Kaitler Foreign Flare (Australian Ch) (M. Beyer & A Manton)
NSW Kaitler Grand Illusion SJTD (GPCNSW & Australian Ch) (Beyer - Manton)
NSW Kaitler Lady Luck (Michele Beyer)
NSW Kaitler Lord Illusion (Australian Ch) (Beyer & Manton)
NSW Kaitler Mastermind (Int /CFC/ Can/ Am/ Aust Grand Ch) (Kimberle Schiff & Heather Green -USA/CAN)
NSW Kaitler Mind Over Matter (American & Australian Ch) (Michele Beyer)
NSW Kaitler Oakwood Medallion (Michele Beyer)
NSW Kaitler Thunda Down Under (Australian Champion) (M Beyer)
QLD Kayem Secret Aurora (Angelsun Kennels)
VIC Kedwell's Eine Reise Mache CGN (Am/ Can Gr Ch.) (Heather Harrell)
NSW Masterkarn Back N Style (Aust.Ch.) (S Dunn)
SA Masterkarn BoyznBlack (Australian Champion) (Jill Eastman - DAVEREN kennels - USA)
QLD Masterkarn Dancing with Fire (Aust. Ch.) (J & A Fryer -Masterkarn kennels)
QLD Masterkarn Did It I Did (Australian Champion) (Masterkarn kennels)
WA Masterkarn Did It Right (Australian Champion) (K Brown)
QLD Masterkarn Echo Of Pure Dance (Aust & NZ Ch.) (Masterkarn kennels)
VIC Masterkarn Fancy Free N Easy (AUST. CH.) (G.Harding)
QLD Masterkarn FancyPants IsonFire (A& T Issleib -Temerity kennels)
QLD Masterkarn Fire Cracker (Australian Champion) (Masterkarn Kennels - A. Fryer)
WA Masterkarn HotternHell (Australian Champion) (Elstenberg kennels - W. Howard)
QLD Masterkarn Just Candy Coated (Masterkarn kennels)
QLD Masterkarn Legend of Vulcan (NZ CH) (A Tansey)
QLD Masterkarn Legends N Myths (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Brenda Turner)
NSW Masterkarn Made By Design (Aust. Ch.) (C. Mainey)
QLD Masterkarn Made In Heaven (Aust. Ch) (Anita Fryer. John Fryer)
QLD Masterkarn My Von Reiner Tanz (A. Tansey)
QLD Masterkarn Original Temptation (S. Ballen)
WA Masterkarn Perfect Ambition (Aust.Ch) (S Warrell)
SA Masterkarn Pure Ambition (Australian Champion) (Masterkarn kennels)
QLD Masterkarn Simply TheBest (Australian Champion) (Masterkarn kennels -J & A Fryer)
WA Masterkarn Wind Stalker (Aust Ch) (Elstenberg Kennels - W.V.Orsouw)
QLD Melka Atlas at Masterkarn (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Masterkarn kennels)
QLD Melka Pumpkin Patch at Masterkarn (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Masterkarn kennels)
SA Miesterpin Gustav (Aust.Ch.) (J & A Fryer-Masterkarn kennels)
SA Miesterpin Monique (Aust.Ch.) (J & A Fryer-Masterkarn kennels)
QLD Milsky Purple Poppy (Mrs Brenda Turner)
NSW Oakwood V Kaitler Tribute (American Champion) (Jill Eastman)
NSW Oakwood V Kaitlers Revival (American & Canadian) (Judy Vandervort)
QLD Piratepoint Kulta Aarre (IID Finland) (Aust. Ch) (S. Dunn)
SA Puck Von Cronsbach (Imp Gmy) (Aust.Ch.) (J & A Fryer-Masterkarn kennels)
VIC Ravenred Supa Star 'WWPD' (Aust. Ch. Neuter Ch.) (Lisa Prior)
QLD Temerity Invince-A-Bill (Imp USA) (Am. Ch.) (J & A Fryer - Masterkarn kennels)
QLD Ufourea Sunfire Girl (imp Can) (Can/Aust Ch.) (Angelsun Kennels)
NSW Winpara GP The Power of Money ( AI ) (Grand Champion) (Kym Giller)

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