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Delaroche Floki
(Prof R Crouch)

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NSW Blackcombe Lagertha At Skalagrim (A. Williams & R. Crouch)
SA Delaroche Fane (CH) (Mr A C Catt & Ms C E Russell)
SA Delaroche Fjotunn (Aust Ch. C.I.B) (Caroline Russell & Andrew Catt)
ACT Delaroche Floki (Prof R Crouch)
VIC Delaroche Freyja Of The Vanir (Aust Ch) (Caroline Russell & Andrew Catt)
SA Kimura's Bjorn (Prof R Crouch)
SA Kimura's Britt (Prof R Crouch)
SA Kimura's Viking (imp Norway) (Aust Gr Ch C.I.B) (Ms C Russell & Mr A Catt)
SA Rennedal's Brynhild Skjoldmoy (Norway) (NO UCH) (Prof R Crouch)

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