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Kalora U Cant Touch This
(Kalora Kennels)

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SA Afonwen Amore (Aust. Ch.) (Afonwen Kennels)
SA Afonwen Angel Of Fire (Afonwen Kennels)
SA Afonwen Bellevue Kriek (AI) (Aust Ch) (Afonwen Kennels)
SA Afonwen Im Countin Onu (Aust Grand Ch) (Sadie & Simon Podger)
SA Afonwen Luvs Two Dance (Aust. Ch.) (Afonwen Kennels)
SA Afonwen Luvs Two Win (Aust Grand Ch) (Afonwen Kennels)
SA Afonwen Run N On Cold (Aust Grand. Ch.) (Sadie & Simon Podger)
SA Afonwen Up The Ante (Aust Champiom) (Afonwen Kennels)
NZ Badagri Dance To The Beat (NZ.CH.) (Wendy O'Callaghan)
NSW Ballyheige Hot Lil Note (Multi RUBISS) (GRAND Ch) (J Morris/J Stapleton)
VIC Bethwyn Beckrow Bequest (MultiRUBISS Gr Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Benjamin Button (Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Benrinnes (Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
NSW Bethwyn Black Peppa (Bethwyn Kennels)
QLD Bethwyn Blue Moon Rising (S Pryor)
VIC Bethwyn BMX Bandit (Ch) (Bev Peters & Paul Betteridge)
VIC Bethwyn Breanna (Aust Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Electric Blue (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Gwenhywfar (Grand Ch, Neuter Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Misty River (Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Noble Quest (Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Penny Farthing (Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
VIC Bethwyn Silver Sequel (Bethwyn Kennels)
NZ Carddicted Journeyman (Imp Swe) (NZ Ch) (W O'Callaghan)
WA Cardigems Direct Hit (Ch) (Mrs LP Evans)
WA Cardigems Toffee Tri (Aust Ch) (Mrs LP Evans)
WA CardiWest BountyOvSpring (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Celtic Storm (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Dee Jay (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Gemma (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Humdinger (Aust Grand Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Joys Bounty (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Lindy Lou (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Maid By JB (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Morning Glory (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Cardiwest Only Thgrump Will Do (J A & J L Spargo)
QLD Cedarcorgis Angel Girl (Ch) (Miss J Allan)
SA Coedwig's Eye Of The Storm (imp USA) (Australian & American Champion) (Kalora Kennels)
NSW Dorwyn Another Miracle (AI) (MBISS MBIS) (SUPREME Ch) (J Morris/J Stapleton)
NSW Dorwyn Get In Step (AI) (BISS BIS) (GRAND Ch & Neuter Ch) (J Morris/J Stapleton)
NSW Dorwyn Meant To Be (Mrs JI Morris/Miss J Stapleton)
VIC Dosslynne Aquamarine (Ch) (Bethwyn Kennels)
NSW Dwyfor Blue Rosette (AI) (Aust Gr Ch) (R & F Holtkamp)
NSW Dwyfor Wizard (AI) (Aust Gr Ch) (R & F Holtkamp)
SA Fa Wood Tails For Anne (imp Nz) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Afonwen Kennels)
SA Kalora Bandelero (Aust. GRAND Champion) (Kalora Kennels)
WA Kalora Bewitched (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
WA Kalora Fantom Othe Opera (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
SA Kalora Ffantasia (Aust Ch.) (Kalora Kennels)
WA Kalora Isabeau (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
SA Kalora Optical Illusion (CH.) (Kalora Kennels)
SA Kalora Quality Control (A.I) (RBISS Aust Champion) (Kalora Kennels)
WA Kalora Quantum Star (AI) (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
SA Kalora Quintessential LuvAfair (A.I) (Kalora Kennels)
SA Kalora Time To Reminisce (Kalora Kennels)
SA Kalora U Cant Touch This (Kalora Kennels)
SA Kalora Untold Secrets (Kalora Kennels)
VIC Kardibroke Arctic Breeze (Llandaff Kennels (Jan and Alison West))
QLD Kardibroke Arctic Winter (David & Tania Brady)
VIC Kardibroke Finishing Line (AI) (Grand CH) (J & L Harris)
SA Kardibroke Frost In Spring (AI) (Multi RBISS Grand Ch.) (Kalora Kennels)
VIC Kardibroke Frozen Memories (AI) (Ch.) (J & L Harris)
VIC Kardibroke Kwik Smart (Ch.) (Lynette Harris)
WA Kardibroke Sweet Memories (Aust Ch) (JA & JL Spargo)
VIC Kardibroke Yule See (Aust. Ch.) (L J Harris)
NZ Kawera Black Iced Rivergirl (AI) (NZ Ch) (Diane Cooper & Wendy O'Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Black Iced Sunrise At Pinemist (W O'Callaghan/D Cooper)
NZ Kawera Dance River Dance (Wendy O'Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Dragonhunter (NZ Ch) (Wendy O'Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Forging Ahead (NZ Ch) (W. O' Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Hunt The Dream With Rodwell (NZ Ch) (W O'Callaghan / B. Smeeton)
NZ Kawera Hunter's River Dance (NZ Ch) (David Taylor & W. O'Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Hunter's River Dance (NZ CH) (D. Taylor / W O' Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Icekist Breeze (W O'Callaghan)
SA Kawera Journey's End (Aust & NZ CH) (Mrs Jean Johnson)
NZ Kawera Knight Hawk (W O'Callaghan/H Wald)
NSW Kawera Maid Special (Imp NZ) (Ch) (J Morris/J Stapleton)
SA Kawera Shady River Glades (Aust Ch) (S Podger / J Johnson)
NZ Kawera Sun Kissed Rivergirl (NZ Ch.) (Wendy O'Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Sunkist Ice (AI) (NZ CH) (W O'Callaghan)
NZ Kawera Sunny Bronzed (NZ Ch) (Wendy O'Callaghan)
NZ Kawera The Beat Goes On (CH) (W O' Callaghan)
NSW Kelprin Someone Like You (CH) (Dee Milthorpe)
VIC Kincroft Scotscrown Jewel (Imp UK) HT RAE CD (Aust Ch) (Llandaff Kls (Jan and Alison West))
NSW Liberte's Aaron Douglas At Lynann (Aust Ch) (Dr J Larsen)
NSW Llandaff Highland Treasure (AI) (Aust Ch) (J Morris/J Stapleton)
VIC Llandaff Red Letter Day (AI) CCD RA (Aust Ch) (Llandaff Kls (Jan & Alison West))
VIC Llandaff The Black Prince (AI) RN (Grand Ch) (Llandaff Kls (Jan & Alison West))
QLD Lynann Impala Rose (AUST CH) (Julene Brady)
QLD Mandene King Arthur's Wizard (Julene BRADY)
QLD Mandene Magna Carta (AUST CH) (Julene Brady/ .AC & G McQuire)
QLD Mandene Who Shot The Barman (Julene Brady)
VIC Rodwell Rose of Harlem (AI) (Imp NZ) CD AD RAE3 RM HSAs (Ch) (Llandaff Kls (Jan and Alison West))
TAS Sarasota Sangria PT (Ch) (Tull Luttrell)
QLD Throdice Celtic Design (Ch) (Miss J Allan)
QLD Throdice Celtic Storm (AUST CH) (JA Brady/A & G McQUIRE)
QLD Throdice Celtic Thunder (Ch) (Miss J Allan)
QLD Throdice Jazz N Jive (Aust Ch) (Miss J Allan)
QLD Throdice Ready To Sparkle (Mrs Julene Brady)
VIC Trehilyn Dances With Dragons (AI) (Aust Ch) (Llandaff Kennels (Jan and Alison West))
QLD Trehilyn Front and Finish (AI) (Australian Champion) (David & Tania Brady)
QLD Turid Luna Inthesky AI (Julene Brady)
QLD Turid Willow Tree Of Life Ai (Mrs R Neale/Mrs J Brady)
SA Vashka Bedazled (CHAMPION) (Kalora Kennels)
QLD Zarfelina Grease Lightning (AUST CH) (Mrs R Neale/Mrs J Brady)

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