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Rokeena The Gambler
(RJ & RJ Wallis)

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NSW Azucroft Dom Perignon (Aust Sup Ch) (Mr R & Mrs Y Lauder & Miss M Lauder)
QLD Azucroft Into The Woods (Aust Ch) (Dr Jayne McGhie/R & Y Lauder)
NSW Azucroft Mirror Mirror (Mr R & Mrs Y Lauder)
QLD Bondestin Dont Talk just Kiss (Ch) (Dr C West Miss A Cooney)
QLD Bondestin Front Page News (Aust Ch) (Dr Caryn West and Amanda Cooney)
SA Bondestin I Want It All (Aust.Grand Ch.) (Mrs.alexandra Heitmann)
QLD Bondestin I'm Too Sexy (A Cooney C West)
QLD Bondestin Right On The Kisser (Sup Ch) (A Cooney C West)
QLD Bondestin So Wat Ima Rockstar (Amanda Cooney and Caryn West)
QLD Bondestin The Wizard (Caryn West, Amanda Cooney & Ainslie Cari)
VIC Boom Chicago V. Tum -Tums Vriendjes (Imp NL) (Multi Int. Ch) (RJ Wallis, S. Marshall & G. Huikeshoven)
SA Chambre Freddy will Rock U (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (A.Heitmann)
VIC Cookie Crunch V. Tum-Tums Vriendjes (Imp NLD) (Int.Ch.) (R Wallis S Marshall & G Huikeshoven)
VIC Dance Monkey V Tum-Tums Vriendjes (Imp NLD)) (Aust Ch) (Gwen Huikeshoven and S Marshsll)
VIC Dileann Bay Breeze (Dileann Kennels)
VIC Dileann Cleveland Amory (Aust CH) (Dileann Kennels)
VIC Dileann Wandering Tattler (Aust CH) (Dileann Kennels)
NSW Goldtreve PB Don’t Stop Me Now (F & B & Ms J Hession & R Clout)
NSW Goldtreve Reymundo (Aust Supreme Ch) (B & J Hession)
NSW Goldtreve Rock A Hula Baby (Aust Ch) (Ft & Bj Hession)
NSW Jimab Dream Lover (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Irresistible You (Mr B &a Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Jersey Girl (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Limited Edition (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Love Me Do (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Jimab Mac the Knife (Aust Ch) (Andrea Coss)
NSW Jimab Mr Briteside (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
NSW Kan Trace Born To Be A Rockstar (Aust Supreme Ch JNR Cro Ch) (Beryl & Jo Hession)
NSW Lafolie This Wheels on Fire (Australian Champion) (Kylie Delacourt/Claire Parker)
NSW Lafolie Very Valentino (Aust Ch) (Mr & Mr R Lauder, Mrs L Shaw & Miss C Pa)
SA Mistypoint Bobby Dazzler (Aust Sup Ch) (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Colour Me Perfect (Aust Ch) (Ms T L Edwards)
VIC Mistypoint Colour Me Pretty (Aust Ch) (Ms T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Colours Of Autumn (Ms T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Firstime in Forever (Aust Ch) (T Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Glitz N Glamour (Aust Gr Ch) (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Let It Go (Sup Ch) (TL Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Love Isan Open Door (Ch) (TL Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Razzle Dazzle (T L Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Sharp Dressed Man (Aust Sup Ch) (Tracie Edwards)
SA Mistypoint Shimmer N Shine (Ch) (T L Edwards)
TAS Rokeena All You Need Is Love (Aust Ch) (Mrs R & Mr R Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Carte Blanche (Multi BIS Am & Aust Gr Ch) (Robyn Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Christmas Carols (RJ & RJ Wallis)
NSW Rokeena Esprit Naturel (Aust Grand Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis & C. Parker)
VIC Rokeena Fille de Paris (Supreme Ch.) (B. Tophill & R. Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Garcon Reveur (Sup. Ch. & NZ Grand Champion) (RJ & RJ Wallis, R. Hay & S Marshall)
TAS Rokeena Gin Fizz (Aust Supreme Ch) (R & R Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Hersheyz Kissezz (Ch.) (RJ Wallis & I. Blundsen)
TAS Rokeena I Told You So (Aust Ch) (Maree & Daniel Aitchison, Robyn Wallis a)
VIC Rokeena Im A Party Girl (Ch) (Mrs R Wallis Mrs S & Miss E Marshall)
QLD Rokeena Im The Only One (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena La Confidential (Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
TAS Rokeena Let's Party (Ch) (M & D Aitchison, R Wallis, S Marshall, &)
TAS Rokeena Lets Party (Ch.) (Mrs R Wallis Mrs S & Miss E Marshall)
NZ Rokeena Louis Roederer (IMP Aus) (NZ Ch) (K. White R Wallis S Marshall)
VIC Rokeena Luv Em An Leave Em (Ch.) (H. Notting, R. Wallis & S. Marshall)
VIC Rokeena Make My Day (Australian Supreme Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena New Sensation (RJ & RJ Wallis)
NSW Rokeena Nutz about Snickerz (Aust Grand Ch) (B. & J. Hession)
VIC Rokeena Oops A Daisy (Aust. Ch.) (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Richie Rich (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs R Wallis, Mrs S. Marshall & Ms G Huikeshoven)
NSW Rokeena Richie Rich (Aust Ch) (Mrs R & Mrs R Wallis)
TAS Rokeena Stash The Cash (Aust Sup Ch) (D & M Aitchison, R Wallis and S Marshall)
VIC Rokeena The Gambler (RJ & RJ Wallis)
VIC Rokeena Tres Qualite (Aust. Ch.) (R & R Wallis)
NSW Rokeena Versailles (Aust Supreme Ch) (Beryl & Jo Hession)
SA Rokeena Xtravaganza (Aust Supreme Ch) (Tracie Edwards & Adam Fraser)
NSW Soletrader Buddy Holly (ImpUK) (UK & Aust Ch) (L Duval, L Cadmore and C Neill)
NSW Switherland The Outlaw ( Imp Irl ) (Ir Jr Ch, Ir Ch, & Ch) (Mr B & Mrs J Knowles)
SA Tangaer Ernie (imp UK) (Aust.Ch.) (Alex Heitmann)
SA Taraikha Dolce and Banana (Aust.Ch) (Alex Heitmann)
SA Taraikha Re Renaissance Reveur (AustCh) (Alex Heitmann)
SA Taraikha Yves Saint Croissant (Alex Heitmann)
SA TumTums Paddington (Aust Ch) (Judy Caruso)
VIC Tumtums Piccolo (Mrs S Marshall & Ms G Huikeshoven)
NSW Wazazi Cheer The Beard (Aust Champion) (Kylie Delacourt)
NSW Wazazi Clown In A Fury Gown (Australian Champion) (Kylie Delacourt)
NSW Wazazi Lets Get Ready To Rumbl (Aust Ch) (Kylie Delacourt)
NSW Wazazi Liquid Luck (Aust Champion) (K. Delacourt/Y.Lauder/R.Lauder)
NZ Weissenberg Black Knight (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Cookies n Creme (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Parisian Sunset (Ch) (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Rum n Raisin (Mrs B Morris & Mrs K White)
NZ Weissenberg Versace Eros (Ch) (Bettina Morris)

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