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Aust Champion Piedimonte Remo
(J Windle and J Sharland)

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NSW Craigsraven Frangelica AI (Imp NZ) (Rebecca Hitchcock)
NSW Craigsraven Marcello (Imp NZ) (Mrs R Hitchcock)
VIC Craigsraven Sylvana (A.I) imp NZ (Ch) (Miss H. R. Miles)
VIC Donna Liberata's Jet Voyager TSD (Imp Swe) (Aust Dual Ch (T) Grand) (Norma Dobbs)
NSW Kutas Far Be It To Stanamore (ai) (R J Hitchcock)
VIC Piedimonte Barba Bianca (AI) (Ch) (Miss H. R. Miles)
VIC Piedimonte Burro il Magnifico (AI) (Miss H. R. Miles)
VIC Piedimonte Lill`a (AI) (Miss H. R. Miles)
NSW Piedimonte Lucilla (CH) (Mr M. Orlando)
QLD Piedimonte Remo (Aust Champion) (J Windle and J Sharland)
VIC Piedimonte Santo (CH) (Miss H.R. Miles)
NSW Sabbioso Sienna (AI) (Mrs Rebecca Hitchcock)
VIC Wildequest Liberata Ricco (AI) (Ch.) (Mrs N A Dobbs)
VIC Wildequest Liberata Santo (AI) (Ch.) (Mrs N A Dobbs)

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