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AU CH Wazzat Galenia (IID NOR)
(H Bright and J Dinis)

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VIC Amorenekid Bald Juan (Aust Ch) (Toula Cameron)
QLD Amorenekid Ehacatl (Aust Ch) (K Murray)
QLD Amorenekid Frijoli (Toula Cameron)
NSW Amorenekid Stark Naked (Aust Ch) (Deborah Neumann & Toula Cameron)
QLD Amorenekid Tinkerbald (Aust CH) (L Perrett,M Lloyd, T Cameron)
QLD Amoroso's Alita (US imp) (Aust CH) (Toula Cameron)
NSW Guayaba (Alvarez) Imp Mex (AUS CH) (JZ Dinis)
QLD Mc'Roc Balamcito (Imp) (Aust Ch) (Toula Cameron)
QLD Wazzat Galenia (IID NOR) (AU CH) (H Bright and J Dinis)
VIC Wazzat Gechina (IID NOR) (Au Ch) (L Lancaster & J Dinis)
WA Wazzat Gotzone (IID NOR) (Au Ch) (Jz Dinis)

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