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AU CH Wazzat Galenia (IID NOR)
(H Bright and J Dinis)

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VIC Amorenekid Bald Juan (Aust Ch) (Toula Cameron)
QLD Amorenekid Ehacatl (Aust Ch) (T Cameron)
QLD Amorenekid Frijoli (Toula Cameron)
NSW Amorenekid Stark Naked (Aust Ch) (Deborah Neumann & Toula Cameron)
QLD Amorenekid Tinkerbald (Aust CH) (L Perrett,M Lloyd, T Cameron)
QLD Amoroso's Alita (US imp) (Aust CH) (Toula Cameron)
NSW Guayaba (Alvarez) Imp Mex (AUS CH) (JZ Dinis)
NSW Loretta (suedan) (imp Mex) (C.Slavin / C.Howard)
QLD Mc'Roc Balamcito (Imp) (Aust Ch) (Toula Cameron)
QLD Wazzat Galenia (IID NOR) (AU CH) (H Bright and J Dinis)
VIC Wazzat Gechina (IID NOR) (Au Ch) (L Lancaster & J Dinis)
WA Wazzat Gotzone (IID NOR) (Au Ch) (Jz Dinis)

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