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Ch Tsanggold Anyanka
(Carol Bunkum)

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QLD Araki Kaliki (Imp U.k) (Ch) (Janelle Mannell)
NSW Araki Oops I've Done It Again (imp UK) (Aust Ch.) (Louise Hickie)
NSW Araki Precious Pandora (imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Louise Hickie)
NSW Araki Wicked Willy (imp UK) (Eng & Aust Supreme Ch) (Louise Hickie)
WA Aryed Shampain Time (Aust Ch) (A Reid)
WA Aryed Time After Time (Aust Grand Champion) (Pw & Mrs Rga Primrose)
WA Aryed Vah Vah Voom (CH) (Pw & Mrs Rg Primrose)
WA Aryed Y Oh Y (CH) (Pw & Rga Primrose)
ACT Atisha's Cerise Noire Of Euphoria (imp USA) (Am Ch & Supreme Ch) (Louise Hickie)
QLD Ayrmann Keep In Time (G & V Mannion)
QLD Ayrmann Lordov Asgard (Mrs J Neasbey/Mr G & Mrs V Mannion)
NSW Bakit Dechen Ja Devika (Aust Ch) (V Sutcliffe)
QLD Bakit Princeof Lo (Ch) (Janelle Mannell)
VIC Bakit The Black Prince (Australian Champion) (Mr I C & Mrs G L Todd)
NZ Boshanti Lexxus JW CGCB (Imp. UK) (NZ Ch) (Brian & Louise Harris)
VIC Bovais Always Glowing (Gerda Schellens)
VIC Bovais I Am Invictuss (R & V Bennetts)
NSW Bovais Its A Scandal (Vicki Sutcliffe)
TAS Bovais My Time To Reign (Aust Ch) (Dawn Alomes)
VIC Bovais Takem By Surprize (Grand Ch) (R & V Bennetts)
NSW Bovais Top Class (Ch) (Mrs Shirley Orr)
QLD Bovais Touch O Class (Ch) (Mrs M Spurr)
NSW Caelaverock Emaho Ketu (Imp NZ) (Vicki Sutcliffe)
NZ Caerlaverock Emaho-Namba (NZ Ch) (Brian & Louise Harris)
VIC Caerlaverock Gon-Po Pema (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Mr R & Mrs V Bennetts)
QLD Caerlaverock Hu's Judg'n (Imp NZ) (AUST & NZ CHAMP, RBIS) (Sharon Lancey)
NZ Caerlaverock Hymm-To-The-Wind (NZ Ch) (Brian & Louise Harris)
NZ Caerlaverock Iva - Mission (NZ Ch.) (Mal & Victioria Jacques)
VIC Caerlaverock Iva-Vision (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (R & Mrs V Bennetts)
NZ Caerlaverock Kona-Amrita (NZ Ch) (Brian and Louise Harris)
QLD Caerlaverock Wa-Le Byad-Ma (IMP NZ) (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
NSW Castlemar Matilda (Aust Grand Ch) (Peter & Joyce Mortimer)
QLD Castlemar Montgomery (imp NZ) (BIS/RBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Caroline Bouffler)
QLD Castlemar Wild Colonial Girl (imp NZ) (Aust Supreme Champion) (Caroline & Tony Bouffler)
WA Charlemagne The Sting (Aust/NZ CH) (Sharon Lancey)
QLD Cubet Taity Taffryn (Georgie Hampson)
QLD Cubet Timbuk Tu (Georgie Hampson)
QLD Delaware Ebony Rose (imp NZ) (GRAND CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
NSW Ecco Domani's The Guardian Of Destiny (imp Usa) (AM CH. AM GR CH. CH) (Miss L.M. Hickie)
NZ Gengala Back For More (imp- Aust) (NZ CH) (Valerie Northcott)
VIC Gengala Back To Bug You (Ch) (Miss Louise Hickie)
VIC Gengala Back To Bug You (Aust Ch) (Louise Hickie)
WA Gengala Born To Boogie (CH) (Mrs S Y Langford)
NSW Gengala Get Used To It (Louise Hickie)
NSW Gengala Get With The Flo (Aust Ch) (Louise Hickie)
NSW Gengala Gobsmacker (Aust Supreme Ch) (Louise Hickie, Ray & Yvonne Barter)
TAS Gengala Got Your Attention (LouiseHickie)
NSW Gengala Hairy McLary (Aust Ch) (Mrs M.L. Hickie)
TAS Gengala Party Trick (Multi RUBIS Aus Ch) (Dawn Alomes)
WA Gengala Red Hot Ruby (Mrs S Y Langford)
NSW Gengala Rip It Up Rita (Ch) (Louise Hickie)
NSW Gengala Thrilled To Blitz (Aust Ch    ) (Louise Hickie)
NSW Gengala White Hot Wanda (Aust Ch) (Louise Hickie)
TAS Hunson Rinchen (Ch) (Hunson Kennels)
WA Kokalege Grace (AUST CH) (Elaine Robshaw (handled S Lancey))
NSW Mikudi Over the Moon (Grand Ch) (Peter and Joyce Mortimer)
QLD Qanda Lhi's Qa-Par (Imp Italy) (Multi B.I.S/Multi RBIS/JWW '15, SUPREME CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
WA Qinghai Su Panthog (Aust Ch) (Sharon Lancey)
QLD Riwuda InExcess (AUST CH) (Sharon Lancey)
WA Rogspa Made To Order (Aust Ch) (Mrs S.Y. Langford)
NSW Sangkor Kali Gandaki (Vicki Sutcliffe)
TAS Sangye Blackmail (Aus Ch) (Dawn Alomes)
TAS Sangye Practise Makes Perfect (Dawn Alomes)
QLD Sesukan All Set To Parti (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan ChampagneAndRoses (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan CY I Love You (Aust Ch) (Sharon Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Georgus George (AUST CH) (Sharon Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Hus Judgn Hu (BIS/RBIS/RBISS GRAND CHAMP) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Hus Madeto Order (AUST CH) (Sharon Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Hus Upsettnem (AUST CH) (Breanne Lancey)
NSW Sesukan Husa N V D One (Gr Ch) (Keith & Roslind Ellis)
QLD Sesukan Husa Wikid One (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Husabsolutely Fabulous (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Husamazingly Goodlookn (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Ice On Fire (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Im The One They Love (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
NSW Sesukan Kopalookatthis (Aust Ch) (P M Ellis)
QLD Sesukan Lhis Dont Hate Th Game (S. Sanim, S & B Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Lhis Ithinkmyhaloslipd (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Lhis Strippa Gram (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
TAS Sesukan LHis you For Got My Crown (Aust Ch) (Mr Christian Lee)
QLD Sesukan Merrily Blonde Again (AUST CH) (Cheryl Ahchee & John Summerville)
QLD Sesukan Merrily Makn Mischief (AUST CH) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Merrily Makn Waves (GRAND CH, Multi B.I.G) (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Sambucca Sami (Aust Ch) (Georgie Hampson)
QLD Sesukan Shirtee Girtee (Sharon & Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Topsey Turvee (AUST CH) (Mike & Pamela Blakemore)
NSW Shelloy Artful Dodger (Grand Ch) (Peter & Joyce Mortimer)
TAS Shelloy Hugo Da Boss (Aust Gr Ch) (Christian Lee)
NSW Shelloy Im Just Eboni (Australian Champion) (Barbara Ellis)
QLD Shelloy Little Nell (AUST CH) (Sharon Lancey)
NSW Shelloy Look at me now (Pl & Ji Mortimer)
NSW Shelloy The Phantom (Aust Supreme Ch Multi BIS, RUBIS, RUBISS, BIG) (P & J Mortimer)
NSW Shelloy Tibetan Lace (Aust Ch) (P & J Mortimer)
NSW Shelloy Touch of Class (Aust Ch) (PL & JI Mortimer)
WA Shomack Just In Tyme (Aust Ch) (Sharon Lancey)
QLD Siddhartha Mint Edition (IMP IRL) (Aust Ch) (G & V Mannion)
NSW Tibetoes Careless Whisper (P M Ellis)
NSW Tibetoes Dark Side of the Moon (Pamela Ellis)
NSW Tibetoes Look At Me No NV (Ch) (Pamela Ellis)
NSW Tibetoes Pretty As A Picture (P M Ellis)
NSW Tibetoes Take A Picture (Aust Ch) (P M Ellis)
NSW Tibetoes Take My Breath Away (Aust Ch) (Pamela Ellis)
QLD Tsanggold Anyanka (Ch) (Carol Bunkum)
VIC Tsanggold Tseten Ja Devika (Ch) (Gerda Schellens)
WA Yangsang Dhangpo Alig (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Y Langford)

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