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PER Source Number : RB100817

Azawakh puppy Chemtou is available, he is 4.5 months. He is sweet social funny boy who is full of personality and we think will be a bit of clown in maturity, with a good solid upbringing and socialisation along with understanding of the breed. He is lovely sound mover and excellent type.

In many parts of the world they are categorized as a sighthound, but a rigid interpretation of or strict reliance upon this appellation can lead to confusion and miscommunication. Many of the sighthound type dogs are aloof. But the Azawakh takes it a step further: they are avoidant. They are also highly territorial. Fiercely loyal, they form an exclusive attachment with their master; with strangers, or in unfamiliar situations, they can be extremely reserved, even unapproachable. As with any generalization there are exceptions, but no amount of training or socialization can completely over-ride the primordial distrust and suspicion of 'other' which forms the basis for their reactions to stimuli. With their master and with those they trust, they are independent, playful and gentle. But in every situation they remain alert to the slightest change in their environment.

Please contact us for more information. This breed requires experienced dog home, not for the first time dog owner and is categorised as a primitive breed.

Microchip Numbers : 953010002530420

Last Updated : 28-Apr-2020

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