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NSW 007Secretagentforuk Imp Italy (International Champion & Australian Ch) (Yvette Rolfe)
TAS A C Dynasty Top Performance (imp Hk) (HK CH) (EA Coleman)
QLD Aljens Lil Chip Of Gold (IMP USA) (Aust Ch) (Margaret Eleison)
VIC Aljens The Hobbit Balin ( imported USA) (American Champion) (Denise Leo)
SA Altania Amiri Blanc (Ch.) (Sue Bienke)
NSW Altania Chancerry Clairet (CH) (Mr B Abraham & Miss R Walsh)
SA Altania Gossips (Ch) (S. M. Beinke)
SA Altania Jamieson Run (Ch) (Sue Beinke)
SA Altania La Fessia (Aust Ch) (Sue Beinke)
SA Altania Omni Shadows Run (Ch) (Sue Beinke)
NSW Altania Sangiovese (Sue Beinke)
NSW Amatto Leonardo (Keely Perry)
WA Amorea Red Hot N Reddy To Rock (Ch) (Oltenia Kennels)
QLD Amorea Roccoco (Aust Ch) (Margaret Elesion)
QLD Amorea Stylish Illusion (Aust Ch) (M Norton)
QLD Arderne A Star In The Making (Margaret Eleison)
NSW Aristic After Midnite (Aust CH) (Betty Taylor)
WA Aventura Dolce (Aventura Kennels)
WA Aventura Gabanna (Aventura Kennels)
QLD Babydolls's Bring Me My Crown (Imp. Canada) (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Kim Haddon)
VIC Beaucliff Im Peter Pan (Beaucliff Kennels)
VIC Beaucliff Tom Thum (Beaucliff Kennels)
VIC Beaucliff Tom Thum (Beaucliff Kennels)
NSW Bravo's It's Time To Parti Imp USA (Margaret D Munro)
NZ Brynmor Periwinkle From Brackdell (Kelly Te Reo)
QLD Butterflyden Im A Dreamer (Penny Driver)
QLD Butterflyden Own Lil Devil (Mrs K L Maresse)
NZ Carleez Home Run Derby (imp Usa) (NZCH & AM CH) (Annette Ironside)
VIC Char's Chiffon Creme Delight (IMP USA) (CH) (Leanne Mizzi)
VIC Char's Shadow Over The Moon (IMP USA) (Leanne Mizzi)
NSW Chars sensational Parti Avata(imp USA) (Sonia wilkinson)
NSW Chimere Que Sera Sera (Neut Ch, Ch) (G Folli)
NSW Chimere The Real McCoy (Ch) (E A Friedman)
VIC Chimere TheCitySlicker (Ch) (Mrs Leanne Mizzi)
NSW ChimereThewickedwitch (Mrs S.H.McMahon)
QLD Chipbon Black Velvet (Margaret Elesion)
QLD Chipbon Brushed With Gold (Margaret Eleison)
QLD Chipbon Truly Yours (Taryn Jones)
QLD Chipbon You Are Special (Aust Ch) (Margaret Eleison)
NSW Chriscendo Can You Believe ( Imp Can ) (Multi BIS BISS Aust Supreme Ch/ Can Ch) (Elizabeth Friedman)
NSW Chriscendo Cool With It ( Imp Can ) (Supreme Ch / Can Ch) (Elizabeth A Friedman)
NSW Chriscendo Countdown IMP NZ (BIS Sup Ch) (Y Rolfe)
TAS Coleisha Coco Cabana (ai) (AU CH) (Mrs E A Coleman)
TAS Coleisha Daddys Little Angel (EA Coleman)
TAS Coleisha Delta Dawn (AU CH) (Mrs E A Coleman)
NSW Corentin Ghost Queen (Betty Taylor)
SA Corentine Mr Pickles (Aust Ch) (Ms Sue M Beinke)
NSW Crouchent Creme Tulip (Betty Taylor)
NSW Crouchent LilBonnie Bubby (Aust Ch) (Betty Taylor)
NSW Crouchent Miraculous Jilliebaby (Betty Taylor)
NSW Crouchent Snowie Boy (Betty Taylor)
NSW Crouchent Whatta Bonus (AUST CH) (Betty Taylor)
SA Crouchent Whatta Bonus (Ch, Neuter CH) (G. Folli)
NSW Crouchent Wunda Boy (Aust Supreme Champion) (Mrs Tracey Waters)
NSW Crystlpalace Prince Charming (C Cruz and K Haddon)
QLD Cupidtown Gold N Chance (Multi RUBIS Aust. CH) (Taryn Jones)
NSW Cutizele Tiny Tuxedo (Song Ed)
QLD Debonne's Sexy In A Box (Imp CAN) (BIS AUST CH / CAN CH) (Mr B & Mrs S Abraham)
QLD Delonta Golden Star (Bev Tieken)
NSW Delrunda Believeit R Not (Multi BISAB Aust Grand Champion) (Delrunda & Mitania Pomeranians)
NSW Delrunda Heartbreaker (Multi BISS Aust Grand Champion) (Delrunda & Mitania Pomeranians)
NSW Delrunda Heavens Above (Aust Ch) (Delrunda & Mitania Pomeranians)
NSW Delrunda Honey Bee (Miss A M Aldridge)
NSW Delrunda Hot To Trot (Ch) (L Bradney & E Friedman)
NSW Delrunda Lord O Th Dance (Multi BISAB BISS Supreme Ch) (Delrunda & Mitania Pomeranains)
NSW Delrunda Lord O The Manor (Supreme Champion) (Yvette Rolfe)
NSW Delrunda Lord O The Manor (Ch) (Elizabeth Friedman)
NSW Delrunda Makebelieve (Ch) (Mrs E A Friedman)
NSW Delrunda Mity Impressive (Aust Champion) (PM Cassidy)
NSW Delrunda Mona Lisa (Multi BIG Aust Ch) (Delrunda & Mitania Pomeranians)
NSW Delrunda Now N Forever (Ch) (Elizabeth A Friedman)
NSW Delrunda Oliver Twist (Aust Ch) (E & M Friedman)
NSW Delrunda Perfect Chance ( IID) (Ch) (E A Friedman)
NSW Delrunda Simply Scrumptious (Elizabeth A Friedman)
NSW Delrunda Simply The Best (Aust Ch) (Delrunda & Mitania Pomeranians)
NSW Delrunda The Boy From Oz (Multi BIG Aust Ch) (Mrs E A Friedman)
NSW Difiore Red Hot on Your Toes (Alannah & William Roberts)
QLD Difiore Skywalker (Margaret Eleison)
QLD Difiore The Black Rose (Taryn Jones)
VIC Dochlaggie Dazzlin Dream (Multi Biss Aust. Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dirty Dancer (American & Australian Champion) (R.Lau & E.Takayama)
VIC Dochlaggie Divine Delite (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Black Beau (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Blak Barbie (Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dae Dreamer (Aust Ch) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dagwood (Multi Biss American Champion) (L.Lopez)
VIC Dochlaggie Daimler (Australian & Indonesian Champion) (S.Hartano)
VIC Dochlaggie Dainty Darlene (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dainty Delite (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Daizee Dancer (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dancin Tina (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Daredevil Woman (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dark Chocolate (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dark N Dangerous (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dark N Stormy (Australian & BIS Singapore Champion) (Peter Tan)
VIC Dochlaggie Darn Adorable (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Darn Hot (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dart (Aust Ch) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Days Of Our Lives (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dazzlin Flash (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Deagol The Hobbit (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Debonair (BIS Australian Champion) (Denise Y Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Deity (Australian, Singapore & N.Z. Bis Champion) (Peter Tan)
VIC Dochlaggie Delicia Tricia (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Delightful Desire (Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Desirable (Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Desoto (BISA Supreme Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Detonater (Aust Ch) (Denise Leo)
NSW Dochlaggie Devils Brew (International, Russian & Luxemborg Champion) (S. Baldinger)
VIC Dochlaggie Devine Rebel (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dew Drop (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Diamente (Singapore Champion) (Dr Peter Chow)
VIC Dochlaggie Diamond Days (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Diamond Doll (Aust. Ch.) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Diamond Magic (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Didyousay Fabulous (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dimity Gem (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Direct Ticket (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Divine Diva (Aust. Ch.) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Divine Magic (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dixie Jazz (BISS Aust Ch) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dizzy Izzy (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Do Dazzle (Aust Ch) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Does it Again (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dolly Dimple (American Champion) (E.Takahashi)
VIC Dochlaggie Domino (Multi Biss Aust. Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Done Deal (Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Done N Dusted (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dont Dare Me (Australian & Singapore Champion) (Dr Peter Chow)
VIC Dochlaggie Dont Stop Believing (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dont Stop Lookin (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dorable Dolly (Bulgarian Champion) (Mariana Todorova Aleksieva, Bulgaria)
VIC Dochlaggie Double Dare (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Double Delight (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Down Memory Lane (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dragon Dawn (Australian Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dragon Double (Multi BISA Supreme Champion) (Cathy Camac & Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dragon Heart (Australian Supreme Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dream Big (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dream Diva (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dream Encore (Indonesian Champion) (S.Hartano)
VIC Dochlaggie Dream Queen (Denise Y Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dress Me Up (Australian & Bulgarian Champion) (M. Aleksieva)
VIC Dochlaggie Drum Roll Please (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dusted in Gold (Champion) (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Dwalin The Hobbit (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Snow Crystal (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie Snow Special (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie White Casper (Denise Leo)
VIC Dochlaggie White Flash (Denise Leo)

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