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Arctic Rescue Victoria
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Melbourne VIC
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American Akita
Male 3yrs

Midnight will require:

- A homes with no children
- no cats, pocket pets or other animals
- A home as an only dog or with a tolerant female Akita
- Daily walks, always on lead
- A reasonably large yard with grass areas for digging and an undercover area for shelter
- No Apartment living or Small courtyards
- Fences and gates will need to be at least 6 foot high, secure and dig-proof
- Akita breed experience is essential

Please do not apply unless you meet all Midnight's requirements

This 3 year old lad needs a home with extensive Akita experience. He is not a first-timer dog, though he would love to fool you into thinking he was, so he could quickly reign as undisputed ruler of the house.

Midnight is everything that you love about the breed but also what makes him a rescue groups nightmare - aloof to the point of prickly with strangers, loyal to his people, selective in his canine companions, willing to throw his weight around if he thinks he can, and the looks of a supermodel.

Midnight will delight you with his high fives and willingness to do tricks for a tasty snack. With an experienced handler, he will walk nicely on lead.
This big fella takes a few days to settle into a new environment, but once he does he’s a charmer that is always happy to see you.

He could possibly live with another female Akita, but no other breed.

Please do not apply unless you have a thorough understanding and experience with Akitas. If you have the experience please get in touch with us ASAP - Midnight is currently in a kennel environment and would love a home to call his own.

Akita experience is essential.

To find out more about Midnight and to apply to adopt or foster please go to our website at:

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

MC# 941000018687731

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RE100304
Adoption Fee: $450

Date Added : 11-Nov-2020
Contact :
Location :
Wattle Grove NSW
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Via Email Only
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Akita (American)
Male (D)
2.5 Years Old

Located : Wattle Grove, NSW

Strangers would describe me as fiercely independent, with an air of barely tolerating their existance. All it takes is to subscribe to my creed of mutual R.E.S.P.E.C.T and your heart will feel strangely humbled once I've deemed you worthy of my patented Sniff Test. Should you hear Aretha singing in the background that is between you and your therapist.

Gain entry into my inner realm - which so far has literally been everyone I've met - I reveal my true core which can be described with two simple words - goofy and doofus.

Have you ever had the pleasure of being welcomed home by a bear who, in his exuberance, tends to forget he's currently weighing in at 50+kgs and likes to jump up in greeting? If this is your first introduction to such behaviour I suggest you take note so as to not expose yourself to surprise and secondly, make a mental note to continue to work on this with me.

Do you enjoy games of tug and fetch? What a coincidence, so do I! Fair warning though I love a challenge and good luck on getting said items back before I'm ready. My mighty paws come in handy as I try and push your arms out of the way, in search of victory. Who knows, pretty soon you may even be able to give up that gym membership you're donating to?

Speaking of gym memberships may likely be a thing of the past for my lively energy levels lean towards at least one long walk a day. Whether we explore our immediate neighbourhood or find new dog friendly area trails, I come to you with 90% good boy on lead and 10%... well... we'll just leave it at there's some room for improvement.

Although not dog unsocial, within the home I prefer your focus be solely on me. I'm not much of a "player" with zero interest in games of zoom or bitey face. Whilst I would welcome a walking buddy or two if that is your preference, quite simply I have no drive in engaging with them. The same cannot be said when it comes to my negative feelings towards our feline or poultry friends.

So what does my family dynamic consist of? It's really quite fluid for I go with the flow. Dog savvy children of primary school age plus would be most welcome, and I have no gender bias when it comes to you adults. So long as you swear to include me, for being with my family is what truly completes me. It goes without saying that for all my larrikin ways I am still very much Akita. Feel secure and confident when taking me out and about for my manners are impeccable, but never forget that any real threats upon my people will naturally become mine. My new home will come with extensive Akita or similar breed experience, who understand that this is how we're genetically wired.
Includes desexing, microchip, C5 vaccination, internal and external parasite treatment and lifetime registration if adopted in the state of NSW.

Date Added : 2-Oct-2020

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