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Aust Grand Ch Foxwood Quick Fire
(Sharon Williams)

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VIC Baghasdail Bugsy Malone (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jenny Toma)
TAS Baghasdail Might N Power (AustCh) (Val Adams)
TAS Dixiedaly Autumn Grace (Val Adams)
TAS Dixiedaly Bruce Lee (Aust Ch) (Ms V M Adams)
QLD Dixiedaly Citizen Kane (Aust Ch) (Val Adams)
WA Dixiedaly Eternal Rose (Val Adams)
QLD Dixiedaly Foxy Lady (Aust Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
TAS Dixiedaly Gypsy Rose (Aust Ch) (Val Adams)
TAS Dixiedaly Im A Kazam (Aust Ch) (Ms V M Adams)
TAS Dixiedaly Jazz Man (Aust Grand Ch) (Val Adams)
VIC Dixiedaly Jesse James RN (Aust Ch) (Linda Saxton)
TAS Dixiedaly Man United (Aust Ch) (Val Adams)
TAS Dixiedaly Princess Monaco (Aust.Ch) (Val Adams)
NSW Dixiedaly Royal Jewel (ch) (N Taylor and D Hull)
VIC Dixiedaly Savvy Gal CD RA (Ch) (Janet Palmer)
VIC Dixiedaly Son Of A Gun (Aust Ch) (L J Saxton)
VIC Dixiedaly Sweet Charity (Aust Ch) (Linda Saxton)
VIC Dogct Ivory Banner (Ch) (Mrs A Shevchenko)
VIC Dogct Musical Amber (Mrs. A. Shevchenko)
VIC Dogct Musical Echoes (Mrs J Bromley)
VIC Dogct Sweet Serenade (AUST GR. CH.) (Mr L Rodrigues / I. Gillam)
QLD Foxwood Layla (Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
QLD Foxwood Mustafa (Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
QLD Foxwood Omar (Aust Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
QLD Foxwood Quibblesome (Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
QLD Foxwood Quick Fire (Aust Grand Ch) (Sharon Williams)
QLD Foxwood Quick Fire (BISS Grand CH and Neut CH) (S.Williams)
QLD Foxwood Tamsman (Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
QLD Foxwood Ze Joybells (Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
VIC Gallifreyan Secret Time (Mrs Jenny Toma)
QLD Gallifreyan The Slayer (Ch) (Ms S Avenell)
QLD Kazkei Captain Starlite (Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
QLD Keyterr Kismets (Ch) (Barbara Bishop)
VIC Manches Moonbeam (AUST CH.) (L J Saxton)
VIC Rosemerta Chyna Black (CH) (Janet Palmer)
VIC Rosemerta Willow Black (CH) (Janet Palmer)
QLD Sharwil Champers To Celebrate (Aust Grand Ch) (Sharon Williams)
QLD Sharwil Doing It Solo (S.Williams)
QLD Sharwil Foxy Lady (S.Williams)
QLD Sharwil Great Escape (Australian Champion) (S.Williams)
NSW Southgate Black Opal (N Taylor and D Hull)
NSW Southgate Time Lord (CH) (N Taylor and D Hull)
NSW Southgate Time Master (N Taylor and D Hull)
TAS Southgate Time Traveller (Aust Ch) (Val Adams)
QLD Traffordpark Blackadder CCD (Imp NZ) (Australian Grand Champion) (Sharon Williams)
NSW Windypark Bossy Bandit (IID NOR) (J Ackroyd & A Dunlop)
NSW Windypark Greenwith Envy IMP NOR (Int Ch, Nord Ch & Aust Ch.    ) (Mrs Annette Dunlop)
NSW Windypark Itchy Me (Mrs Annette Dunlop)
VIC Windypark Made Of Stone (AUST CH.) (Mr Lee Rodrigues & Mr Ian Gillam)
NSW Windypark Piccadilly Doll (Aust Ch) (John & Julie Ackroyd)
NSW Windypark Shadow Master (Mr J Ackroyd & Mrs A Dunlop)

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