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Aus Ch Carnwath Rumiko
(L J Bolden)

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VIC Almendares Easy Rider at Carnwath (imp Pol) (Aus Ch) (L J Bolden)
VIC Amor Light My Fire At Rhumderry (Rhumderry Kennels)
VIC Amors Walk Like A Man (imp U.S.A.) (Am. Ch. Aust. Ch. BISS) (W. Wheat & G. Greig)
VIC Ananda Catch Me If U Can (Aust Ch) (Anne Lay)
VIC Ananda French Kiss (Aust Ch) (Anne Lay)
VIC Ananda Goodnight And Go (Aust Ch) (Anne Lay)
TAS Ananda Hearts a Racin RN (Mrs A Lay)
VIC Ananda Hearts on Fire (Aust Ch) (Anne Lay)
TAS Ananda One Red Knight (Aust ch) (L Williamson / A. Lay)
VIC Ananda seventh heaven (Aust Ch) (Anne Lay)
VIC Ananda straight from the heart (Aust Ch) (Anne Lay)
NSW Anese Are U Smiling (Kerry Wyburd (KERRIS))
VIC Angelheart's Good Better Best (Imp USA) (American/Australian Champion) (L J Bolden)
VIC Angelhearts Music Of The Night (American Ch) (Bolden & Henderson)
VIC Ashna Antonello De Hav (Aust Ch) (R & Mrs V Bennetts)
NSW Auskrest Elusive Effect (MBIS Supreme Ch) (Philip Williams)
NSW Auskrest Musical Harmony (ch) (Cris Henderson)
QLD Baribal's Ballerina (imp Germany) (Vicki McAndrew)
QLD Baribal's Chiaro di Luna (imp Germany) (Vicki McAndrew)
VIC beljala A Last Tango In Paris (Mr D.Smith)
QLD Bromear Ferrero Rocher (CH) (Mrs Meghan L Boole)
TAS Bromear Gypsy Queen (Ms N Bender)
TAS Bromear San Rocco (N Bender)
TAS Bromear Show Me Love (Ch) (N Bender and L Bender)
NZ Bruin's Sweet Memory of Cubana (NZ Ch.) (Lyn McLean)
VIC Carnwath Alibrandi (Aust CH) (Anne Lay)
TAS Carnwath American Express (Natasha Bender)
VIC Carnwath Easy Charm (Ch) (L J Bolden)
ACT Carnwath Easy Does It (Ch) (Gail Ransom)
VIC Carnwath Flirtation Walk (Aus Ch) (L J Bolden)
VIC Carnwath Hollywood Bandit (Aus Ch) (L J Bolden)
TAS Carnwath Jedda (CH) (Ellingly Kennels)
SA Carnwath Macgyver (S J Baillie)
SA Carnwath Painted Lady (Aust Ch) (S J Baillie)
NSW Carnwath Painted Pearl (J Elder)
VIC Carnwath Pasqale (Ch) (L J Bolden)
VIC Carnwath Picasso (T Lee-Porcher)
TAS Carnwath Pinc Kadillac (Natasha Bender)
VIC Carnwath Rumiko (Aus Ch) (L J Bolden)
TAS Carnwath Shah Jahan (Aust Ch) (Ellingly)
VIC Carnwath Special FX (L J Bolden)
VIC Carnwath Starting Over (Ch) (Trish)
NZ Cubana's Alpha Giulietta (Lyn McLean)
ACT Cubana's Barbados Buzz (CH) (Gail Ransom)
NZ Cubana's Brite Volcanic Ember (Lyn McLean)
ACT Cubana's Brulee at Karyme (Gail Ransom)
NZ Cubana's Calypso Cracker (NZ Ch) (Lyn McLean)
NZ Cubana's Cookie Monster (Lyn McLean)
NZ Cubana's Hokey Pokey Dream (NZ Ch) (Lyn McLean)
NSW Cubana's Hufin N Pufin (imp NZL) (M Newhouse)
NZ Cubana's Jamaican Gypsy (NZ CHAMPION) (Valerie Northcott)
NZ Cubana's Joyous Celebration (NZ Ch) (Lyn McLean)
NZ Cubana's Little Fire Fox (Lyn McLean)
NZ Cubana's Quizzical Quinte (NZ Ch) (Jacqueline Edmonds)
NZ Cubana's Red Sox Charm (Lyn McLean)
NZ Cubana's Silent Knight (NZ Ch) (Annette Martin & Lyn McLean)
QLD Cubana's Tobago Teardrop (imp Nz) (CH) (Mrs M Boole)
ACT Cubet Abracadabra (SUPREME CH) (Gail Ransom)
QLD Cubet Aqua Marina (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
SA Cubet Are U A Moo (AUST CHAMPION) (Mr Peter Douglas)
NSW Cubet Black Jack (Ch) (Kerry Wyburd (KERRIS))
ACT Cubet Hello Kitty (Ch) (Gail Ransom)
QLD Cubet Her Grace (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
NSW Cubet Hey Presto (CH) (M Newhouse)
SA Cubet Hoopla Hoopla (AUST. CH.) (Peter Douglas)
QLD Cubet Kitt N Kaboodle (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
QLD Cubet Marc Marquez (CH) (D.Anderson/M.Boole)
QLD Cubet Mirra Mirra (Georgie Hampson)
SA Cubet Secret Agent (AUST. CH. Neuter) (Peter Douglas)
NSW Cubet Silent Assassin (Ch) (Kerry Wyburd (KERRIS))
SA Cubet Smiling Assassin (AUST. CH.) (Peter Douglas)
QLD Cubet The Sheik ov Araby (Grand Champion) (Susan Cronshaw)
ACT Cubet Tiger Lil (CH) (Gail Ransom)
ACT Cubet Visionary (CH) (Gail Ransom)
TAS Darkwilles Macrotous Canino (imp SWE) (Aust Ch) (Ellingly Kennels)
TAS Darkwilles Melichrous Canina (imp SWE) (Aust Ch) (Ellingly Kennels)
VIC Dekara Blutos Roar (Rhumderry Kennels)
VIC Dekara Raging Inferno (Kimberly Procak)
NSW Edelpark Candy Kisses (CH) (M Newhouse)
NSW Edelpark Double Agent (Aust CH) (P Hoole)
NSW Edelpark Double Dare (M Newhouse)
QLD Edelpark Double Trouble (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
NSW Edelpark Eye Spy (M Newhouse)
ACT Edelpark Fairground Attraction (Ch) (Gail Ransom)
NSW Edelpark Havna Chat (Gail Ransom)
NSW Edelpark Havna Parti (Aust CH) (P Hoole)
NSW Edelpark Nullabour Spirit (P Hoole)
VIC Elguarda French Maiden (Anne Lay)
TAS Ellingly A New Hope (Natasha Bender)
TAS Ellingly April Skies (Ch) (Ellingly Kennels)
TAS Ellingly Ashes To Ashes (Ch) (Ellingly Kennels)
TAS Ellingly Born This Way (Ch) (N Bender)
TAS Ellingly Chloe (Ellingly Kennels)
TAS Ellingly Hearts without chains (Aust Ch) (N Bender)
TAS Ellingly Hollywood (Ch) (Ellingly)
QLD Elmparle Just A Dash (Ch) (Mrs Meghan Boole)
VIC Famosa Carnwath Brock Imp NZ (Aust Ch) (L J Bolden)
QLD Felispatas A Touch of Attitude (Mrs S Cronshaw)
VIC Happy Paws Burn The Floor imp U.S.A. (Wendy Wheat)
TAS Happy Paws' Earth Wind & Fyre at Ngalla (imp USA) (K Webb)
TAS Happy Paws' I love Lucy at Rhumderry (Aust & Am Ch) (Kerry Webb)
NSW Hashki A Little Bit Dangerous (Ch) (James and Alanna Bell)
QLD Hashki Beprecise (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
ACT Hashki Cirque Du Soleil (Ch) (P Williams / G Ransom)
NSW Hashki Cow With Guns (Aust Ch) (P Williams)
VIC Hashki Dangerous Liaisons (Supreme Ch) (Mr D Smith)
NSW Hashki Dirty Little Secret (Australian Grand Champion) (Philip Williams)
QLD Hashki Eye of the Beholder (AUST.CH.) (Mr P Williams)
NSW Hashki Fall Of Rome (Philip Williams)
NSW Hashki Go Go Gadget (RBIS Aust SUPREME Ch) (Williams & Childs)
NSW Hashki Golden Arches (GRAND CH) (P Williams)
VIC Hashki Heaven Can Wait (Aust Ch) (B & C Slavin)
NSW Hashki Jelly Bean (Aust Ch) (PS Williams)
QLD Hashki Joan Ov Arc (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
QLD Hashki Just Go With It (BISS, Multi BIS, Multi RUBIS and AUST.SUP.CH.) (Grahame Neave)
NSW Hashki Kamikaze Kid (RBIS Aust SUPREME Ch) (Philip Williams)
NSW Hashki Krunchie Munchie (AUST.CH) (Grahame Neave)
VIC Hashki Lawanna (Australian Champion) (Rhumderry Kennels)
NSW Hashki Little Bear (BIS & RBIS SUPREME Ch) (Philip Williams)
VIC Hashki Lord Ov The Realm (BIS RuBISS Aus Grand Ch) (L J Bolden)
VIC Hashki Miner (AUST CH) (B & C Slavin)
NSW Hashki New Girl In Town (BIS) (P Williams)
QLD Hashki Out Ov Th Box (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
NSW Hashki Rejoice Cows and Parti (Ch) (Kerry Wyburd (KERRIS))
NSW Hashki Styled By Tiffany (Philip Williams)
NSW Hashki Vanilla n Chocolate (Aust CH) (P. Hoole)
NSW Hashki Varieties The Spice (Aust Ch) (P Williams)
QLD Hashki Victorias Secret (P Williams / A & F Vecchio)
NSW Hashki Xception To The Rule (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (James and Alanna Bell)
NSW Hashki Xpert Witness (Australian Champion) (James and Alanna Bell)
NSW Hashki Xtra Read All About It (Aust CH) (P Hoole / K Jensen)
NSW Hashki Xtraordinary Measures (AUSTRALIAN Champion) (Mr P Williams)
NSW Hashki Young Gun (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (James and Alanna Bell)
NSW Hashki Zambucca N Ice (Mr Philip Williams)
QLD Hashki Zebra Crossing (Aust Ch) (P Williams and A&F Vecchio)
NSW Hashki Zero The Hero (MULTI RUBIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (James and Alanna Bell)
NSW Hashki Zubraru (RuBIS Aust Grand CH) (P. Hoole / P. Williams)
NSW Havabella All Allure (P Hoole)
NSW Havabella Charlie Brown (P. Hoole)
NSW Havabella Equinox (P. Hoole)
NSW Havabella Evening Star (P. Hoole)
NSW Havabella in the Buff (P Hoole)
NSW Havabella Kookie Kutta (P Hoole)
NSW Havabella Little Bitta Magic (P Hoole)
NSW Hekarwe Destination Reached (Mr D & Mrs Mackay)
NSW Hekarwe Larissa (Aust CH) (D & B Mackay)
NSW Hekarwe The Milkmans Mate (Mr D & Mrs B Mackay)
NSW Hekarwe Amber Rose (CH) (D & B Mackay)
NSW Hekarwe Cruz N At Top Speed (Mr D & Mrs B Mackay)
NSW Hekarwe Super Trouper (mr D & Mrs B Mackay)

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