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Australian Champion Mirriyuula Jemima Puddleduck
(T & A Jenkins)

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TAS Anoda Bacowa z Banciarni HIT (imp Pol) (Australian Champion) (Karin Maxwell)
NSW Bazia Bacowa z Banciarni (Imp Pol) (Aust Gr Ch) (T & A Jenkins)
NSW Bazia Bacowa Z Banciarni (Imp Pol) (BIS/RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) (T & A Jenkins)
TAS Favreau Catcher In the Rye (Australian Champion) (Karin and Rebecca Maxwell)
TAS Favreau Get The Party Started (Australian Champion) (Karin and Rebecca Maxwell)
NSW Favreau Paddington Bear (A Hicking)
VIC Favreau Rumor Has It (Mr I Le Nepveu)
NSW Kibic Polski Akcent (Imp Pol) (BIS Australian Grand Champion) (T & A Jenkins)
NSW Mirriyuula Famous Beauty (Aust. CH.) (P. Bye)
NSW Mirriyuula Flopsy Mopsy (Aust Ch) (T & A Jenkins)
NSW Mirriyuula Heffalump n Woozels (Aust Champion) (Anne Hicking)
ACT Mirriyuula Jabberwokki (T & A Jenkins)
NSW Mirriyuula Jemima Puddleduck (Australian Champion) (T & A Jenkins)
TAS Mirriyuula Million Dollar Baby (Australian Champion) (Karin Maxwell)
VIC Mirriyuula Playboy (Australian Champion) (Janelle Sleebs)
NSW Slodka Dobrana Para (Imp Pol) (Australian Champion) (T & A Jenkins)
NSW WhiteStars Its All In The Family (Imp USA) (Aust Gr/Am/CKC Int Ch) (Terry & Aileen Jenkins)

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