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AU CH Wazzat Feva
(JZ Dinis)

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VIC Amfitrita Garnet Iz Kanekso ( imp RUS) (CH) (Julie Laszuk & Sheree Richards)
QLD Amorenekid El Padrino (Aust Ch) (Sophia Lloyd-Hansen)
QLD Amorenekid Latino Heat (Sophia Lloyd-Hansen)
VIC Amorenekid Pablo Escobare (Australian champion) (Sally Foote)
QLD Amorenekid Pablo Escobare (Ch) (Folkvar)
QLD Amorenekid Ravin At Midnight (Toula Cameron and Sophia Lloyd-Hansen)
SA Amorenekid The Jokes On You (Samuel Paine)
VIC Amoroso's Jasum (Imp) (T Cameron)
WA Besitos Naca (Imp USA) (Supreme Champion) (Jacqi Dinis)
WA Besitos Taha Daha RN (Imp USA) (AUS CH NT CH) (Jacqi DINIS)
WA Camote (ALVAREZ) Imp MEX (INT CH. MULTI CH, AU CH) (Jacqi Dinis)
QLD Huetamo Arena (Imp) (AM CH Aust Ch) (Toula Cameron)
QLD Jazmin (Arena) Mex (Imp) (Am CH Am GR CH Aust Ch) (Toula Cameron)
WA Local Heros Filipa (IMP NOR) (AUS CH) (Jacqi DINIS)
WA Pitaya (Alvarez) Imp Mex (Aust Grand Ch, N CH) (Jacqi Dinis)
QLD Sherabill Bonita Bonita (Sheree Richards)
VIC Sherabill El Torito (CH) (Julie Laszuk)
VIC Sonderwol Legend Zap ( imp RUS) (GR CH) (Julie Laszuk & Sheree Richards)
VIC Sonderwol Legend Zap(Imp RUS) (Grand Champion) (S Richards & J Laszuk)
QLD Tonina (Arena) (IMP MEX) JC (Aust Ch) (Toula Cameron, Sophia Lloyd-Hansen)
VIC Tonina (ARENA) (imp Mexico) (Toula Cameron- Sally Foote)
WA Wazzat Annata (AUS CH) (Jacqi Dinis)
NSW Wazzat Birote (AI) (SUP CH) (Jacqi Dinis & Jordan Lanser)
NT Wazzat Bonita (AI) (AUS CH) (Jacqi Dinis)
VIC Wazzat Bucanero (AI) (GR CH) (Jacqi Dinis)
NSW Wazzat Cenzontle (AI) (AU CH) (Jacqi DINIS)
WA Wazzat Chamuco (SUP CH) (J Boreham & J Dinis)
WA Wazzat Chipote (AI) (AU CH) (Jacqi DINIS & Michele LAMBERT)
WA Wazzat Citlali (AI) (AU CH) (Jacqi DINIS)
QLD Wazzat Feva (AU CH) (JZ Dinis)
WA Wazzat Fotacc (JZ Dinis)
NSW Wazzat Henrique (Au CH) (L Lanser and J Dinis)
NSW Wazzat Hortencia (Aust Ch) (L Lanser and J Dinis)
WA Wazzat Illiana (Aust Ch And Australian Neuter Champion) (E Richards)
QLD Wazzat Itchtaca (CH) (Jz Dinis)
WA Wazzat Marmol (Australian Champion) (E Richards)
WA Wazzat Mejor Amigo (Aust Ch) (Ms Justine Boreham)
NSW Wazzat Ofelia (Au CH) (J Dinis L Lanser)
NSW Wazzat Ozwaldo (AI) (K MacKay J Dinis)

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