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Ch. Rokeena Luv Em An Leave Em
(H. Notting, R. Wallis & S. Marshall)

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NSW Azucroft Dom Perignon (Aust Ch) (Mr R & Mrs Y Lauder & Miss M Lauder)
SA Bondestin I Want It All (Aust.Grand Ch.) (Mrs.alexandra Heitmann)
VIC Boom Chicago V. Tum -Tums Vriendjes (Imp NL) (Multi Int. Ch) (RJ Wallis, S. Marshall & G. Huikeshoven)
SA Chambre Freddy will Rock U (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (A.Heitmann)
VIC Cookie Crunch V. Tum-Tums Vriendjes (Imp NLD) (Int.Ch.) (R Wallis S Marshall & G Huikeshoven)
VIC Dileann Bay Breeze (Dileann Kennels)
VIC Dileann Cleveland Amory (Aust CH) (Dileann Kennels)
VIC Dileann Wandering Tattler (Aust CH) (Dileann Kennels)
NSW Goldtreve PB Don’t Stop Me Now (F & B & Ms J Hession & R Clout)
NSW Goldtreve Reymundo (Aust Supreme Ch) (B & J Hession)
NSW Goldtreve Rock A Hula Baby (Aust Ch) (Ft & Bj Hession)
NSW Jimab Dream Lover (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Irresistible You (Mr B &a Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Jersey Girl (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Limited Edition (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Love Me Do (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Mac the Knife (Aust Ch) (Andrea Coss)
NSW Jimab Mr Briteside (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Kan Trace Born To Be A Rockstar (Aust Ch JNR Cro Ch) (Beryl & Jo Hession)
NSW Lafolie This Wheels on Fire (Australian Champion) (Kylie Delacourt/Claire Parker)
NSW Lafolie Very Valentino (Aust Ch) (Mr & Mr R Lauder, Mrs L Shaw & Miss C Pa)
SA Mistypoint Bobby Dazzler (Aust Sup Ch) (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Firstime in Forever (Aust Ch) (T Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Glitz N Glamour (Aust Gr Ch) (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Let It Go (Sup Ch) (TL Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Love Isan Open Door (Ch) (TL Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Razzle Dazzle (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Sharp Dressed Man (Tracie Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Shimmer N Shine (Ch) (T L Edwards)
NSW Rokeena Addicted To Love (Aust Grand Ch) (R Y Lauder)
VIC Rokeena Anything but Grey (Australian Champion) (C. Wright, R. Wallis & S.Marshall)
VIC Rokeena Carte Blanche (Multi BIS Am & Aust Gr Ch) (Robyn Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Christmas Carols (RJ & RJ Wallis)
NSW Rokeena Esprit Naturel (Aust Grand Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis & C. Parker)
VIC Rokeena Fille de Paris (Supreme Ch.) (B. Tophill & R. Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Garcon Reveur (Sup. Ch. & NZ Grand Champion) (RJ & RJ Wallis, R. Hay & S Marshall)
TAS Rokeena Gin Fizz (Aust Ch) (R & R Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Gin Fizz (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Grand Slam (Aust Ch) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Hersheyz Kissezz (Ch.) (RJ Wallis & I. Blundsen)
TAS Rokeena I Told You So (Aust Ch) (Maree & Daniel Aitchison, Robyn Wallis a)
VIC Rokeena Im A Party Girl (Ch) (Mrs R Wallis Mrs S & Miss E Marshall)
QLD Rokeena Im The Only One (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena La Confidential (Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
TAS Rokeena Let's Party (Ch) (M & D Aitchison, R Wallis, S Marshall, &)
TAS Rokeena Lets Party (Ch.) (Mrs R Wallis Mrs S & Miss E Marshall)
NZ Rokeena Louis Roederer (IMP Aus) (NZ Ch) (K. White R Wallis S Marshall)
VIC Rokeena Luv Em An Leave Em (Ch.) (H. Notting, R. Wallis & S. Marshall)
VIC Rokeena Make My Day (Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Man After Midnight (Ch) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena New Sensation (RJ & RJ Wallis)
QLD Rokeena Nosey Parker (RJ & RJ Wallis)
NSW Rokeena Nutz about Snickerz (Aust Grand Ch) (B. & J. Hession)
VIC Rokeena Oops A Daisy (Aust. Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Pina Colada (RJ & RJ Wallis)
SA Rokeena St Louis Blues (Sup Ch) (T Edwards, R Wallis & S Marshall)
VIC Rokeena The Gambler (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Tres Qualite (Aust. Ch.) (R & R Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Under The Mistletoe (Aust Ch) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
NSW Rokeena Versailles (Aust Supreme Ch) (Beryl & Jo Hession)
SA Rokeena Xtravaganza (Aust Supreme Ch) (Tracie Edwards & Adam Fraser)
NSW Soletrader Buddy Holly (ImpUK) (UK & Aust Ch) (L Duval, L Cadmore and C Neill)
NSW Switherland The Outlaw ( Imp Irl ) (Ir Jr Ch, Ir Ch, & Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
SA Tangaer Ernie (imp UK) (Aust.Ch.) (Alex Heitmann)
SA Taraikha Rose LeBohemeFrancais (Aust.Ch.) (Alex & Surabhi Heitmann)
SA Taraikha Sashay Away (Aust.Ch.) (A & S Heitmann)
NSW Wazazi Cheer The Beard (Kylie Delacourt)
NSW Wazazi Lets Get Ready To Rumbl (Aust Ch) (Kylie Delacourt)
NSW Wazazi Liquid Luck (Aust Champion) (K. Delacourt/Y.Lauder/R.Lauder)
NZ Weissenberg Parisian Sunset (Ch) (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Versace Eros (Ch) (Bettina Morris)

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