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RuBIG AUST CH. Rhyll Hooley Dooley
(Charlotte Gutzeit - Rhyll Pointers)

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VIC Abtei A Royal Tryst (Aust Ch) (Mr R & Mrs K J Winters)
VIC Abtei Its Alright (Aust Ch) (Mr R & Mrs K J Winters)
SA Abtei Miracle Of Love (Mr V Mazzoleni)
VIC Abtei Must Be An Angel (Aust Ch) (Krikka Kennels)
VIC Abtei Playing With My heart (Aust Ch) (Krikka Kennels)
VIC Abtei Right By Your Side (Aust Ch) (Mr R & Mrs K J Winters)
VIC Abtei Royal Appeal (Aust Ch) (Mr R & Mrs K J Winters)
VIC Abtei Shining Light (Aust Ch) (Peter Holdaway and John Chapman)
VIC Abtei Who's That Girl (Aust Ch) (J. Jolly & T. Atkinson)
NSW Admirana Point It Out (CH) (DJ & AJ Lavercombe)
NSW Admirana Pretty In Pink (J & R Mirto-HiPoint Kennels-)
WA Arivari Ascendant (Australian Champion) (C E Thompson)
ACT Aspenlea Black Pearl CD (Aust Ch) (Jane Vickers)
VIC Aspyre Counting Sheep at Kiswahilli JW (Exp UK) (C & R Walkling - Kiswahilli)
VIC Aspyre Deep In A Dream at Rachna (Exp Pak) (Aust & MBIS Pak Ch) (B. Khan / S. Mahdi)
SA Aspyre Dirty Little Secret (CH) (Miss J Manser & Mrs A Lumsden)
SA Aspyre Ewenique (CH.) (Miss J Manser & Mrs A Lumsden)
NSW Aspyre Flyin With Luv To Tomlow (Exp UK) (J & A Lumsden / K Sillince)
VIC Aspyre Follow Your Dreams to Kiswahili JW (Exp UK) (R & C Walkling - Kiswahili)
NZ Aspyre From Tip to Toe to Ponsonby (imp au) (Kath Lodge)
VIC Aspyre How Deep Is Ur Love (AUST CH) (J & A Lumsden - Aspyre)
SA Aspyre On The Tip Of Ur Tongue (AUST CH) (J & A Lumsden / J Manser)
SA Aspyre On Tippy Toes (Am CH) (Edgehill Pointers - USA)
VIC Aspyre Two Step On Ur Toes ET (Aust Ch) (J & A Lumsden - Aspyre)
NSW Atsira Remember When (Australian Champion) (Charlie Gutzeit , Rhyll Pointers)
WA Aviarii Bronte (C E Thompson)
WA Aviarii Carawan (C E Thompson)
WA Aviarii Finnian (C E Thompson)
WA Aviarii Fionnuala (Australian Champion) (CE Thompson)
WA Aviarii Mia (C E Thompson)
WA Barragan Calvin Klien (Ch) (Tintookie Kennels)
NSW Barragan Giorgio Armani (MBIS AUST GRAND CH) (Kelly and Samantha Lynch & Skye Stephens)
SA Barragan Sister Sledge (Aust Ch) (V Mazzoleni)
NSW Barragan Zeus (BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Neil Curwen & Graham Cruse)
SA Beautelle Bee Ware (Aust Grand CH) (B & H Clarke - Zensu Pointers)
SA Beautelle Bizzy Bee (Aust CH) (B & H Clarke - Zensu Pointers)
SA Beautelle Causin Chaos (Aust CH) (B & H Clarke - Zensu Pointers)
VIC Beautelle Free Bee (Aust Ch) (Steve and Jackie Wraith)
SA Beautelle Ova Th Rainbow (BIS/RBISS Aust Grand CH) (B & H Clarke - Zensu Pointers)
SA Beautelle Sweet Chilli (Aust CH) (B & H Clarke - Zensu Pointers)
VIC Beautelle Takn A Risk (Aust CH) (Steve and Jackie Wraith)
SA Bellapoint Rockstar (V Mazzoleni)
NZ Breilla Point Ovimpact at Sgurr (Imp Aust) (K Andrews & F Scott - Sgurr Kennels NZ)
QLD Calberick Dream To Dream (Patrik & Sharon Berger)
QLD Calberick Foreign Ambition (AI) (Patrik & Sharon Berger)
QLD Calberick Give It A Shot (MBIS SUP CH) (Patrik & Sharon Berger)
QLD Calberick Hang On To Your Hats (Patrik & Sharon Berger)
QLD Calberick Playing With Fire (Elise Berger)
QLD Calberick Solitaire (MBIS / MRBIS Aust Supreme CH) (Patrik & Sharon Berger)
NZ Castlepoint HoneyRyder (Catherine & Tony Sellin)
NZ Cheseterhope Catch 'N Dazzle (BISS NZ CH) (Diane O'Neill)
TAS Chesterhope Best Bet (CH) (Chris Lowe)
NZ Chesterhope Black Magic (BIS BISS NZ GRAND CH) (Diane O'Neill)
NSW Chesterhope Blow Your Mind (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (N Pearson & D O'Neill & Paige O'Neill)
NSW Chesterhope Dangerous Liaison With HiPoint (Imp NZ) (MBIS, MRUBIS Supreme Champion) (J&R Mirto - Hipoint Kennels)
NZ Chesterhope Fly'n' Free At Sgurr (MBIS NZ GRAND CH & BIS AUST CH) (K Andrews & F Scott - Sgurr Kennels)
VIC Chesterhope Free for Alll {ImP NZ} (Ch) (S & J Wraith /D Oniel)
TAS Chesterhope God of Thunder (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Catherine Jones)
NSW Chesterhope Hogans Conquest Imp NZ (AUST CH) (Charlotte Gutzeit - Rhyll Pointers)
NSW Chesterhope Lady In Lace (Imp NZ) (NZ CH) (V Royston, D O'Neill & P O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Lets Be Serious (NZ GRAND CH. AUST CH & ENG CH) (D O'Neill)
QLD Chesterhope Life Of Bryan (Imp NZ) (MBIS Aust Supreme CH) (Patrik and Sharon Berger)
SA Chesterhope Little Lil (Imp NZ) (Aust CH) (B & H Clarke - Zensu Pointers)
NSW Chesterhope Look Dont Touch Imp NZ (Charlotte Gutzeit - Rhyll Pointers)
NZ Chesterhope Master of T Arts (Nz Ch) (D & J O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Masterpiece (D & J O'Neill)
SA Chesterhope My Foreign Envoy AI (Imp NZ) (Multi BIS/ Multi RUBIS Aust Supreme CH) (B & H Clarke - Zensu Pointers)
ACT Chesterhope Never Ask Why for Daykeyne (Champion & Am GCH) (Tabatha Buckley & Cara O'Neill)
NSW Chesterhope Nunother (Imp NZ) (Ch) (M & P O'Sheehy & Buffalo Kennels)
SA Chesterhope Pinnfarina at Porthcurno (imp NZ) (NZ Champion & Champion) (D R Delaine)
NZ Chesterhope Play it Again (NZ & AUST CH) (J & D O'Neill)
SA Chesterhope Play The Line (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (B & H Clarke/A Marsden)
SA Chesterhope Power Player (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (S & J Wraith)
VIC Chesterhope Power Player {IMP NZ} (Aust CH) (Steve and Jackie Wraith)
NZ Chesterhope Rise 'N' On Up (NZ CH) (Diane O'Neill)
TAS Chesterhope Rule Breaker (Imp NZ) (Catherine Jones)
NSW Chesterhope Sharp Shooter Imp NZ (AUST CH) (Charlotte Gutzeit - Rhyll Pointers)
NZ Chesterhope State of T Art (AM, AUST GRAND & NZ SUPREME CH) (Diane & Jordyn O'Neill)
VIC Chesterhope State of T Art (Imp NZ) (MBIS MBISS NZ Gr & Aust Gr Ch) (J.Jolly/K.McGhie/D.O'Neill/J.O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Stormn Normn (NZ CH) (Tracy Loomes)
VIC Chesterhope Take a Number (Imp NZ) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Jolly/Atkinson/McGhie/O'Neill)
SA Chesterhope Talk Of T Town (Imp NZ) (Mr B & Mrs H Clarke / Mr S Gowda)
NZ Chesterhope The Game (NZ GRAND CH) (D, J & C O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Top of T Range (J & D O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Twist Of Fate (NZ SPECIALTY GRAND CH) (Diane O'Neill)
ACT Chesterhope Unxpexd Whoopsi From Azzaro (Imp NZ) (Multi BIS Aust Supreme Champion) (Tabatha Buckley)
NZ Chesterhope Work of Art (D & J O'Neill)
NSW Crawboys Rain Dancer (Ch Neut & Ch) (Cynthia McDonall)
NZ Crookrise Liam of Ponsonby (imp UK) (Kath Lodge)
ACT Daykeyne All Eyes On Me (Tabatha Buckley)
QLD Daykeyne Come Out To Play (Mrs Sandra McGrath)
ACT Daykeyne Did I Mention Me (GRAND CHAMPION) (Tabatha Buckley)
ACT Daykeyne Eyes on The Prize (Tabatha Buckley)
TAS Daykeyne Funny Arent I (ET) (Grand Champion) (Geoff & Justine Blyth / Tabatha Buckley)
VIC Daykeyne Heads I Win (Champion) (Tabatha Buckey & Gerald Munro)
ACT Daykeyne Its All About Me (Australian Ch Thai Ch Indian Ch) (Vetri Durisamy)
NSW Daykeyne Just Like That (Champion) (Tabatha Buckley & Rohan Northey)
ACT Daykeyne Living Legend ET (AUST GRAND CH) (Tabatha Buckley)
ACT Daykeyne Marked By Destiny (Champion) (Tabatha Buckley & Angel - Gabe Lopez (US)
ACT Daykeyne Me Me Me (Multi BIS Supreme Champion) (Tabatha Buckley)
ACT Daykeyne Points For Trying (Champion) (Tabatha Buckley)
NSW Daykeyne Polite Laugh (Champion) (Tabatha Buckley & Sam Lynch)
NSW Daykeyne Polite Laugh (Tabatha Buckley and Samantha Lynch)
ACT Daykeyne Spareme TheDetails (Aust Ch) (Dionne Arnold)
ACT Daykeyne Sudden Impact (AUST GRAND CH) (Tabatha Buckley)
ACT Daykeyne Ta Daa (Aust Ch) (Tabatha Buckley)
NSW Daykeyne Ta Daa (Tabatha Buckley & Kelly and Sam lynch)
ACT Daykeyne The Princess of Me land (Am ch & Aust Champion) (Tabatha Buckley)
ACT Daykeyne Twist of Fate (Champion) (Tabatha Buckley)
ACT Daykeyne Whos Laughin Now (Tabatha Buckley)
VIC Daykeyne X Factor (BIS Champion) (Tabatha Buckley & Gerald Munro)
ACT Daykeyne You Know Why (Tabatha Buckley & Mark Bettis)
NSW Eireannmada Yes We Can Can (AI) (Australian Ch & NZ Ch) (Greg Browne)
SA Fabello Fieldstone Do It With Style (Imp USA) (Am CH) (B & H Clarke/S Bagegowda)
ACT Firezan Sensation (Aust Ch) (Jane Vickers (Aspenlea Pointers))
QLD Furperson Anzac Legacy (Tui Dixon & Tiana Elliott-Dixon)
NSW Gaelforce All Fired Up (Exp Pak) (Dr Lesley Cameron & Mr Robert Tindall)
QLD Gaelforce Blonde Ambition (BIS Aust Supreme CH) (Patrik & Sharon Berger)
NSW Gaelforce Charlie's Angel (MBIG Aust Ch) (Dr L Cameron and R Tindall)
VIC Goldsmith Making a Point for Chesterhope (NZ CH/Australian Supreme Grand Ch) (G Browne, K Price,& D O'Neil)
NSW HiPoint Alter Ego (Aust Ch    ) (J & R Mirto-HiPoint-)
NSW Hipoint Daring Liaison (Australian Champion) (A & D Lavercombe)
NSW Hipoint Glamorous Liaison(Exported HK) (Aust Ch - Am Gr Ch & HK Ch) (Huan Xin Han J&R Mirto - Hipoint Kennels)
NSW HiPoint Here Comes The Sun (AI) (BIS /BISS Aust Ch & Am Gr Ch) (F. De Paulo & Linda Cayton)
QLD Hipoint Mysterious Liaison (MBIS Aust Supreme CH) (P & S Berger / J & R Mirto)
NSW Hipoint The Heretic (Champion) (J & R Mirto -HiPoint-)
NSW HiPoint Under The Tuscan Sun (AI) (Aust Ch) (- Hipoint Kennels-)
NSW Hipoint Veni Vidi Vici (Ch) (C McDonall, R & J Mirto)
NSW Hipoint Vox Populi (Aust Ch) (T Louttit, J & R Mirto)
VIC Hyborn Hid'n-Miss Citrine At Marinapoint (Imp NZ) (Aust CH) (Yvonne Studer)
NSW Hyborn Hid'n-Mr E of Aspyre (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (J & A Lumsden / L Donley)
WA Kiannapark Keep Ya Hat On (U Punchihewa)
VIC Krikka Legendary Ambush (Aust Ch) (Krikka Kennels)
VIC Krikka Classic Legend (Aust Ch) (Krikka Kennels)
VIC Krikka Full Throttle (Aust Ch.) (Krikka Kennels)
VIC Krikka Isabella (CH) (Krikka Kennels)
VIC Krikka Keep A Secret J.D. (T.CH) (Ms J Cooke)
VIC Krikka Knight Rider (Aust Ch) (Krikka Kennels)
VIC Krikka Sentimental Reasons (Aust Ch) (Mr G & Mrs E.Lovell, Mrs L Evans)
VIC Krikka Silverado (Ali and Family)
VIC Lauriston Lily La Belle (Yvonne Studer)
ACT Lustyglaze Wicked Wish (Ch) (Jane Vickers (Aspenlea Pointers))
VIC Marinapoint Elise (Wesley Bryant)
VIC Marinapoint Harmony (Aust CH) (Yvonne Studer)
VIC Marinapoint Rex Skylark (Yvonne Studer)
NZ Marula Dawn till Dusk at Sgurr (CH) (090637 Mrs Kathleen Andrews & 095515 Mi)
WA Moruada Chocolate Chip (Gd Ch) (Tintookie Kennels)
NSW Moruada Lemon Twist (AUST GRAND CH) (Silvagun Knls)
WA Palamalmens Ventina (IMP SWEDEN) (C E Thompson)
NZ Pinerock Better In Black (John and Jenny Hamilton)

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