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CH Mondelise Funny Girl
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NSW Abbeyton Trail Blazer (IMP UK) PHALENE (CH) (Jo-anne Brown)
NSW Abfab Gunz N Rozez (Mrs J Holcombe)
SA AbFab Beck And Call (Ch) (A Boyd Gill)
SA AbFab Stepn Out (Ch) (A Boyd Gill)
QLD Abfab The Girl Is Mine (Noeline Quinn)
SA Afilar In Her Image (Ch) (Ms SP Foster)
NSW Alex' He's Jack Sparrow (Swd) (imp.Nl) (Aust/Lux/Dutch Ch) (Sharon Spooner)
WA Amberlindz Chantillee Lace (Champion) (Maureen Doohan)
SA Amberlindz Eloise (Grand Champion) (Sue Glennon & Jess Mortensen)
NSW Amberlindz Here Comes The Son (Flutterwing Kennels)
NSW Anahata Toy Angel (Phyllis Andri)
WA Anjophy Creme De La Creme (DP & TM Delaney)
WA Anjophy Gypsy Rose (Champion ) (Mrs P Andri)
WA Anjophy Lucky Strike (Phyllis Andri)
WA Anjophy Rain Lover (Mrs P Andri)
WA Anjophy Rosa lea (Mrs P Andri)
WA Anjophy Whiskey (Champion.   ) (Mrs P Andri)
VIC Arkeno Ladymagic She's So Sexy (RUBISS Aust & Can Ch) (K.Bodard, P. Barclay and S.Goodchild)
NZ Arkeno Starstorm Whiskey Sky At SaintRose (IMP CAN) (Can CH, NZ CH) (Robyn-Jane Chernishov)
NSW Balerow Il Divo (Aust Ch) (Donna Marszal)
NSW Balerow Sweet Felipe (Aust Ch) (Carais Papillons)
VIC Basileus Betty Boops (Ms C John)
VIC Basileus Laura Lee (Ch) (Ms R Hawkins)
VIC Basileus Pitch Perfect (Ms C John)
VIC Basileus Take A Chance (Ms C John)
VIC Basileus Uptown Girl (Ch) (Christina John)
VIC Basilika All Guns Blazing (Australian Champion) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Bold Destiny (Aust Ch) (Lydia & Christina John)
VIC Basilika Catwoman (Ms M Sarif)
VIC Basilika Dare To Dream (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Dark Knight (Aust and Neuter Ch) (Ms Marissa Sarif)
VIC Basilika Hopes Delight (Aust Champion) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Hot Gossip (Aust Ch) (Mrs L & Miss C John)
VIC Basilika How U Doin (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Jordan Star (BIS Multi BISS Aust Sup Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Lady Portland (Ch) (David and Stephanie Rickard)
VIC Basilika Lady Wizard (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
SA Basilika Lethal Weapon (Jolen Kennels)
VIC Basilika Magic Poppy (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Miss Fisher (BISS Australian Champion) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika O Rei Pele (BIS, BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Pauline Scott)
VIC Basilika Olympia Gold (Ms Marissa Sarif)
VIC Basilika Opal Flame (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Red Rox (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Stand Aside Boys (Australian Champion) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Starlite Angel (Aust Ch) (Lydia & Christina John)
VIC Basilika Starlite Gazelle (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Strutt My Stuff (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Sweets N Treats (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Tommy Girl (Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Walk The Walk (Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Basilika Wicked Lady (Neuter Ch & Aust Ch) (L & C John)
VIC Beauchiot Autumn Dreams (Jacinta M Baker)
VIC Beauchiot Dream Chaser AD JD NJC (Jacinta M Baker)
VIC Beauchiot In The Purple (Jacinta M Baker)
VIC Beauchiot Paris Dreams (BISS Ch) (Jacinta M Baker)
VIC Beauchiot Tuscana Dream (BIS Aust. Ch) (Jacinta M Baker)
NSW BelCanto The Highwayman Claude Duval (Imp USA) (International Ch/AmericanGrCh/Puerto Rican Gr Ch/Ch/Pan American Ch/Multi Ch) (Carais Papillons)
NSW Betischien Cool A Mon (Grand CH) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
QLD Birikino Crown Diva (Brown/Dunkley/McGhie/Rasmussen)
QLD Birikino Ice Diva (Ian Rasmussen and Kaye McGhie)
QLD Birikino Jewel In The Crown (Aust Ch) (Brown/Dunkley/McGhie/Rasmussen)
QLD Bodebi Rhythm N Goodvibes (imp Uk) (AUST CH) (Ms J Stewart-cook)
NSW Brigett Noblesse Charm (IMP SLOVAKIA) (Abfab Kennels)
VIC Burleeds Freddy Steady Go (BIS Aust Gr Ch) (Jayne McEwan)
VIC Burleeds No No Nanette (Aust Ch) (R Massey + J McEwan)
VIC Burleeds Rose Marie (Aust Ch) (Jayne McEwan)
VIC Burleeds Ruby Rose (Aust Ch) (Jayne McEwan)
NSW Calpap Ginja Ninja (C A O'Connell)
NSW Calpap Prince O Thieves (AUST CH) (C O'Connell)
NSW Calpap Ta Party Begins (Australian Champion) (C O'Connell)
NSW Carais Valentine (Grand Champion) (Carais Papillons)
NSW Carais Venetia (Aust Ch) (Carais Papillons)
NSW Carais Vermilion (Champion) (Carais Papillons)
NSW Carais Vermont (Carais Papillons)
NSW Carais Verushka (Champion) (Carais Papillons)
SA Caspian's Terminator (Swd)(Imp USA) (RUBIS/BISS American Champion and Aust Grand Champion) (Kristy Lewis and Sharon MacFarlane)
SA Cavashon Red Hot (BISS/RUBIS Aust Grand Champion) (Kristy Lewis)
NSW Chienderace Qachet (Champion) (Carais Papillons)
NSW Clockwork Beautiful To Go (Ch.) (D. Burrows + R. Hordern)
NSW Clockwork Butterfly Song (CH.) (D. Burrows and R. Hordern)
QLD Clockwork Disc Jockey (RUBIG Australian Champion) (Mrs Jenny Phillips)
NSW Clockwork Flying Ace (D. Burrows + R. Hordern)
NSW Clockwork Flying Feathers (CH) (Mrs D Campbell & Mrs D Burrows)
QLD Clockwork Incognito (Aust Ch) (Janine Moy)
TAS Clockwork Lightyear (Australian Champion) (Mrs D Campbell)
SA Clockwork Pretty Pirouette (Australian Champion) (Jess Mortensen)
SA Clockwork Shining Light (Victoria Spangler)
NSW Clockwork Shining Moonlite (Mrs D Burrows & Ms R Hordern)
TAS Clockwork Skyes The Limit (Mrs. D. Burrows & Ms. R. Hordern)
NSW Clockwork Sunshine Soleil (Mrs D. Burrows & Ms. R. Hordern)
NSW Clockwork Venerable Lady (D. Burrows & R. Hordern)
NSW Coffee Candy Forussi (imp Poland) (Aust Ch/Polish Jr Ch) (Sharon Spooner/Donna Marszal)
SA Countrychi My Fair Lady (Jolen Kennels)
QLD Dazind By Me (Ch RUBIS) (Lisa Robinson)
QLD Dazind Diamonds Are Foreva (G & K Whiley and L Robinson)
QLD Dazind Glitz N Glamour (Aust Champ) (Lisa Robinson)
QLD Dazind Picture Perfect (Lisa Robinson)
QLD Dazind Shootin Star (Lisa Robinson)
NSW Deanna's Born In The USA (USA) (American Grand Champion) (Carais Papillons)
SA Devil In Disquise Imp Norway (Kristy Lewis)
NSW Elenbah I Like Her Style (Carmel Dowley)
QLD Elenbah Ice On Fire (Aust Ch) (K McAllister)
NSW Elenbah Just A Rumor (Carmel Dowley)
NSW Elenbah Justin Time (CH. NEUT CH.) (Anne Fulton)
QLD Elenbah Night Wings (Aust Ch) (K. McAllister)
NSW Ellielane Petite Dancing Rose (Aust Ch) (Janice Boyce)
NSW Emmoge And Now Its Dave (Aust Ch) (Millissa Fox)
NSW Emmoge Bossy Boots (Canadian Champion) (T Clements, C Ringstrom and B MacDonald)
NSW Emmoge Dark and Debonair (EXP USA) (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Gia + Donna Garafalo - Involo Papillons)
NSW Emmoge Japanese By Design (Australian Ch) (T and EK Clements)
NSW Emmoge Marie Antionette (AUSTRALIAN CH) (T and EK Clements)
NSW Emmoge Starstorm Ka De We (Emmoge Kennels)
WA Emmoge This Diamond Shines (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Emmoge Kennels/ M & D Fraser)
NSW Evablue Darcy Diamond (Aust.Ch) (Marilyn Evans)
NSW Evablue Dazzling Diamond (Rebecca Hitchcock)
NSW Evablue Diamond Dash (Mrs.M.K.Evans)
NSW Evablue Diamond Dior (Mrs.M.K.Evans)
NSW Evablue Harriet The Spy (Aust.Ch) (Mrs.M.K.Evans)
NSW Evablue Kool Marco (Mrs M K Evans & C A O'Connell)
NSW Evablue Scotch Whisky (Aust. Ch.) (JR & CM. Hunt)
NSW Evablue Simply Spellbound (Aust.Ch.) (Mrs.M.Evans)
NSW Evablue super cool hero (Aust Sup Ch) (Marilyn Evans)
NSW Farfalla Absolutely Aimee Ph (Imp NZL) (F & S Scott)
NSW Farfalla Absolutey-Gerard IMP NZ - PHALENE (Jo-anne Brown)
NSW Farfalla Phantasy Imp NZ. Phalene (Robyn & Jo-Anne Brown)
NZ Felcore Dora The Xplora (NZ Ch) (Pip Hancock)
NZ Felcore Dragon Fire (Philippa Hancock)
NZ Felcore Fire N Ice (BISS Ch) (Philippa Hancock)
NZ Felcore Hayleys Comet (Pip Hancock)
NZ Felcore ImaFlawless Holly With Pillango (P Hancock, Stephen & Tania Bottlik)
NZ Felcore Imascarlet Blitzen With Pillango (NZ Ch) (Pip Hancock, Stephen & Tania Bottlik)
NZ Felcore Lucy Flawless (BISS Ch) (Philippa Hancock)
NZ Felcore Skys The Limit With Pillango (P Hancock, Stephen & Tania Bottlik)
NZ Felcore Solo Ladd (BISS Ch) (Philippa Hancock)
SA Felcore Special Edition (Ch) (Kristy Lewis)
NZ Felcore Totally Xclusive (Philippa Hancock)
NSW Flutterwing Fairy Floss (Camilla Cowley)
QLD Flutterwing Neverending Story (Aust Ch) (S A Blakemore & A M Harragon)
NSW Flutterwing Saint Declan (RUBISS GRAND CHAMPION) (Pamela and Garth Harding)
QLD Flutterwing Toistory (Australian Champion) (Sue Blakemore & Ann Harragon)
VIC Flyntahn Viva Las Vegas (Pauline Scott)
NZ Forevr Dragon Fire(Imp USA) (NZ BISS CH & USA CH) (Philippa Hancock)
QLD Fyaril Speak for Yourself (Aust Ch.) (Sue Blakemore & Ann Harragon)
SA Genesia Bards Song (Victoria Spangler)
VIC Genesia Dragons Bane (Kate Sharples)
VIC Genesia Erik Kyoson (Kate Sharples)
VIC Genesia Felurians Shade (Ch.) (Kate Sharples)
VIC Genesia Lady Crimson Abigale (Kate Sharples)
QLD Genesia Little Princess (Aust Ch) (Mrs Janine Moy)

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