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ARI | Akita | Approx 3 yrs | Female

On the smaller side for an Akita; Ari is quite pleasant to handle for those of us that have experienced the larger scales of stubbornness. Her compact nature means shes quite light on her feet with good athletic ability, combined with her zest for interaction this results in, we'll call it, bounciness. As such a home without small children or those who may be unsteady on their feet will be best, and secure fencing will be required.

Having come to us from a 'backyard pet' home, she's had no time invested in her, but despite this is oh-so-keen to learn how to fit into daily life and be part of the family she craves so much.
First off, Ari will need to learn the household basics such as toilet training, what is furniture?, why can't I share dinner from your plate? and other such fun and adorable topics. Her inquisitive nature is sure to test out all the new things in her environment! If this makes you smile and laugh and think that you better get quicker at picking up your dirty socks, well Ari just might be the dog for you! A quick learner she'll be picking up these new life lessons super fast if you are consistent. Frustration and mixed messages dont help anyone, so know that with practice comes permanence.

Outside of home Ari will also need to know just what to do and when. Its seems to us that she's not been exposed to a whole lot. She approaches new things with equal parts caution and confidence, and as such with some excellent guidance and handling on your part our blank canvas will be well on her way to being the picture of a model canine citizen soon enough.

Her exposure to other dogs seems to have been minimal and this is the area where our precise paint brush strokes are most crucial. Right now she doesn't quite know what to do with other dogs. Should she approach or stand her ground? Bark or play bow? Meet them or eat them? Let's not let the choice be hers alone. For this reason Ari's new home will be required to attend weekly training sessions where you will teach her what to do, as well as what not to do. We will be here to provide guidance throughout.
Its crucial that we teach these foundations before Ari has a chance to learn any bad habits, so initially we are looking for a foster home with no other dogs. We will consider an adoptive home with another dog pending her progress, in this case the new home will be required to take over her obedience training as well as bring their existing dog for meet n greets prior to taking Ari home. This may require a few weeks to determine final suitability as Ari becomes accustomed to new situations.
Ari has shown prey drive typical of the breed so a home without cats, birds or pocket pets is required.

Akita's have big hearts, and they make huge impacts in the hearts of those who are lucky enough to share a portion of their lives with them, but they certainly aren't for the faint of hearted.

MC# 953010001078599
Adoption fee $450

Date Added : 30-Mar-2019

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