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VIC A Foreign Fling Unavoidable for Eternity (Imp Germany) (Aust CH) (J & M Boundy, W Horley)
SA Amblebrook Balance of Power (BISS Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook New Empress Grooves (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook A Little More Love (Aust Ch) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook All About Sunshine (AI) (Aust Ch) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Big Grace (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Bliss Bomb (AUS CH) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Ebony And Ivory (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis, L & R Chapman-Stevens)
SA Amblebrook Emperors New Groove (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Fancy Pants (AI) (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis, L & R Chapman-Stevens)
SA Amblebrook Groovy Baby (Australian Champion) (A & C Finlay, A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Miss Toot Sweet (AI) (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Movin and Groovin (Aust CH) (L Buitenhuis & L Vale)
SA Amblebrook Once Upon a Time (A & L Buitenhuis, L & R Chapman-Steven)
SA Amblebrook Pennys frm Heven (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Seventh Heaven (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Sir Winston (D & C Barnett)
SA Amblebrook Southern Ocean (A & L Buitenhuis)
VIC Amblebrook Special Event (A Kelly and J Leeder)
SA Amblebrook Thats Freedom (AI) (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook The Main Event (AI) (RUBISS Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Tickled Pink (AI) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Toblerone (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Walkn On Sunshine (Australian Champion) (A & L Buitenhuis)
SA Amblebrook Will Steal UR Heart (A & L Buitenhuis)
VIC Apalie First Edition (Melissa Fraser)
VIC Apalie First We Dream (MelissaFraser)
VIC Artanmadra Dont Go Away Mad (AI) (Samantha Eastman)
NZ Baswei Admiral Quinn (NZCH) (Helen Dupe)
NZ Baswei Velvet Lad (Helen Dupe)
NZ Baswei Xtra-special (NZCH) (Helen Dupe)
NZ Baswei-Chasing-the-Dream (Desme Daniels/Helen Dupe)
VIC Baywatch Casablanca (Kim Bell)
NZ Baywatch Honeymoon Island (NZ Ch) (Kim Bell)
NZ Baywatch Island Paradise (Niki McLean & Kim Bell)
VIC Baywatch Jumeirah Beach (NZ Ch) (Kim Bell)
VIC Baywatch Little Venice (NZ CH) (Kim Bell)
NSW Baywatch Maroma Beach (Australian Champion) (Sue Frew / Kim Bell)
VIC Baywatch Persian Gulf (Kim Bell)
NSW Baywatch South Pacific (Sue Frew / Kim Bell)
VIC Bouvet Hope To Dream (Angela Kelly)
VIC Bouvet It Had To Be You (BISS/BIS/Australian CH) (Angela Kelly)
VIC Bouvet Kostalota (RUBISS) (Angela kelly)
VIC Bouvet Kramer (Aust CH) (M Boundy)
VIC Bouvet Last Edition (Australian Champion) (A.Kelly)
VIC Bouvet Myra (Aust CH) (Paddlepaws Knls)
VIC Bouvet Quintin (Champion) (L and J Leeder /A Kelly)
VIC Bouvet Tidal Wave (Australian Ch) (Angela Kelly)
VIC Bouvet Toss of the Coin (CH) (Angela Kelly)
VIC Bouvet Turning Heads (Australian Ch / RUBISS) (Angela Kelly)
VIC Bouvet Wish Come True (RUBISS/Champion) (Angela Kelly)
VIC Capebass Breakfast at Tiffanys (CH) (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder/Mrs M O'Connor-Price)
SA Capebass From Here to Eternity (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Newfashion Kennels)
VIC Capebass Gone With the wind (Aust Ch) (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass Harts Desire (AI) (Aust Ch) (Graham & Lyndsay Clarke)
VIC Capebass Heart of the Ocean (Mrs J Leeder and Mrs M O'connor-Price)
VIC Capebass Home Coming Queen (A.I) (Aust. Ch) (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass Jewel in The Crown (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass Made by Design (Aust Ch) (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass Maximum Impact (Miss. A Cook)
NSW Capebass Miss Universe (AUST CH) (D & D Bailey)
VIC Capebass Moccona Classic (Aust Ch) (Mr C Stewart & Miss E Durant)
VIC Capebass Nothing Compares To U (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass One Starry Nite (AUST CH) (Jane and Lindsay Leeder)
VIC Capebass Puzzle Piece (Emily Durant)
VIC Capebass Queen of Hearts (Aust. Ch.) (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass The Air Apparent (A.I) (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass The Coming Storm (A.I) (L & J Leeder/ C Stewart/ E Durant)
VIC Capebass The Winds of Winter (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass Trek toth Stars (Ch) (Mr. L & Mrs. J Leeder)
VIC Capebass Walk the cat walk (Ch.) (Jane and Lindsay Leeder)
VIC Capebass Winter inth Park (Aust Ch.) (Mr. L & Mrs J. Leeder)
VIC Capebass Wish Upon Astar (BISS/RUBIS/ Aust. GR CH) (Mrs M O'Conner-Price / Mrs J Leeder)
VIC Capebass You Got The Look (Mr L & Mrs J Leeder)
SA Cezar Cancrimo (IMP POL) (MULTI BISS, Australian Champion) (Newfashion Kennels/J&L Leeder/G Webster)
QLD Cornerbrook Double Take (Ch) (Sue Berry)
QLD Cornerbrook Hotaugustnyt (Ann C Fraser)
QLD Cornerbrook I C U Baby (Sue Berry)
QLD Cornerbrook Its Ezy to be me (Ch) (Mrs Ann C Fraser & Ms J L Pajaczkowski)
QLD Cornerbrook Playinfrkeeps (Ch) (Sue Berry)
QLD Cornerbrook Rolls Royce (Ann C Fraser)
QLD Cornerbrook Whoseyordady (Ann C Fraser)
NSW Cornerbrook Xcuse me boys (Mrs Ann C Fraser)
VIC Deep Love French Eiffel at Paddlepaws (Imp France) ROM (BISS/RUBISS Aust CH) (Wayne, Joy & Megan Boundy)
VIC Ebbenglade Beardiana (Aust Ch) (John & Lucy)
VIC Ebbenglade HD Mystique (John & Lucy Edwards)
VIC Ebbenglade Max Factor (John & Lucy Edwards)
VIC Ebbenglade My Immortal (Aust Ch) (Samantha Eastman)
VIC Ebbenglade oxymitra (Ch & CD) (John & Lucy Edwards)
VIC Ebbenglade Sauvignon (John & Lucy Edwards)
VIC Ebbenglade stricklandii (John & Lucy Edwards)
VIC Ebbenglade Winterweod (John & Lucy Edwards)
VIC Evanpark Merry (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Angela Kelly)
NZ Gentle-Bear Ebb Tide (Anne Rogers)
NSW Granpaws easy on the eye (Mrs s roberts)
NSW Granpaws here comes the son (S Roberts)
NSW Granpaws Scarlett O'Hara (Aust Ch) (Newfantastic ( Margaret Rogers))
NSW Granpaws Tears And Rain (J Williams)
WA Happybear Dressed NBlack (Ch) (natasha Ryan)
WA Happybear Grande Noir (Aust Ch) (Natasha Ryan)
WA Happybear Like A Rolling Stone(ai) (Aust CH) (Natasha Ryan)
WA Happybear Miracle of Love (Aust CH) (Megan Gray)
WA Happybear Mon Cherie (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Natasha Ryan)
WA Happybear Precious Gem (Aust CH) (Natasha Ryan)
WA Happybear Precious Memories(AI) (AUST CH) (Ms N Ryan)
WA Happybear River King (Aust Ch) (Megan Gray)
WA Happybear Romancing Thstone (BISS SUP CH) (Natasha Ryan)
WA Happybear She's Got The Look(ai) (Natasha Ryan)
NSW Happybear U R The Reason (D & D Bailey)
NSW Jorinthos Sugar-Daddy (imp sweden ) (Grand Champion) (Robyn Nagle /Helen Durell)
VIC Kietabear Forest Myth (Imp UK) (Ch) (C. Wrench)
VIC Kietabear Miracles Gift (Aust Ch) (C. Wrench)
VIC Kietabear Mythical Gift (Carole Wrench)
NSW Krystalcove Apache winter star (CH) (Mrs s roberts)
NSW Krystalcove Apache Winter Star (CH) (Sheila Roberts)
VIC Krystalcove Blue Steel (Aust Ch    ) (Miss R Cutler & Mr S Bell)
WA Krystalcove Chances Are(imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Natasha Ryan)
VIC Krystalcove Dealing Aces (Mr J & Mrs S Shanahan)
VIC Krystalcove Diva Donata (Ch) (Krystalcove Kennels)
VIC Krystalcove Havana Moon (ROM) (Aust Ch) (Bev Chapman)
VIC Krystalcove Just In Case (Ch) (Krystalcove Kennels)
NSW Krystalcove mercy me (Ch) (Sheila roberts)
WA Krystalcove Quban Boss (Aust Ch) (Natasha Ryan)
NSW Krystalcove royal gossip (Mrs s roberts)
VIC Krystalcove Stands To Reason (Mr G & Mrs V Birch)
VIC Krystalcove Velvet Valiant (Aust Ch) (Graham & Vicki Birch)
NSW Kystalcove Tahltan Sunrise (Aust Ch) (Sheila Roberts)
NSW Magnewficent Bewitched (Aust Ch) (D and D Bailey)
NSW Magnewficent Chosen One (Aust Ch) (Donna Bailey)
NSW Magnewficent Heaven Can Wait (D and D Bailey)
NSW Mekong Nakita (Australian Champion) (Sue-Ann Spence)
NSW Mekong Rustic Warrior (Aust Ch) (Mrs Sue-Ann Spence)
NSW Mekong Way Down In Kokomo (Ch) (Sue-Ann Spence)
NZ Merrybear Qadira (Imp. UK) (Anne Rogers)
VIC Midnight Lady's Over The Ocean (BIS/BISS/Champion) (L & J Leeder & A. Kelly)
NZ Miquelon Bentu De Soli (NZ CH) (Helen Dupe)
NZ Miquelon Night Star (MBIS NZ Grand Ch) (Maria Hoebergen)
SA Mississippi Missouri Ura (IMP SLK) (Newfashion Kennels)
VIC Newfangled Greedy Smith (Aust CH) (Paddlepaws Kennels)
VIC Newfangled Tickitiboo (Aust CH) (Paddlepaws Knls)
NSW Newfantastic Light my Fire (Margaret Rogers)
NSW Newfantastic Summer Sizzler (Margaret Rogers)
SA Newfashion Makes Its Mark (Australian Champion) (Newfashion Kennels)
NSW Newfashion Rests Its Case (D & D Bailey)
SA Newfashion Calls The Shots (AI) (Australian Champion) (Newfashion Kennels)
SA Newfashion Fivoclock Obsession (Newfashion Kennels)
SA Newfashion Greatest Showman (AI) (Newfashion Kennels)
SA Newfashion How Very Dare You (Australian Champion, BISS) (Newfashion Kennels)
SA Newfashion I Could Be The One (Newfashion Kennels)
TAS Newfashion It's All About Me(AI) (AUST CH) (Ms Julie-Anne Jenkins)

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