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VIC Alwood Counterfeit (GRAND CHAMPION) (Alana Sharp)
VIC Alwood Eruption (Alana Sharp)
VIC Alwood Illusion (CHAMPION) (Alana Sharp)
NSW Alwood Mr Hastings (CHAMPION) (Joan)
VIC Alwood Mr Hinch (CHAMPION) (Alwood Kennels)
VIC Armorgrif Asmodeus (Gr Ch) (Ms R & Mr A Morse)
VIC Armorgrif Beelzebub (Ch) (Robyn Morse)
VIC Armorgrif Gideon (Neuter Ch) (Robyn Morse)
VIC Armorgrif Jezebel (Ch) (Ms Robyn Morse)
VIC Armorgrif Kyla Aine (Ch) (Robyn Morse)
VIC Armorgrif Padme Amidala (Ch) (Robyn Morse)
VIC Armorgrif Persephone (Ch) (Robyn Morse)
VIC Armorgrif Temperance (Ms Robyn Morse)
SA Badiza Chynna Doll (Roxbud Kennels)
SA Badiza Just Devine (Roxbud Kennels)
NSW Balliol Fezzywig Fever (Ch/Neuter Ch) (M Parker Brien)
NSW Balliol Gellert Grindlewald (Grand Ch) (J Tremenheere & M Parker-Brien)
NSW Balliol Gertie Giggles (Grand Ch) (M.A Parker Brien)
NSW Balliol Impish Incantation (Ch) (M ParkerBrien)
NSW Balliol Kaptain Krum (Ch) (Michelle Parker Brien)
NSW Balliol Kendra Kadabra (Ch) (Michelle Parker Brien)
NSW Beagriff Bosonova (Aust & NZ Ch) (Lee & Frank Pieterse)
VIC Bonitagriff Blaze Of Dawnlight (Ms R Carlisle)
VIC Bonitagriff Spark Of Dawnlight (Ms R Carlisle)
VIC Bonitagriff Twink Of Dawnlight (Ms R Carlisle)
VIC Campionecani Dantes Inferno (Ms C A Jones)
VIC Campionecani Immaculata (Ms C A Jones)
VIC Campionecani Vincenzo Liscia (Ms C A Jones)
NSW Cityjack Kozz I Can (Mr G Inifer)
NZ Cricklewood Miss Tuttelbee (Ch) (David Fifield)
NSW Cricklewood Night Of Magic In Paris (Imp NZ) (Ms M Parker-Brien)
NZ Cricklewood Red Alert at Paris (Mr David Fifield & Mrs Sandie Meads)
VIC Griffonsburg Jefferson Davis (Ch) (Dr I Mitchell)
VIC Griffonsburg Miss Virginia (Ch) (Dr I Mitchell)
VIC Griffonsburg Vespers Victory (Ch) (Dr I Mitchell)
NSW Harvikgold Breeze In The Woods (Aust Champ) (Carolyn Woods)
QLD I am Rosa at Tzani unlimited (Imp NOR) (Aust CH) (Diana Norman)
NSW Kango Kewpie Doll (Garry Inifer)
NSW Kango Kosmik Comet (G Inifer)
VIC Kango Pootin On The Ritz (Ch) (Ms R Carlisle)
VIC Kango Simply Red (E Tabary-Collins)
NSW Kehael Luna Lovegood (J Tremenheere)
NSW Kosmas Konfident Step (Imp UKU) (AU CH) (G Inifer)
NSW Marquant The Lover (Imp UK) (UK CH AUST CH) (Diana Norman, Tim Mills & Kerry Bell)
VIC Millbank Berry Surprise (Aust Ch) (Heather & Shelley Delaland)
VIC Millbank Circus Kaos (Aust Ch) (S & H Delaland)
VIC Millbank Hot Berry Pie (Clare van der Wolde/H & S Delaland)
VIC Millbank Huckle Berry (Aust Ch) (Heather & Shelley Delaland)
VIC Millbank Ruff en Wyld (Aust Grand Champion) (SR & HJ Delaland)
NSW Nagpuni Brooklyn Babe CCD. RE. (Aust.Ch.) (Terri Odell)
NSW Nagpuni In The Midnight Hour (Ch    ) (Terri Odell)
NSW Nagpuni Midnight Mischief RN. (Grand Ch.) (Terri Odell)
NSW Nagpuni Secret Agent RN. (Ch.) (Terri Odell)
NSW Nagpuni Shaken Not Stirred (Ch.) (Terri Odell)
VIC Nouveau Demonstratif (IMP NZL) (NZ Ch) (Graham Watson)
QLD Nouveau Desecrator (Nz Ch) (Shane Thomas)
QLD Nouveau Dramatic (Imp NZ) (Ch) (S A Thomas)
NSW Oblix valis bohemia (Imp CZE) (Czech club champion) (Gen hong)
NZ Paris Fat Bottomed Girl (Mrs Sandie Meads)
NSW Paris Starry Starry Night Imp NZ (Ch) (J Wistuba & M Parker Brien)
NSW Raweke Apple Cider (Ch) (J Wistuba & M Parker Brien)
NSW Raweke Basil Brush (Ch) (M Parker Brien)
NSW Raweke Bunty Bear (Ch) (M Brien Parker)
QLD Raweke Micky Mouse (Multi BIS & Multi RUBIS Gr Ch) (S Thomas)
NSW Raweke Patti Mae CCD (Ch) (M Parker Brien)
NSW Raweke Teasel Toadfax (Ch) (M Parker Brien)
NSW Raweke Toby Lannister (S Thomas)
NSW Raweke Yogi Bear CD (Ch) (M Parker Brien)
NSW Rosndae Charlie Brown (Aust.Ch) (Roslyn & David Finch)
NSW Rosndae Charlies Angel (Aust Champion) (Mrs Roslyn Finch)
SA Roxbud Splash Of Bully (Aust Ch) (Roxbud Kennels)
SA Roxbud Splash Of Ebony (Roxbud Kennels)
QLD Shigriff Sam I Am (Aust Ch) (Ven Grasso)
NSW Shigriff sexy and I know it (Same)
QLD Sibermoon Rebel Rouser (Multi RUBIS Ch) (Shane Thomas)
VIC Statuesque Betty Boop (Ch.) (C A Jones)
VIC Statuesque Cant Get Enuff Ruff (SBIS Champion) (Miss C A Jones)
VIC Statuesque Hoochy Poochy (Ch.) (Ms C Jones)
NSW Statuesque William Wombat (Aust Ch) (Statuesque)
VIC Tabalin BT Elodie (Aust Ch.) (Mr P & Mrs A West)
VIC Tabalin BT Lil Bat (E Tabary-Collins)
VIC Tabalin Curly (E. Tabary-Collins)
VIC Tabalin Pallas (E Tabary-Collins)
VIC Tenayshus Totally Theodore (Ms C A Jones)
SA Toitoi Al Capone ( Imp Nz) (Roxbud Kennels)
QLD Toitoi Billy Bunting (NZ Ch) (S A Thomas)
QLD Toitoi North'N' Kiwi (Imp NZ) (BISS, Multi BIS & Multi RUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (S Thomas)
VIC Troubadour Harry Highpants (Sally Stewart)
VIC Troubadour Holly Golightly (Aust Ch) (Sally Stewart)
VIC Troubadour Iris My Case (Sally Stewart)
VIC Troubadour Mrs Tiggywinkle (Aust Ch) (Sally Stewart)
VIC Troubadour Poison Ivy (Aust Ch) (Sally Stewart)
NSW Troubadour Pricklepants (AUST SUPREME CH) (Stewart and Norman)
NSW Troubadour Pricklepants (Aust Gr Ch) (Diana Norman & Sally Stewart)
VIC Troubadour Raspberry Tart (Sally Stewart)
VIC Troubadour Zurg's Heir (Aust Ch) (Sally Stewart)
QLD Tzani Aunty Jack (CH) (Diana Norman, Tim Mills & Kerry Bell)
NSW Tzani Bellatrix Lestrange (AUST CH) (Bell, Mills and Norman)
VIC Tzani Brier Rose (Aust Ch) (Sally Stewart)
QLD Tzani Chainsaw Charlie (Diana Norman, Tim Mills & Kerry Bell)
QLD Tzani Dorothy Dix (Aust Ch) (Diana Norman, Tim Mills & Kerry Bell)
NSW Tzani Eglantine Electra (Bell, Mills and Norman)
NSW Tzani Mr Magoo (AUST CH) (Norman and Mills)
QLD Tzani Mr Magoo (Aust Gr Ch) (Tim Mills & Diana Norman)
VIC Tzani Neddie Seagoon (Aust Gr Ch) (Mr I & Mrs L Mitchell)
NSW Tzani Rhoda Dendron (AUST GR CH) (Kerry and Emily Bell)
NSW Tzani Tigger Brat Bunny (AUST CH) (R and Kerry Bell)
NSW Tzani Winter Wabbit (AUST CH) (Bell, Mills and Norman)
NSW Tzani Zazu Zodiak (SUPREME CH) (Bell, Norman and Mills)
QLD Tzani Zena Moonstruk (Aust Ch) (Diana Norman, Tim Mills & Kerry Bell)
VIC Watagriffen Tilly Devine (Graham Watson)
VIC Watagriffen Whata Star (Graham Watson)
VIC Watagriffen Winter Wild (Graham Watson)
VIC Witchgriff Bear Grylls (Ch.) (Ms C A Jones)

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